Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Night before the Wedding continues 4

Hurry up. I ain't got all night. (Officer Booty)
Stop pushing me woman! (Corey)
Whatcha gonna do if I don't? (Officer Booty)

I'm gonna exercise my tribal right. (Corey)
And what tribe do you belong to? (Officer Booty)
The Slap-A-Hoe tribe. (Corey)

I think the knee a fool federation is better. (Officer Booty)
OWWW! (Corey)

Was that really necessary? (Corey)
Yes, cause I ain't no damn Hoe. (Officer Booty)
I was only playing. (Corey)
Well I wasn't, go get my money! (Officer Booty)

You said I could pay next week. (Corey)
That was before you showed your ass. (Officer Booty)


TEN MINUTES LATER.............................

What happened to you? (Tariq)
Officer Booty kneed me in the stomach. (Corey)
For what? (Tariq)
 Cause I told her I was part of the Slap A Hoe tribe. (Corey)

You ain't ever gonna learn are you? (Tariq)
What's that suppose to mean? (Corey)
You get your butt kicked every time you use that line. (Tariq)
No I don't. (Corey)

Yes you do. (Tariq)
No I don't. (Corey)
Whatever man. Where's "A"? (Tariq)
In his room, why? (Corey)
 I need to talk to him. (Tariq)

 Can you ask him to come to the living room when your done.
No way, that stripper wants to scratch his eyes out. (Tariq)
No she doesn't, she wants to apologize. (Corey)
They're not sticking around just to do that. (Tariq)

Yes they are. It's really important to Officer Call. (Corey)
Bullshit! You haven't paid them have you?! (Tariq)
I made arrangements to pay them next week. (Corey)
In return for what? (Tariq)
Nothing. (Corey)

Don't lie to me Corey. (Tariq)
I'm not lying, they're not worried about the money. Officer Call just wants to apologize. (Corey)
Alright, I will see what I can do. (Tariq)
Please do, I don't want to get kneed in the stomach again. (Corey)

Yo "A", can I come in? (Tariq)
No! (Aaron)

Do any of you follow instructions? (Aaron)
I'm sorry, but I need to talk to you. (Tariq)
About what? (Aaron)

  Lots of things; but right now, I need you to come back to the living room.
Why? (Aaron)
Because Ms. Call wants to apologize and 
Ms. Booty is going to hurt Corey if you don't. (Tariq)

Why should I care if she beats the snot out of him? (Aaron)
Come on "A", He was just trying to do something nice for you.
Yea right, Corey doesn't do anything without personal gain. (Aaron)
Your wrong this time. (Tariq) 

What makes this time any different? (Aaron)
The fact that you haven't been yourself for the past two weeks. (Tariq)

I got a lot on my mind. (Aaron)
You're about to marry the woman you love, you should be on cloud nine.

I want to be but, I can't stop wondering if I'm the best man for her. (Aaron)   You waited until the night before your wedding to ask yourself that?
I've been asking myself that for about a year now. (Aaron)
That's a year too long, she deserves better than that. (Tariq)

 You think I don't know that? (Aaron)
Then whats stopping you from being everything she needs? (Tariq)
The question is WHO not what. (Aaron)

 I don't follow. (Tariq)
 Have you ever heard the phrase "Lady in the street, Freak in the bed".   
"A" please don't tell me you've been cheating on Juanita. (Tariq)

Do you want me to rearrange your face? (Aaron)
No. (Tariq)
Repeat after me....... I did not cheat on Juanita. (Aaron)
You did not cheat on Juanita. (Tariq)
I was confused about my relationship, so I found a temporary distraction. (Aaron)
"I was confused........" (Tariq)
Don't repeat that! (Aaron)

Sorry! (Tariq)
Look.......... I need to make a run. (Aaron)
Juanita's Mom is not going to let you see her. (Tariq)
 I'm not going to see Juanita. (Aaron)
Then where are you going? (Tariq)
The less you know the better off you'll be. (Aaron)

She loves you. You can't do this! (Tariq)
I have to. I need answers. (Aaron)
What about the wedding? (Tariq)
It doesn't start until three I'll be back in plenty of time. (Aaron)

Lets go check on our party guest. (Aaron)
You're not going to tell me where you're going are you? (Tariq)
Nope. (Aaron)

He came back. (Officer Call)

Hi. (Officer Call)
Ladies. (Aaron)
Can I speak to you in private? (Officer Call)
Sure, let's go in the back. (Aaron)

If she screams that's your ass. (Officer Booty)
Relax Foxy Brown. We're just going to talk. (Aaron)

Thanks for coming back out. (Officer Call)
No problem, what do you want to talk about?
I just wanted to apologize........ (Officer Call)
No don't...... I should be the one apologizing. 

No you shouldn't, I'm the one that flipped out remember? (Officer Call)
Oh, I definitely remember. It was kind of cute. (Aaron)
Yeah right, I probably looked like a psycho maniac. (Officer Call)

You looked like a woman that knows what she wants. I like that.
Damn! You Are FINE. (Officer Call)
Your not so bad yourself Sweetness. (Aaron)
Then why'd you turn me down.  (Officer Call)
Because I'm about to marry the woman I love.

She's a very lucky woman. (Officer Call)
The jury is still out on that Sweetness. (Aaron)
Thanks for letting me dance for you. (Officer Call)
It was my pleasure. (Aaron)

Are you okay! (Officer Booty)
Yes. (Officer Call)
Are you sure, cause I will beat the living sh.......(Officer Booty)
Chill out, I'm fine. (Officer Call)

Twenty Minutes later.................................

I'm out. (Aaron)

You're not really leaving are you? (Tariq)
I already told you I was. (Aaron)
Let me go with you? (Tariq)

No, I need you here. (Aaron)
Why, it's not like I can step in and take your place. (Tariq)
You better not! (Aaron)
Relax, she's crazy about you. (Tariq)
That's why I'll be back in the morning, and
 nobody will ever know I left. Right? (Aaron)
Right? (Tariq)