Sunday, March 31, 2013

EASTER SUNDAY in Graces Grove


Is everything ready? (Aaron)
Yes, all we need now is the hostess and her guest. (Megan)
That room looks really nice Megan, I hope the DIVA's like it. (Aaron)
Well were about to find out, the head DIVA just walked in. (Megan)

Good Morning Nikki. (Aaron)
Good Morning Aaron.  (Nikki)
May I escort you to your Tea Party, Madame Diva? (Aaron)
Yes you may. Kind Sir. (Nikki)


Tariq can you come here for a minute. (Janay) 
No! I am not looking at another dress. 
But Tariq. (Janay)
Janay, if you want to ride with me you better come down here now! 

Here's your wrap......... Whats wrong? (Tariq)
I don't feel like a Diva. 

What does a Diva feel like? (Tariq)
I don't know. Strong, Beautiful. 
Janay your strong, and you look beautiful this and every morning that I see you. 
I don't want to be beautiful. Today I want to be a DIVA! 
Come here. 

I just realized something. (Tariq)
You're right, you are not a DIVA. 
That's not nice. 
Your not a Diva...... Because your a QUEEN! 


Good morning. (Barbara)
WOW! You look amazing. 
Thank you. 

Do you need a police escort? (Barry)
That depends. Do you like Tea party's? 
I do now. 
Very funny. 

What time will the ham be done. (Barry)
Oh I almost forgot. It needs another 30 minutes, Everything else is finished. 
What time should I feed Barry? (Barry)
You and Barry may eat whenever you feel like it. 
OK. See you when you get back. 
Thanks Barry. 


This is the best I can do. (Tara talking to herself)

Hey Baby, are you watching the time? (Justin)
I know, I'm going to be late. (
Are you OK you've been a little sluggish lately. 
I'm fine, Where's Justine? (Tara)

She's in the kitchen with my Dad. (Justin)
I hope she has something on her feet, because her slippers are in here. (Tara)

You look nice. (Justin)
Thank you. (Tara)Are you going to see Juanita today? (Justin)
Nope I'll be home right after the tea. So save me some turkey. 

You look tired. (Justin)
Thanks alot! 
I didn't mean it like that. 
I know what you meant. I'm going to call the doctor in the morning. 
Good idea. I'm going to take these to Justine. 
OK, I'll be down in a minute. 


Hello is anybody home? (Aaron)
I'm on the couch. (Juanita)

Good Morning. (Aaron)
Morning. Where's Tariq? 
I believe he's working. 
That's right he's taking pictures at the TEA. 
 I picked up the grocery's you wanted. 

Is this yours? It was hanging on your front door. (Aaron)
Oh yea It's my Diva Tea dress. Barbie must have dropped it off. 
I'm going to put the groceries away. Can I put this in the hall closet? 
Sure that's fine.

Do you want some breakfast? (Aaron)
Reese peanut butter cup? 
No thank you. 
Your turning down chocolate. Somethings wrong? 

Nothings wrong. I'm just being a brat. (Juanita)
Come on Tell Uncle Aaron whats wrong. 
The DIVA TEA is today and I'm missing it. 
You poor thing. 
I knew you wouldn't understand. 
I'm just playing. I'll be right back. (Aaron)


TEA is now SERVED!

This was a busy Easter Morning. Nikki hates her birthday so for her Sweet Sixteen her Mom throw her a Tea Party. Nikki loved it and has continued to do so every Easter. The woman of Graces Grove call it "THE DIVA TEA". Does anyone know what happens at tea partys? Me and my real life Diva's will be gathering this coming weekend. So I will not be posting next Monday. See you all in two weeks. Mustiwait  

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Girl...... He don't really love you!

Shortly after arriving at Juanita's...........

You know I got your back right? (Tariq)
I know you do. (Aaron)
Then please, tell me what happened? (Tariq)
I don't know. I went in for a kiss and she put the brakes on.  (Aaron)

That must have been some bump on the head. Did you talk to the doctor? (Tariq)
Yea, He thinks it may have triggered some suppressed feelings about our relationship.  (Aaron)
What are you going to do? (Tariq)
I don't know. I'm too tired to think about it right now.  (Aaron)
It is getting late. I hope Tara comes back down here soon. (Tariq)
I'm right here. (Tara)

Aaron, did the doctor give you a prescription for these? (Tara)
I think so why?  (Aaron)
I had to give her another one, she only has two pills left. (Tara)
Is she okay?  (Aaron) (Tariq)
Yes she's asleep but only because of these. What happened to her? (Tara)
Not tonight Tara. I'm too tired. (Aaron)
Then lets go. We can talk in the morning. (Tariq)  

Where's your coat Aaron? (Tara)
I'm not leaving her here alone.  (Aaron)
Aaron, She doesn't want you here. (Tara)
Go home and get some rest man. You can come back in the morning. (Tariq) 

I want to be here in case she needs something.  (Aaron)
She wont need anything anytime soon thanks to those pills.
Aaron use your head. (Tariq)
Okay. Okay I will make sure everything is secure and leave within the hour.  (Aaron)

Be smart do not stay here tonight. She WILL call 911. (Tariq)
Come on Tariq, It's his funeral. (Tara)
Thanks for you help.  (Aaron)
Your welcome Apple's brother. (Tara giggles)

 Across town........

Pierre's spring line is HOT! I may need to give my old friend a call.
I would look good in this peach wrap dress. (Janay)

(Tariq kisses Janay on her forehead)
You didn't have wait up. (Tariq)
I couldn't sleep without knowing if Juanita was alright. (Janay)
She broke her ankle and bumped her head. (Tariq)

That sounds painful. What did Aaron need you and Tara for. (Janay)
She also has amnesia. (Tariq)
So she doesn't remember anyone? (Janay)
So far she doesn't remember Aaron. The man is about to lose his mind. (Tariq)

Oh........ poor Aaron. (Janay)
Poor Aaron is right. He wants to help her and she doesn't want anything to do with him. (Tariq)
 Where are they now. (Janay)
Juanita is home sleeping thanks to a sedative and I hope Aaron is on his way home. (Tariq)

I'll be back. (Tariq)
Where are you going? (Janay)
To take a quick shower.  You want to join me? (Tariq)

You smell fine to me. (Janay)
JANAY! You know that's my spot. (Tariq)
What spot? HEE HEE! (Janay giggles)

How do I smell now? (Tariq)
I'm not sure. (Janay)
Woman! (Tariq)

When Aaron arrives home.............

I need a drink.  (Aaron)

Moscato makes everything better.
Well maybe not everything.Where's my phone? (Aaron)

(Call me) If you need someone to talk to
(Call me) Satisfaction guaranteed
(Call me) If you need someone to talk to
(Call me) Call me! (Aaron singing)

(Ring Ring)
Hello. (Mystery Woman)
I need you.  (Aaron)
When? (Mystery Woman)
My place thirty minutes.  (Aaron)
Okay. (Mystery Woman)

Tariq? (Janay)
Yes. (Tariq)
Is everything going to be okay? (Janay)
Everything will be fine. Go to sleep.  (Tariq)

Bradley. (Mystery Woman)
Madame. (Bradley Aaron's limo driver)

Does anyone know anything about chess? It looks like Aaron is about to sacrifice his Queen for a pawn.  See you next Monday.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Ain't No River Wide Enough To Keep Me from U

Ms. Markz? (Doctor Harper)
Doctor Harper is Juanita okay?! (Apple)
She broke her ankle and she has a nasty bump on her head. She's very lucky. (Doctor Harper)
Thank goodness!  Can I see her? (Apple)
She's sleeping but you may sit with her. Call for a nurse when she wakes up. (Doctor Harper)
Alright I will... Thank you Doctor Harper. (Apple)

Please wake up. Please wake up. (Apple whispers)
APPLE? (Juanita)
Juanita? (Apple)

Where am I? (Juanita)
Your in the hospital, let me go get the Doctor. (Apple)

Well, your vital signs are normal. How do you feel? (Doctor Harper)
Like I hit my head against a brick wall and someone tried to twist my foot off.  (Juanita)
 I can give you something for that. Are you hungry? (Doctor Harper)
Yes! I'm starved. (Juanita)
Great. Let me take that bandage off and I will order you some food. (Doctor Harper)

Excuse me, I'm looking for Juanita Dayton's room. (Aaron)
And you are? (Nurse Jenny)
I'm her fiance, Aaron Markz. (Aaron)
She's in room 227. (Nurse Jenny)
Thank you. (Aaron)

OH Aaron........ Your finally here. (Apple)
I got here as fast as I could. Are you okay? (Aaron)
I am now. (Apple)

Hey, Sweet heart. (Aaron)
Excuse you, please get out of my face! (Juanita)

What the hell is going on? (Aaron)
I don't know! (Apple)
Apple, who is this man? (Juanita)
If this is a joke, It isn't funny! (Aaron)
Apple? (Juanita)

Is everything okay in here. (Nurse Pam)
No, No it is not.  I need to speak to the doctor.  (Aaron)
Okay lets go to the nurses station and I will page him. (Nurse Pam)
I can't believe she told me to get out of her face.
I got here as fast as I could.
She knows my business is important to me!
What does she want from me?
 I hope this Doctor can shed some light on whats going on.

Calm down your getting worked up.  (Apple)
Calm down? Some man tried to kiss me and I'm suppose to be calm? (Juanita)
He's not some man. He's my brother and your fiance.  (Apple)
I don't care who he is to you. That doesn't give him the right to get in my face. (Juanita)
Juanita, you and Aaron have been an item for years. (Apple)
Apple, you need to come home more often.
Everybody knows I've been dating Tariq since high school. (Juanita)

Aaron Markz? You wanted to see me. (Doctor Harper)
Yes Doctor. I was just with my fiance Juanita and she seems a bit irritated. (Aaron)
Well she did take a hard hit to the head.  (Doctor Harper)
Would that make her hostile? She behaved like I was a total stranger. (Aaron)
She could be suffering from selective amnesia.  (Doctor Harper)

Amnesia? your kidding right? (Aaron)
I'm afraid not. It can happen with severe blows to the head.  (Doctor Harper)
Come on Doc she remembers my sister. (Aaron)
Yes, I know. She was in the room while I examined her. (Doctor Harper)
Then why forget me? (Aaron)
She could be doing it self consciously.  (Doctor Harper)
But why? (Aaron)
Is your relationship healthy?  (Doctor Harper)
It gets stressful sometimes were both busy professionals. (Aaron)
Then I suggest you take her home to get some rest.  (Doctor Harper)

How am I suppose to take her home in this condition? (Aaron)
When do you plan to leave?  (Doctor Harper)
The jet should be ready in about an hour. (Aaron)
I'm prescribing this sedative. It will help her relax.  (Doctor Harper)
Thanks Doc. I think. (Aaron)
Good Luck!  (Doctor Harper)

 A few hours later in Graces Grove Airport Terminal..........

Tara will you please sit down, Your giving me a head ache. (Tariq)
I can't I'm too nervous Aaron's phone call was very strange. (Tara)
That doesn't matter he asked us to be here so we're here. (Tariq)
Aren't you concerned ? (Tara)
No......I'll be right back I need to use the restroom. (Tariq)

 Five minutes later.......

Hey Tara! (Juanita)
Hey girl, you scared us half to death. (Tara)
Have you met Apples brother Aaron? (Juanita)
Excuse me? (Tara)

Juanita......Are you okay? (Tara)
I'm fine, Girl Scouts honor. (Juanita)
Did Tariq come with you? (Aaron)
Yes, he went to the restroom. (Tara)
I need to get her bag. I'll be right back. (Aaron)
Okay. (Tara)

Tariq, I'm glad to see you! (Aaron)
Whats going on? (Tariq)
Juanita may have selective amnesia. (Aaron)
What? (Tariq)
She took a hard bump to the head and doesn't remember me. (Aaron)
Are you serious? (Tariq)
Yes, the doctor seems to think its the stress of our relationship. (Aaron)

Dang really......Well she's home now she will feel better in the morning. (Tariq)
I want to take her to my place but I don't want to upset her. What do you think? (Aaron)
Hmmmm.  I think you should take her home to avoid the drama. (Tariq)
I want to take care of her and I can't do that there. (Aaron)
I know you don't want to hear this, but Juanita may need some space. (Tariq)
Tariq, I can't lose her. (Aaron)
You wont. (Tariq)

Tariq!!!!!! (Juanita)
Hey, Lady Bug! (Tariq)
I missed you so much. (Juanita)
I missed you too, get back in that chair so I can take you home. (Tariq)

What the hell is going on?! (Tara)
Not now Tara please!  I just want to go. (Aaron)
Do you want a ride home? (Tara)
Yes. (Aaron)
Then you better start talking.  Apples brother. (Tara)

Well, Well, Well looks like Mr Markz has been dismissed. I hope he kept a few of those pills for himself. Its going to be a long week. See you all next Monday.