Monday, June 25, 2012

Justin Dodges a Foul Ball part 1

Where have you been?!!!!! (Tara)
Excuse me? (Justin)
You heard me I waited at Tariq's for over an hour. (Tara)
Can we step inside please? (Justin)

You said you were taking your Mother home and you would be right back. (Tara)
I did take my Mother home. (Justin)
Your Mother only lives 15 minutes away you left Tariq's over an hour ago.
On the way my Mother asked me to stop at the grocery store. (Justin)

Oh really, How convenient. (Tara)
We are not doing this in front of her. (Justin)

Then give her to me? (Tara) 

I am perfectly capable of putting our daughter to bed. (Justin) 

FINE......I will be in the kitchen! (Tara)

You had a long day Squirt. (Justin)
No I didn't I want to play some more. (Justine)
Ha Ha I dont think so you can barely keep your eyes open. (Justin)

Do you want me to help you get on the bed? (Justin)
No I can do it. (Justine)

See daddy I did it.  I'm not tired anymore! (Justine)
I saw you but it's time for bed anyway. (Justin)

Let me get your pajama's (Justin)
All man. (Justine)
Ha HA (Justin)

Here they are. (Justin)

Lets get these on. (Justin)
Ok (Justine)
There you go Squirt already for bed. (Justin)
Thank you Daddy. (Justine)

Do you want me to read you a story. (Justin)
No but can you stay until I fall asleep. (Justine)
Sure Squirt whatever you like. (Justin)

(Tara waiting patiently)

Now whats got your thong in a bunch Mrs. Sporting? (Justin)
You left me sitting their waiting for you. That's what. (Tara)
First of all we live two doors down from Tariq. Second of all I called to tell you about the stop. (Justin)

Well I left my cell at home. (Tara)
I called Tariq's cell and his house too nobody answered. (Justin)
I don't care who you called I shouldn't be left to wait. (Tara)
Okay Tara what is this really about? (Justin)

I am tired of playing second to your Mother. (Tara)
Are you kidding me? (Justin)

How can she claim to love her grandchild but hate's her Mother. Justine is black as I am. (Tara)
We have gone over this.  You wanted my Mother to be apart of our lives not me. (Justin)
Yeah but I had hoped she would get over the color of my skin. (Tara)

I'm sorry baby. But I can't change her mind.
Believe me I have tried. (Justin)

Every time I'm around her she hurts my feelings. (Tara)
I can't pretend to understand what your feeling. I can only remind you that I love you and Justine more then anything and will pick you over her everytime. (Justin)
But it looks like your endorsing what she is doing when you cater to her demands. (Tara)
I do things for her without you to keep her from making you feel like you do right nowI'm sorry you misunderstood my actions It won't happen again. (Justin)   
I will speak to my Mother in the morning.
I'm going to do some work at the Cafe.
Good night. (Justin)

Please tune in next Monday for our story to continue..................

Monday, June 18, 2012


(Group enjoying the Bar B Que)

What do you want to do now? (Heidi)
Hmmm. Do you want to see my baby? (Aaron)
Sure what the heck. Lets go. (Heidi) 
Soooo, where are we going? (Heidi)
To the the parking lot. Is that okay? (Aaron)
 Oh okay. (Heidi)
What do you think. (Aaron)
Are you kidding me this is a Ferrari. (Heidi)
Yeah I know isn't she a beauty.  (Aaron)

This car is fabulous. This seat feels so buttery. (Heidi)
You see that green button right there? (Aaron)
Yeah  I see it. (Heidi)
That tells the seat to contour to your body. (Aaron)
Oh my god. (Heidi)

Are you feeling ok today? (Tariq)
You look like you want to die to me. (Tara)
Tara!!!! Don't be rude. (Tariq)
What did I do now? (Aaron) 
If you and Juanita haven't called it quits. I'd  stay away from Heidi for the rest of the day.  (Tariq)

Now that our bellys are full and we have had some special punch its time for Karaoke! (Janay)
(Group laughs and claps)
Who wants to go first. Aww come on you guys you know we give out great prizes for this. (Janay)

Trey put your hand down. Your always up here lets get some fresh meat. (Janay)
Aaron Markz are you raising your hand to sing or do you have to go to the bathroom? (Janay)
I want to sing...... I think! (Aaron)

We have had Karaoke for eight years now and this is a first for Aaron so everyone give him a hand. (Janay)
Thank you Janay. Mom always said I should try something at least once. So here I go Mom(Aaron) 
(Group clapping)

(Heidi clapping) OMG he is about to sing to me! (Heidi)
Calm down and do not make a fool of yourself or me! (Nikki)
Oh boy here we go. (Jaron)

I believe some friends of mine were trying to tell me I was acting a fool today. I want them to know I may be crazy but I'm no ones fool.  I'd like to sing a song by JOE THOMAS called Beautiful. My best friend and long time side kick loves Joe and I want her to know I love her. (Aaron)

(Group Listening)

When I look into your eyes, it's like staring at the stars in the night. It's like learning every reason why you're my earth, my sun, the center of my life. If your name is love, then I know there's a god above.Who wants me just the way I am and that's enough. To believe and be the only one I trust, now that's love. (Aaron singing)

Copied from

When the storm gets rough she, calms the rain.When time gets tough she, don't complain.When it's hard to breathe, she breathes for me. Baby you're all I need. (Aaron singing)

Copied from

Through the heartache and pain, it's your love that remains. Girl this rose says one thing, it's your beautiful, you're beautiful. All the hell you've been through, I don't know how you do it.Wishing I was more like you, cause you're beautiful, you're beautiful. (Aaron singing)

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I'm sorry about today and last night. (Aaron)
I'm sorry too, and Thank you. (Juanita)
What are you thanking me for? (Aaron)
For loving me and remembering that you can be positive and flexable. (Juanita)

My Mom is getting tired. I'm going to take her home. (Justin)
Do you want me to ride with you. (Tara) 
Nah, she won't have a reason to be rude to you if your not with us. (Justin)
Yeah, I guess your right hurry back though I'm getting tired too. (Tara)

Will you please tell me what the heck that was about? (Heidi)
Look I really was enjoying myself. I didn't mean to hurt you. (Aaron) 
You could have fooled me. (Heidi)
What Juanita and I have is hard to explain so I won't. You and I can still hang out provided you can handle knowing she ain't going anywhere. Think about it for a few days, you know where to find me. (Aaron)    

Monday, June 11, 2012



I'm so glad you guys could make it! (Janay)
You owe me big time for this you know I don't do outside. (Nikki)
It's not so bad it may even be fun. (Heidi) 
Let me take your bags then I will introduce you to everyone. (Janay)
Forget everyone who's the hottie? (Heidi)
Oh Lord here we go. (Nikki  
(Aaron looking around suddenly feeling as if he is being undressed.)
Heidi you swore you were taking a break from men. (Nikki)
I'm taking a break from boys not men there's a difference. (Heidi)
I don't want any trouble at this Bar B Que okay! (Janay)
No problem, I will just introduce myself. (Heidi)      
Hello, I'm Heidi Calder and you are? (Heidi)
Aaron, Aaron Markz how do you do. (Aaron)
Your momma should have called you super fine. (Heidi whispers) 
Excuse me I didnt hear what you said. (Aaron)

Oh nothing important. (Heidi)
Would you like to take a seat. (Aaron)
Sure if no one else is using it. (Heidi)

So your thee Aaron Markz of Markz retaurants. (Heidi)
And your a model. I should have guessed your stunning. (Aaron)
Thank you.....your not so bad yourself  Mr. Markz. (Heidi)

(Barry and Danielle playing around Barbara's legs)

Nikki if she starts some drama at this Bar B Que I'm never speaking to her again. (Janay)
I will keep an eye on her don't worry. (Nikki)
You two are my girls but these people are my family I dont want to choose sides. (Janay)
Chill out everything will be fine.  Lets get some food and mingle. (Nikki) 

Looks like your boy has a groupie. (Marissa)

(Aaron gets a chill down his spine)

(Marissa and Juanita stare at Aaron)

So what would you like to nibble on? (Aaron)
Can I nibble on you? (Heidi)
Ha Ha thats cute. We've been talking our heads off and you haven't eatin all day lets get serious. (Aaron)
 Oh I don't know what I want. What do you recommend. (Heidi)

Well these kabobs are from my restaurant and I made these sweet rolls. (Aaron)
Both of those look good for my taste buds but bad for my figure. (Heidi)
Oh come on try them. You look good and you only live once. (Aaron)
Okay but you have to share with me. (Heidi) 

That was delicious. (Heidi)
See I knew you would like it. (Aaron)
Can this day get any better I've had good food and great company. (Heidi) 
Thanks, I'm really enjoying myself too. I haven't done that in a long time. (Aaron)

Stay still you have some crumbs on your chin. (Heidi)
Oh Do I? (Aaron)
Here let me get them. (Heidi)

That's okay I need to use the restroom. I will check my face while I'm in there. (Aaron)
I was just trying to help. (Heidi)
No harm done, I'll be right back. (Aaron)
I'll be here. (Heidi)

to be continued.........