Sunday, August 25, 2013

"FRIENDS" how many of us have them!

So........Tara what have you been up to?  (Chase)
Nothing much, how about you Chase? (Tara)
We haven't done much either. Right Babe? (Chase)
Nope! Nada. (Trichelle)
I think I need another beer.  (Chase)


Chase, don't you dare leave this table. (Trichelle)
Why not?  I'm thirsty and I need to use the men's room.  (Chase)
Chase! (Trichelle)
Relax, I'll be back.  (Chase)

Was this your idea? (Trichelle)
You would think that wouldn't you? (Tara)
Don't get your panties in a bunch. I was just asking. (Trichelle)

That's a cute purse.  (Trichelle)
Thanks. (Tara)
Where did you get it?  (Trichelle)
I don't remember. (Tara)

Are you sure this is going to work?  (Chase)
No, but I'm willing to try. (Justin)
Trichelle is going to kill me when we get home.  (Chase)
Don't think like that.  (Justin)


You didn't see her face when you two walked in.  (Chase)
When they kiss and make up everything will be fine.  (Justin)
That's if, they make up. (Chase)
They better make up cause I refuse to attend another dress, purse or clothing sale. (Justin)

Why haven't you returned any of my calls.  (Trichelle)
I don't talk to snitches. (Tara)
  I'm not a snitch (Trichelle)
Yes you are!   (Tara)

Whatever. (Trichelle)
Did you tell Justin I was pregnant. (Tara)
No I did not. (Trichelle)
Then why did he assume that I was. (Tara)
He's a smart guy. (Trichelle)


Bull crap! (Tara)
Justin and I had a conversation but I did not tell him you were pregnant. (Trichelle)
What did you say? (Tara) 
I suggested he keep an eye on you because you weren't feeling well. (Trichelle)
And? (Tara)
And I asked him to remind you to make a GYN appointment. (Trichelle)


OMG and you don't think that hinted at a possible pregnancy. (Tara)
 No, that told him you needed to see the GYN. (Trichelle)
Justin knows I don't see the doctor unless something is wrong. (Tara shouts)
Well, shoot me for looking out for you. (Trichelle hollers)
I was going to tell him Trichelle. You had no right.  (Tara shouts)
When Tara when? Two, four months from now? In the middle of a contraction!
(Trichelle hollers)


Oh My! (India)
I wouldn't go over there if I were you.  (Justin)
But they're arguing. (India)
It's okay, I promise they wont break anything.  (Justin)
But but....... (India)


Let me walk you back to the kitchen. (Justin)
They look like they want to hurt each other. (India)
Don't let those ugly faces fool you.  (Justin) 
Are you sure?  (India)
Trust me.  (Justin)

They're getting pretty loud. (Chase)
That means it's almost over.  (Justin)
What did you say to the waitress? (Chase)
I told her we would leave a big tip.  (Justin)
Aww man! (Chase)

I thought you were my friend!  (Tara)
I am your friend.  (Trichelle)
I can't tell.  (Tara)
Tara....I'm sorry, please don't go.  (Trichelle)

I was trying to help. (Trichelle)
I was going to tell him. (Tara)
You did.  (Trichelle)
You know he's very happy about this. (Tara)
 Why wouldn't he be your a wonderful mother. (Trichelle)
Thank you. (Tara)
Your welcome. (Trichelle) 

You two ready to order? (Justin)
We've been ready. (Tara/Trichelle)
Looks like our work is done. (Chase)


Sunday, August 18, 2013

Lets go out.

Ding dong, ding dong (door bell)
(Janay is practicing her karate and doesn't hear the door bell)
knock, knock, knock (door)

Hello. (Tariq)
Hey. (Janay)
I hope you don't mind me letting myself in.(Tariq)
Your fine, I didn't hear the bell.  (Janay)
Are you almost done your workout? (Tariq)
Just about.  (Janay)

I forgot how good you look when your working out. (Tariq)
You know I look like a wet dog. Hand me that towel. (Janay)
No you don't. Here. (Tariq)

Thanks. (Janay)
How was your day? (Tariq)
Fine, I stayed in all day. (Janay)
Do you want to go out? (Tariq)
Do you want to go to a movie? (Tariq)
I thought we were going to talk. (Janay)

Water? (Tariq)
Thanks, (Janay)
I know we need to talk and we will, but Julian called and he wants to go to a movie. (Tariq)
Nikki told me you two sort of adopted each other. (Janay)
Yea we did. He's a good kid. (Tariq)

 He's a great kid. Go to your movie. We can talk tomorrow.  (Janay)
I want you to go with us. (Tariq)
 Julian may want you all to himself.  (Janay)
  I'll call Tara and ask if Justine can go too. It can be a double date. (Tariq)

  Ha Ha, like your gonna let Justine date. (Janay)
I'm willing to do whatever it takes. (Tariq)
Alright, but I need a shower. (Janay)
Take your shower and I'll go get the kids. (Tariq)



What time were they suppose to be here? (Trichelle)
Six o'clock. (Chase)
It's ten minutes after, can we go now? (Trichelle)
No, they will be here. (Chase)
I don't know why! I'm not apologizing. (Trichelle)
No one is asking you to. (Chase)
Good, cause I'm not. (Trichelle)

Whats wrong?!? (Justin)
Nothing. (Tara)
Tara?!? (Justin)
Tariq called, he wants to take Justine to the movies. (Tara)
So, he takes Justine out all the time. (Justin)
He should be out with Janay not his niece. (Tara)
What did  I say to you earlier? (Justin)
Stay out of it. (Tara)
Well? (Justin)
Alright, Alright. (Tara)

Sorry were late. (Justin)
No problem, (Chase)
Speak for yourself, I'm starving. (Trichelle)
Your always starving. (Tara)
Come on you two, play nice. (Chase)
Have a seat, I'll get the waitress. (Justin)

Welcome to Apple's Barrel can I take your order? (India)
Can you send a waitress over to our booth. (Justin)
Right away sir. (India)

A short time later............

Who let the dogs out?
Who, who, who, who, who?
Who let the dogs out?
Who, who, who, who, who?
Who let the dogs out ? (Julian singing)

Who let the dogs out? (Julian singing)
Ain't no dogs in here Julian! (Justine)
Ha Ha Ha (Nia/ Tariq laughing)
Don't quit your day job Julian. (Tariq)
Don't pay them any mind baby, go ahead and sing. (Nia)

What are you doing here? (Julian)
Uncle Tariq is taking us to the movies. (Justine)
I didn't know you were going. (Julian)
You don't want me too? (Justine)
I do, I just thought..........never mind. (Julian)

What time do you get off? (Tariq)
We close at midnight. But you can bring him to me when the movie is over.  (Nia)
Are you sure? (Tariq)
Yea, he'll be fine. My office has everything he needs. (Nia)
Okay, I'll bring him to Apples after the movie. (Tariq)

Can I have another piece of gum Dad? (Julian)
Me too, me too. (Justine)
I don't think I have anymore. (Tariq)
I think I have some in my purse. (Janay)

Aunt Janay!  (Justine/Julian)
Hey guy's. (Janay)
Are you ready to go, cause I'm ready. (Julian)
I'm ready if you are. (Janay)

I can't wait to get there, I'm gonna get a large soda and a large pop corn.  (Julian)
I want a pretzel.  (Justine)
You not gonna get a soda? (Julian)
I don't know yet. (Justine)
Thanks for agreeing to this. (Tariq)
Your welcome. (Janay)

Sunday, August 11, 2013

What do I really really want?

You're disgusting, you're going to stop messing with Heidi to mess with me?!? (Nikki)
I wouldn't call what I've done with Heidi messing.  (Aaron)
What would you call it? (Nikki)
Dinner.  (Aaron)

Very funny!  (Nikki)
I'm serious, I took her to dinner, she was arm candy at a couple poker games
and she was my donation at a charity auction. (Aaron)
Whatever, I got to go. (Nikki)

Nikki, I did not sleep with Heidi. And where are you going?  (Aaron)
I'm having dinner with Taj. (Nikki)
What about me?  (Aaron)
You'll be fine, you always are. (Nikki)
You're being cold blooded right now. (Aaron)
I learned from the best. (Nikki)

Twenty minutes later..........

TAJ! (Nikki shouts)
I'll be right there. (Taj)

Hi. (Nikki)
 I thought you forgot about me. (Taj)
Nope, just running late. (Nikki)
You look nice. (Taj)
Thank you. (Nikki)

Did you change your mind about the cooking lesson? (Taj)
No, why? (Nikki)
Your not dressed for it. (Taj)
Can I borrow something of yours? (Nikki)

Sure, let's go see what we can find.  (Taj)
That's my phone, let me grab it. (Nikki)
Alright.  (Taj)

It's a text message. (Nikki talking to herself)

Did you find something? (Nikki)
Yup, a tee shirt and a pair of boxer. (Taj)
That should work. (Nikki)

What's this? (Nikki)
Open it.  (Taj)
Taj? (Nikki)
Open it! (Taj)

Do you like it?  (Taj)
It's beautiful, but.....(Nikki)
But what?  (Taj)
You know I can't except this. (Nikki)
Why not, I love you and I want you to be my wife.  (Taj)

You deserve better. (Nikki)
Nothing is better then you. You are everything I want and need.  (Taj)
I can't cook. I don't clean and I refuse to be told what I can and cannot do. (Nikki) 
 I want to take care of you..........let me. (Taj)

Across town at Studio It..................

How was the shoot?  (Tara)
Fine. (Tariq)
Did you see Juanita?  (Tara)
Yup.  (Tariq)
Okay, I got one fine and one yup, can I get a two or three word answer?  (Tara)
How about..... leave me alone. (Tariq)

Alright, you've been short with everyone for weeks. What's up?  (Tara)
Got a lot on my mind that's all.  (Tariq)
Does it have anything to do with Janay? (Tara)

She called me today.  (Tariq)
That's a good thing right.  (Tara)
I don't know.  (Tariq)
Tell me what happened, let's figure this out together.  (Tara)

I kissed Juanita a few weeks ago and I can't get the image out of my mind.  (Tariq)
Did you initiate the kiss or did she?  (Tara)
She did but I wanted it.  (Tariq)
Did you two talk about it?  (Tara)
No, Aaron saw the whole thing and threw me out before we could.  (Tariq)

Oh my god. That explains a lot.  (Tara)
He didn't tell Janay if that's what your thinking. (Tariq)
He didn't try to beat you up and he didn't tell Janay, that's scary. (Tara)
Yup. (Tariq)

Have you told Janay?  (Tara)
No!  (Tariq) 
What are you waiting for?!?  (Tara)
I don't know.  (Tariq)

You have to tell her, it was just a kiss.  (Tara)
I'm not sure that's all it was.  (Tariq)
What do you mean?  (Tara)
I think I want to be with Juanita. I'm in love with her. (Tariq)

Tariq, you've been in love with Juanita since high school,
 you've had plenty of time to makeup your mind about her.  (Tara)
I know but.......... (Tariq)
Do you remember her wedding day? Aaron left her crying in the pastors office. You walked in, scooped her up and ran off to Aaron's private island for a week. You had no luggage and you came back with no pictures. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what happened between the two of you. If you wanted to be together you would have from that moment on.
Juanita is your best friend she can't be you lover. (Tara)

 Think about that for a minute. Then go see Janay. (Tara)
I have thought about it............. (Tariq whispers)