Monday, July 2, 2012

Justine Dodges a Foul Ball part 2 

(Justin enters the Cafe)

Hey Theresa, What are you still doing here. (Justin)
Hi Justin, It was a mad house in here today. (Theresa)
Why didn't you call me I would have come in. (Justin)

That wouldn't be right, You left me in charge so I handled it. (Theresa)
I appreciate your dedication but I dont want you over working yourself. (Justin)
Gabriella and Zac were here too, I let them go when we finished cleaning the kitchen. (Theresa)

I will be sure to thank you all in your pay checks, now go home. (Justin)
But I haven't started cleaning in here and the cash register isn't totaled out yet! (Theresa)
I will finish the cleaning and total the register.  (Justin)
BUT this place is a mess! (Theresa)

NO but's!  Give me the apron and I will get your purse. (Justin)
Okay, Here you go. (Theresa)

Justin, Are you sure you don't want me to stay I really don't mind. (Theresa)
I can handle it. Go get some rest I will see you tomorrow afternoon. (Justin)
But I'm scheduled to open in the morning. (Theresa)
Not anymore. Do you have plans for the afternoon? (Justin)
No. (Theresa)
Then you and I just switched shifts. (Justin)

This place really is a mess (just like with Tara and my Mom). Guess I better get started at least I can fix this mess.

I'm going to get a man's vacume cleaner one of these days.
(Justin talking to himself)
Once I empty the trash can's and wipe everything down  I'll be done cleaning.
I wish I could clean things up between my Mom and Tara this easily.

Now that's better.

(Totaling out the cash register)

The reqister was full to the hilt it doesn't look like anyone had time to do a midday closeout.
Must have been pretty busy in here.

Can't wait to count this all up look's like Theresa, Gabriella and Zac earn that little bonus I mentioned.

Now let me open up our balance sheet's.

Counting the money and credit card receipts.

Verifying all info was added and entered correctly.

Adjusting Theresa, Gabriella and Zac's next paycheck.

Paying the cafe bill's.
My baby's probably sound asleep. (Justin looking at Justine's drawing)

I got alot of work done and there is nothing else for me to do so I'm getting out of here.

I hope Tara is still awake.  I want her to know she is everything to me.
 Guess I'll woo her until the early morning.

See you all next Monday for the rest of this story..........


  1. Hello from Spain: barbie vacuum cleaner is very nice. I want to buy for my Barbie house. I also like all the furniture of 'Brown suga cafe'. I also like the money you have. Congratulations on this scene. A great job! Keep in touch.

    1. Hey Marta are they still selling the vacuum cleaner where you are I think they have changed the colors here. thanks for looking.

  2. Justin is a nice guy! Tara should give him a little break. Love the My Scene shop. I have one somewhere still in the box.

    1. Yes Justin is a nice guy I hope Tara doesn't push him too much. I just opened that cafe a few months ago when I got the Brown suga idea.

  3. Seems that Justin has some things to work out. Wife, mom...Mom, wife. It appears he chose well. Tara has a winner, but she knows this. Well I hope the "woo ING" goes well. Nothing like a late night, early morning workout after a long day! Mom beware!

    1. He will work it out he loves his wife very much hope his mom is ready for whatever he decides is best

  4. Justin is a good boss and family man! I love the name of the cafe and that he wants to get a more manly vacuum, lol. Hey, it's blue in the middle. Perfect for a man or lady.

    1. Yes theirs some blue but sometimes barbie pink is just too much

  5. Aww...Justin is so flippin' sweet! (^_^)