Monday, December 29, 2014

The Baby's Coming!

Tara, are you sure you don't want something to stop the.... (Justin)
Stop right there Justin Sporting, I am not gonna subject my son to any drugs.  (Tara)
But your......  (Justin)
BUSY, so hush!  (Tara)

That's it Mrs. Sporting breath thru it. It's almost over. (Nurse Crystal)
Are you He He, sure? Cause I Ho Ho, can't take much more of this.  (Tara)
Your doing fine. Doctor Lewis will be here any minute. (Nurse Crystal)

Do you want some more Ice chips? (Justin)
Did I say I wanted some Ice chips?  (Tara)
Baby, I'm just trying to help.  (Justin)
I think you helped me enough Justin Sporting.  (Tara)

Tara are you being mean to Justin? (Doctor Lewis)
No! (Tara)
Sounds like it to  me. (Doctor Lewis)
Well, tell him to stop getting on my last nerve!  (Tara)
Lay back, lets see if your ready to have this baby. (Doctor Lewis)

Well this won't take long I can see his head. (Doctor Lewis)
Did you hear that baby? She can see his head.  (Justin)
Oh my god here comes another contraction!  (Tara)
Push Tara, push! (Doctor Lewis)
UuuuuuuGgggggHhhhhhh!  (Tara)

Are you okay? (Doctor Lewis)
Yes.  (Tara)
Good, here comes another contraction.  PUSH! (Doctor Lewis)
UuuuuuuGgggggHhhhhhh!  (Tara)


He's so tiny! (Justin)
Is he okay Doctor Lewis?  (Tara)
He's perfect Tara. (Doctor Lewis)
I don't remember Justine being that tiny. (Justin)
She wasn't.  (Tara)

Ten minutes later.........

How many fingers does he have?  (Justin)
Ten. (Nurse Crystal)
How many toes does he have? (Justin)
Ten. (Nurse Crystal)
How many......  (Justin)
Justin, get over here and let the Nurse do her job.  (Tara)

I'm not bothering you am I? (Justin)
Your fine. (Nurse Crystal laughs)
See, she said I was fine.  (Justin)
OMG! (Tara)
Do you want to carry him over? (Nurse Crystal)
Can I?  (Justin)
Sure. (Nurse Crystal)

Hello handsome.  (Tara)
He's looking right at you.  (Justin)
I see.  (Tara)
You did a great job. (Justin)
Thank you.  (Tara)

Your Welcome! (Justin)


I'm going to go to the waiting room and let everyone know he's here and your alright. (Justin)
Okay, hurry back. (Tara)

Are you hungry? (Tariq)
I could eat. (Trichelle)
Lets go to the cafeteria. (Tariq)
Alright. (Trichelle)
I'm going to see if Sebastian and Rosie want something. (Tariq)
Good idea. (Trichelle)

Were going to the cafeteria, do either of you want me to bring you something?  (Tariq)
I want two hotdogs, a hamburger and a strawberry milkshake. (Justine)
I wasn't talking to you shorty. (Tariq)
Thanks Tariq, but we ate before we got here. (Rosie, Sebastian)
I haven't had anything since breakfast Uncle Tariq. (Justine)
I know you didn't. That's why your going with me. (Tariq)
Yeah! (Justine)

Who want's to meet Jalen Sebastian Sporting! (Justin)
I do, I do! (Justine)

How's my sister? (Tariq)
Can we see them? (Trichelle)
Is he a cry baby?  (Justine)
Jalen...... what kind of name is that! (Rosie)
Congratulations Son! (Sebastian)
She's fine, Yes, No, behave Mom and thanks Dad. (Justin)

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Corey's Return

What's that? (Fran)
Next weeks schedule. (India)
Did Nia forget to put you on it? (Fran)
I'm on it. But I was hoping to get more hours. (India)

Why, what's going on? (Fran)
I need new tires but I don't have the money to buy them. (India)
Ask Nia for an advance. (Fran)
I can't do that it's Christmas time,
we all could use some extra money this time of year. (India)
Ask her, if she can't give it to you she may know someone that can. (Fran)

Thanks for lunch, we haven't done this in a long time. (Dorothy)
It was my pleasure Mom. (Cindy)
How's work? (Dorothy)
Busy, I think I've met every kid that lives in Graces Grove. (Cindy)
I told you we needed a dentist office here.
DC is too far to go just to get your teeth cleaned. (Dorothy)

Well you spoke and I listened. Opening my practice here was a very good idea. (Cindy)
I'm glad your business is doing well. I love having you home. (Dorothy)


Can I get you ladies some dessert?  (India)
Is it sugar free? (Cindy)
I don't think so. (India)
Don't mind her. I'd like a cup of Chamomile tea. (Dorothy)
Me too. (Cindy)
I'll be right back. (India)

Mom. (Corey)

Corey?! (Dorothy)
Happy Birthday Mom. (Corey)

Oh my god. I can't believe your here! (Dorothy)

When did you get here? Wait....... are you in trouble? (Dorothy)
No, I'm not in trouble, I came to celebrate your birthday. (Corey)
Really? (Dorothy)
Yes. (Corey)
Mom, your phone's ringing. (Cindy)

It's the hospital. I have to take this. (Dorothy)
Go ahead, I'll be right here when you come back. (Corey)
You better be. (Dorothy)
Don't worry Mom,  I'll watch him. (Cindy)

Hello this is Doctor Dorothy Lewis. (Dorothy)
Hello Doctor Lewis this is Justin Sporting. (Justin)
Hi Justin, what can I do for you? (Dorothy)

Tara's water just broke. Should we head to the hospital? (Justin)
Is she having contraction's? (Dorothy)
Hold on let me put you on speaker. Alright Doc go ahead. (Justin)
Are you having any contractions Tara? (Dorothy)

No Doctor Lewis, I'm not having any contractions. (Tara)
Then we have some time. (Dorothy)
Okay. (Tara)
I'd like you to try walking around a little bit. 
It will help the baby get into position. (Dorothy)
I can try. (Tara)
Justin? (Dorothy)

Yes.  (Justin)
Are you wearing a watch? (Dorothy)
Yes. (Justin)
Good, when Tara starts having contractions you need to time them. (Dorothy)
Alright. (Justin)

Oh God.......................
 Doctor Lewis. I think I'm having a contraction.  (Tara)
Did you hear that Doc? (Justin)
Yes, Tara I need you to breath in thru your nose and out thru your mouth.
 It will help the contraction pass. (Dorothy)
He, He, He, He, Ho, Ho, Ho, Ho.  (Tara breathing thru the contraction)
Breath baby, breath.  (Justin)
Shut up, I am. (Tara)

He, He, He, He, I think I need to sit down.  (Tara)
Not yet, is the contraction over? (Dorothy)
Yes. (Tara)
How long was that Justin? (Dorothy)
Six minutes. (Justin)

Looks like someone is in a hurry. Head to the hospital. (Dorothy)
Alright Doc, see you there. (Justin)

Oh my god,.......... here comes another one! (Tara)
Should I time this one? (Justin)
Do you want to eat that watch! (Tara)
No. (Justin)
Then go get the car! (Tara)

Corey, I have to go. Can you come to the house later? (Dorothy)
Yes, Mom. (Corey)