Monday, July 30, 2012

Should I or Shouldn't I and then what?

Janay Can I ask you something? (Barbara)
Whats up? (Janay)
Hello, is anybody home? (Tara)

Good afternoon Ladies. (Tara)
Hey, Tara what's that? (Barbara)
Let me guess, the Camp Out poster right? (Janay)
Yup, can you put it up so your customers are reminded to sign up. (Tara)
Sure,  I'll do it right now. (Barbara)

Janay, Can I call you when I'm ready to drop Justine off. (Tara)
Sure, I hope you and Justin have a great nite. (Janay)
Thats the plan. We have been a little stressed since his Mom moved into town. (Tara)
Well, I hope things get better. (Janay)
Me too, I've got one more poster to deliver so I'll see you later. (Tara)

Now what were you about to say? (Janay)
I'm going to dinner with Ryan. (Barbara)
Ryan that runs the Stop N Shop Supermarket? (Janay)
Yes, He asked me out when he picked up his pet meds. (Barbara)
Ok, But I thought you were working thing's out with Barry. (Janay)
He only came to the Bar B Que to see Barry Jr. (Barbara)
Did he say that Barbara. (Janay)
No, but I don't want to get hurt. (Babara)
How do you know you will? (Janay)
 I don't and I don't want to run into Barry's arms just because I don't know anything else.
If he wants me he will have to wait until I've tried something else. (Barbara) 

Hi Tara, What brings you in today. (Megan)
Hi Megan, I'm just dropping off a Camp Out poster. (Tara)
Is it that time of year already? (Megan)
Sure is and I can't wait. I love camping. (Tara)
I'll put it in the employee lounge. (Megan)
Thanks, have a great day. (Tara)

Hello, I'm sorry but we don't open until 6:00 PM (Megan)
That's okay, I was looking for Mr. Aaron Markz.
I will see if he is available. And you are? (Megan)
I'd rather not say. If that's okay.
Alright, please have a seat. (Megan)
Hello everyone, Sorry I'm late!!!!! (Aaron)
Hi Aaron. (Synquis, Chase, Hillary, Max) 

Megan told me you went over the change in today's menu. Are their any new questions? (Aaron)
No, We made the adjustment and started cooking. (Synquis, Chase)
We updated the markee our website and the table menu's. (Hillary, Max)
You guys are fierce, I think I'll start calling you the A-team. (Aaron)
Thank's for giving me a shot tonight. (Drake)
No problem.  I trust Chase so relax and show me what you got. (Aaron)

Hey Uncle Aaron! (Chad)
Don't Uncle Aaron me, didn't I tell you not to miss anymore staff meetings. (Aaron)
I was showing the new guy to the bathroom? (Chad)
What would you say if I showed the new guy your locker? (Aaron)

Excuse me Aaron, Megan needs you up front. (Chase)
Thank's Chase, Chad I have to go we will finish this later. (Aaron)
Aww man. But I didn't do anything this time.(Chad)

Well hello there, Stranger. (Aaron)
I have been called many things, Stranger isn't one of them. (Heidi)
Well please forgive me Ms. Heidi. (Aaron)
I will forgive you if and only if you let me take you to lunch. (Heidi)
Really, hold that thought for just a moment. (Aaron)

Megan, I can finish up in here can you give them a hand in the kitchen. (Aaron)
Of course, Would you like me to put your jacket in the office. (Megan)
That would be great, Thank you. (Aaron)
Your welcome. (Megan)
(Megan leaving dinning room per Aaron's request)

Is she always that polite and obedient. (Heidi)
Only because I pay her a ton of money to be. (Aaron)
So how about that lunch Mr. Markz. (Heidi)
Sorry I'm busy. (Aaron)

Come on Aaron, I'm want to spend some time with you. (Heidi)
I believe you.  But I don't think your ready. (Aaron)
I'm ready and flexible. How about dinner. (Heidi)
Nope still busy. (Aaron)

Really, Are you free for Dessert? (Heidi)
I'm always free for dessert.(Aaron)
Guess I should have offered that first! (Heidi laughing)

Lets see what you taste like Strawberry shortcake or Strawberry's and champagne?   (Aaron)

Looks like Barbara wants to come off the bench and Heidi has put the game into overtime............ see you next Monday.




  1. Another great episode. I was about to give Aaron props because I thought he was turning down the lunch date because of his girlfriend. Now I'm not sure what to think. I'll be back next Monday!

    1. You can't give up on Aaron now Vanessa he is just spreading the love. (LOL) Would you prefer a Player that pretended to be an upstanding guy but dogged you out or the Player that told you he was a player but treated you well when you were together.

    2. Your response is from a Heidi point of view. I don't care about Heidi. I was thinking of his girlfriend. Did I miss the episode where he confessed to her that he was a player?

  2. Hi from Spain: congratulations for this entry. It's wonderful. All your characters are fine. Clothing and furniture in your collection is gorgeous. Keep in touch

  3. Oh Aaron, ugh! He makes me so angry! LOL, I love it! Play on player, I guess.

    All your sets are awesome. You know what really caught my eye was the homemade poster. I was turning my head to the side trying to read the whole thing.

  4. Aaron, is really the player, he has Heidi, on the fishing rod and she don't even know it.

    1. Heidi knows what she is getting into and if she doesn't something tells me Aaron will explain it to her before they even get started.

  5. Well something sweet to get the evening started. Hope Mr. Markz is watching his calories. Barbara wanna test the waters? Hmm... at least she will eat. I mean he does work at the market.

  6. Very nice episode! Aaron is such a player. He is going to cause a lot of bitterness amongst the women in your city. Lol!

    Looking forward to Monday already.