Sunday, February 24, 2013

Time to Visit my Mother part 1

I cannot believe Sebastian is here.
I hope he doesn't see or talk to Justin before I do. (Rosie)

I think I should go in first. (Justin)
OK (Sebastian)
If she appears calm I will pull you in. (Justin)
OK (Sebastian)

DING DONG (Justin rings door bell)

Well its about time! (Rosie)

Hi Mom. (Justin)
Hi Justin, Have a seat I need to talk to you. (Rosie)
Hold that thought. (Justin)
Justin we really need to......... (Rosie)

Is this what you want to talk about. (Justin)
Sebastian! (Rosie)
Hi Rosa Lynn. (Sebastian)
(Rosie falls back onto the couch)

Mom are you OK? (Justin)
He's not really here! He's not in my house.
He's not really here! He's not in my house. (Rosie chants)
MOM snap out of it! (Justin)
Oh my god he's really here! (Rosie)

Mom where are you going? (Justin)
I'm thirsty. Aren't you thirsty? (Rosie)
No I'm not thirsty. (Justin)
Yes you are.  Let me go get you something to drink. (Rosie)

Lindsey where are you? (Rosie)
I'm in the tub. (Lindsey mumbles)
Lindsey are you in here? (Rosie)

HELLO, I said I'm in the tub!  (Lindsey)
I can see that. (Rosie)
Can a girl get a little privacy then?  (Lindsey)
You don't have anything I haven't already seen. (Rosie)

Rosie! (Lindsey)
I'm sorry but I need you to come down stairs. (Rosie)
Why?  (Lindsey)
Justin's here. (Rosie)

So, you told me to stay away from him for awhile.  (Lindsey)
I'm not asking you to flirt with him. I  want you to keep us from talking. (Rosie)
Rosie, I would love to help.  But I have a date tonight.  (Lindsey)
With who? (Rosie)
Ty-Juan I told you about it last week.  (Lindsey)

I need you here tonight call and cancel. (Rosie)
What am I suppose to tell him?  (Lindsey)
I don't know, tell him you got Poison Oak he can relate to that. (Rosie)

I cannot believe she just violated my personal space like that!
I really need to think about getting my own place.  (Lindsey)

Your Mom's been gone an awful long time Son.  (Sebastian)
Yea I know. (Justin)
Do you think shes alright? (Sebastian)
If she doesn't come back soon I'll go look for her. (Justin)

Excuse me, Justin your Mom said  you wanted something to drink. (Lindsey)
Hello Lindsey. (Justin)
Can you move the checkers so I can sit this tray down.  (Lindsey)
Sure. (Justin)

Hello, I'm Lindsey Kitchen and you are?  (Lindsey)
Sebastian, Sebastian Justin Sporting. (Sebastian)

I'm finally out of bed and back to work. Barbara and both Barry's did an awesome job covering for me didn't they? Synquis birthday is next Saturday so I'm headed to Frostburg for the weekend. See you next Monday!!!!!! 

Sunday, February 17, 2013

A little TLC could go a long way.

Hi Barry. (Barbara)
Hi. (Barry Sr.)
I was just about to call you. (Barbara)

Why whats wrong? (Barry Sr.)
Hi Daddy! (Barry Jr.)
Hey Sport! (Barry Sr.)
I have a cold and I think I gave it to Barry. (Barbara)

Why didn't you tell me you were sick? (Barry Sr.)
I'll be alright I just need some rest. (Barbara)
Barbara, I could have kept Barry for you.  (Barry Sr.)
Well its too late now, come on up I want take his temperature and call the doctor. (Barbara)

What did the thermometer say? (Barry Sr.)
It said 102. (Barbara)
Is that bad? (Barry Sr.)
Yes and no. Can you put some clean pajamas on him while I call the doctor? (Barbara)
Sure, come on sport lets get you dressed. (Barry Sr.)

Alright one pair of undies down. One pair of pajamas to go. (Barry Sr.)
Do the little piggy's Daddy? (Barry Jr.)
OK this little piggy went to the market. (Barry Sr.) Hee Hee! (Barry Jr.)
And this little piggy stayed home. (Barry Sr.)

Hello Dr Brown this is Barbara Little. (Barbara)
Hi Barbara, Whats going on with my little man. (Dr. Brown)
I just took  his temperature and its 102. (Barbara)
Is he still alert and playful? (Dr. Brown)
Yes. (Barbara)
Are you sick you sound stuffy? (Dr. Brown)
Yes I am but Barry was fine until about twenty minutes ago. (Barbara)
There is something going around so just keep an eye on him and give him plenty of fluids.
If his temperature rises take him to the emergency room. (Dr. Brown)
OK Dr Brown thank you. (Barbara)

What did she say? (Barry Sr.)
She said there's something going around. (Barbara)
What does that mean? (Barry Sr.)
Keep an eye on him and give him plenty of fluids.
If his temperature gets any higher I should take him to the emergency room. (Barbara)

Your being awfully calm about this. (Barry Sr.)
Barry, this isn't his first cold. (Barbara)
Its the first one I've been around for. (Barry Sr.)
Look I'm sorry you came all the way over here for nothing. (Barbara)
Barbara, Don't send me away I want to help. (Barry Sr.)
Can I have some more juice Mommy? (Barry Jr.)
OK, your son would like some juice. (Barbara)

And what would you like? (Barry Sr.)
I don't need anything. (Barbara)
Let me help you. Please. (Barry Sr.)
OK, I'd like a cup of tea. (Barbara)
I'll be right back. (Barry Sr.)

Well as you probably guessed I'm still not 100 percent but I'm getting there. Thanks for all the Get Well Wishes they are working cause my naps are getting shorter. See you next Monday.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

I caught a cold and Rosie refused to work with me!

(Sniff Sniff) Barbara has a cold.

Be quiet Sk8, I'm watching TV. (Barry)

Are you a stranger? I can't talk to strangers. (Barry)
ROOF (Sk8)
Let's go to Mommy's room Sk8. (Barry)

Mommy are you sleeping? (Barry)
No Baby, I'm just resting my eyes. What's wrong? (Barbara)
Strangers are here. (Barry whispers)

What did you say?!?! (Barbara)
Strangers are here. (Barry whispers)
OH! (Barbara)
Hi Everybody, I'm Barbara this is my son Barry and our dog Sk8.
Say Hi to our followers Barry. (Barbara)
They're not strangers?  (Barry whispers)
Nope. (Barbara)

Are you okay Mommy? Barry)
I'm okay I just got up too fast. (Barbara)
Can I have a snack? (Barry)
Sure, just give Mommy a few minutes to talk to our followers. (Barbara)

Whew, As you can see I have a cold and unfortunately
MUSTIWAIT does too.
 She wanted to finish shooting this weeks story but when she went to Rosie's house this is what she found.

The sign says.

Can you believe that darn Rosie?  Sitting in the window watching the door.
The woman acts like she ain't never had a cold before. (Barbara)

Anyway, because we didn't finish this weeks story. Mustiwait asked me to give you a little tour.
This is my bedroom. (Barbara)

This is my dresser. Awww look at my wedding photo.
 I know I should put it away but I cant. I still love him. (Barbara)

This is my bed. Mustiwait made most of the items you see in here.
And yes, she knows they aren't perfect but they are perfect for us. (Barbara)

This is Barry's room.
The first picture in this post gives you a better view of whats in here. (Barbara)
Are you going to show them Spider man Mommy? (Barry)
I can if you want me to. (Barbara)
I want you to. (Barry)

This is Barry's Spider man picture. (Barbara)
COOL!!! (Barry)
He loves Spider man. (Barbara chuckles)

Well that's it everybody.
I've got to get Barry ready for his Daddy,
Then I can go back to bed. Thanks for coming. (Barbara) BYE BYE (Barry) 

I'm not sure if I have a COLD or the FLU I do know that its kicking my butt. Sorry about this weeks story.  I hope to be over whatever I have in the next few days. See you next Monday. 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

In the Nikki of Time

Good afternoon. (Megan)
Thanks for the wake up call. (Aaron)
No problem. (Megan)

Can you ask Bradley to bring the limo around front. (Aaron)
Right away Sir. And before I forget Ms. Dayton called. (Megan)
Please call her back. Forward the call to my private line. (Aaron)
Of course. I'll be back shortly. (Megan)

These figures are banana's! (Aaron)
I know. Every one's really enjoying the new restaurant. (Megan)
Looks like we'll be booked for the next two years. (Aaron)
Were ready! (Simone)

Good afternoon Ladies! (Megan)

Whats wrong? (Aaron)
I don't want to go. (Simone)
You have to go to work and so do I. (Aaron) 

Excuse me Mr. Markz, Ms.Dayton is on line three. (Megan)

I'm sorry Ladies, but I have to take that. (Aaron)
We know your busy. (Angel)
We had a great weekend. (Simone)
Me too. What time does your flight leave? (Aaron)
Our flight leaves at 9. (Angel)
The shoot should be over at 7.  (Simone)
I'm going to pick you up and drive you to the airport.
Megan will call if I can't make it. (Aaron)

OK! (Aaron)
Okay.  (Angel)
I'll see you both later. (Aaron)

Good afternoon Ms. Dayton. (Aaron)

Good Morning Mr. Markz. (Juanita)
I miss you. (Aaron)
I bet. (Juanita)
How's Frostburg? (Aaron)
Cold. (Juanita) 

 A half hour later...........

How we do on time? (Pierre) he is french
Were right on schedule Pierre. Heidi and Nikki should be here in 30 minutes. (Penelope)

Is that better Angel? (Traci)
Much better, thanks Traci. (Angel)
Go put your next outfit on while I work on Simone.  (Traci)

Does that look better Pierre. (Traci)
NO! NO! NO! This is not what Pierre envisioned. (Pierre) is french
Pierre, Let's change the shoes? (Traci)
NO! NO! NO! Pierre likes the shoes he hates the dress, get rid of it.  (Pierre)

Did I get it? (Bridget)
Pierre does not know!  Pierre cannot see in the back of his head! (Pierre) is french
I don't see anything Pierre.  I think Tariq was pulling your leg. (Bridget)
HELLO PIERRE!  (Nikki, Heidi)

Mademoiselle HEIDI, Mademoiselle NIKKI! Pierre has waited all day for you.  (Pierre)

Come, Come, let Pierre show you his spring line. (Pierre)
You can just show me what dress I get to keep. (Heidi)
Oh boy. Here we go. (Nikki)

 Two hours later........

Pierre has been relentless today! (Heidi)
He is the same as any other day. You just don't want to work. (Nikki)
I want to work. I just prefer to do it away from Graces Grove. (Heidi)
Save your complaints. We'll be in New York next week. (Nikki)

Tariq's ready for you Heidi. (Bridget)
Already! I just sat down. (Heidi)
This is the last photo. (Bridget)
It better be. My feet are killing me. (Heidi)
I'll be back to help you in a moment Nikki. (Bridget)
Thanks Bridget. (Nikki)

You've been awfully quiet today. Is everything alright? (Bridget)
Just got a lot on my mind. (Nikki)
Is it a man? (Bridget)
What makes you say that? (Nikki)
Just a guess. (Bridget)

This is the last one. (Bridget)
Then let's do it. (Nikki)

Are you ready? (Tariq)
Just tell me what you want. (Nikki)

Look down and step towards me. Look up and step again.
Drag the coat as you walk. (Tariq)
OK (Nikki)



THAT'S A WRAP!!!!!!!! (Tariq)

Nikki. (Taj-Ma)
What are you doing here? (Nikki)
You were on my mind all day. (Taj-Ma)
Really. Why?? (Nikki)
I think we should talk about taking this to the next level. (Taj-Ma)

I know, I know this story was long. I took a lot of great photos and it was really hard to choose. I should have made a video but I didn't have time. I'd like to thank the ladies and gentlemen who let me use the flicker photos that I posted around Pierre's studio. They were awesome and so are you. Thank you!!!!!!  See you next Monday.