Sunday, April 27, 2014

Julians Home

How do you ask someone to spend the rest of your life with them,
 than abruptly end the relationship?  (Nikki)
You hurt him, he'll come around.  (Janay)
I hope he doesn't think I'm going to just sit around and wait for him to change his mind.  (Nikki)

I don't know why not. He's been waiting around and putting up with your crap . (Nia)
I was not talking to you!  (Nikki)

I thought you were happy with him?  (Janay)
I am. I mean I was.  (Nikki)
Then go over there and say yes. That's all he wants.  (Janay)

He wants more than that. (Nia)
What else does he want Nia?  (Nikki)
He wants you to say I love you.
And he needs to know you're not going to run off when things don't go your way! (Nia)

She has a point there, Nikki.  (Janay)
Hey.... whos side are you on?  (Nikki)
I'm on your side, but relationships are hard marriage is tougher you'll have to work on it everyday. (Janay)

Taj is a good man Nikki.
 If you want him you need to apologize and pray he takes you back. (Nia)
I'm not going to pray for that. I'm Nikki London I don't need him! (Nikki)
 You are so self centered you know that? (Nia)
Forget you Nia, go back to your cake.  Nikki)

Did someone just come in the house?  (Nikki)
Mommy, I'm home. (Julian)
We're in the kitchen. (Nia)

Look at my uniform Mommy! (Julian)
Oh my goodness, you're going to be a real ninja now. (Nia)
Yup, my first class is on Saturday! (Julian)

Hey Nikki, Janay. (Tariq)
Hi Tariq.  (Nikki/Janay)
Did you have any trouble getting him signed up? (Nia)
No, that was the easy part. (Tariq)
What was the hard part? (Nia)

 He ran off with Brock and they walked in on Aaron. (Tariq)

Why was Aaron at the GG Karate School? (Nikki)
He wasn't. (Tariq)

I took Julian to Bradley's Dojo. I use to take classes there. (Tariq)
What happened to the GG Karate school? (Nikki)
I don't know the guy who runs the GG school, so why would I take him there? (Tariq)
Because that's where Nia said you were taking him!  (Nikki)

Calm down Nikki.... Max teaches the beginners doesn't he Tariq? (Janay)
Yes he does, but his class is getting crowed.
Bradley wants to split the Saturday class and give half of it to Aaron. (Tariq)
Oh my god.........please tell me your joking!  (Nikki)


No I'm not, Everyone starts with nunchucks and Aaron's the best nunchuck fighter that Dojo has. (Tariq)
That's true Nikki, I had a couple lessons with Aaron. (Janay)
I don't care if Aaron is a Nunchuck Master I don't want Julian anywhere near him! (Nikki)


Are you talking about the man with the cool sword Aunt Nikki?! (Julian)
Hush Julian. Excuse me Nikki, but Tariq did me a favor and your being rude to him.
I don't care what karate school Julian goes to so why should you? (Nia)

My life is turning into a nightmare! (Nikki)
It wouldn't be if you stop running away from things that don't go your way. (Nia)
Leave me alone Nia. I have a headache. (Nikki)

What the hell was that all about? (Tariq)
Nikki's having a rough time right now. (Janay)
She needs to mind her own business! (Tariq)

Julian means more to her then you will ever know. He will always be her business. (Janay)
She's his Aunt not his Mother she constantly crosses the line. Nia asked me to help her with Julian.
Nikki's making a big deal out of this for no good reason. I don't know how Nia puts up with it. (Tariq)

That trip to the hospital has Nikki looking at Julian differently. (Janay)
You're probably right. But that doesn't give her the right to interfere. (Tariq)

Janay, Nikki wants to talk to you. (Nia)
Where is she? (Janay)
In her bedroom. (Nia)

I'm sorry about Nikki. She's been uptight about Julian ever since he got sick. (Nia)
I see. What I don't understand is why. You're a great Mother Nia, you don't need her help. (Tariq)
Thanks Tariq. Can I get you something to eat? (Nia)
No thanks. (Tariq)

Do you want me to remove Julian from Bradley's Dojo? (Tariq)
No, he just told me all about his little meeting with Aaron.
He's looking forward to seeing him on Saturday. (Nia)
To tell you the truth. I hope Aaron doesn't show up.  (Tariq)
Why not? (Nia)
We have some unfinished business we need to discuss.
And, I don't want anything to jump off in front of Julian. (Tariq)


I guess Tariq was being cordial for Julian's sake. I hope he brushes up on his karate before he steps to Aaron again. See you all next Monday!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

At the Dojo

Close your eyes. And think of your happy place. (Bradley)
Yes Sensei. (Aaron)
Have you found it? (Bradley)
No Sensei. (Aaron)
Relax, your trying too hard. (Bradley)

Sensi. (Max)
Yes, Max. (Bradley)
Can you help me? (Max)
I'll be right there. (Bradley)

Aaron, can you excuse me for a moment? (Bradley)
Yes Sensei. (Aaron)

(Aaron starts working his sword again.)

I want to learn how to do that. (Brock)
Yea me too, He looks so cool.  (Julian)

Can you show us how to do that?  (Julian)
Excuse me. (Aaron)
Can you teach us how to use that sword?  (Julian)
Are you a student here? (Aaron)


What are you guys doing in here? (Tariq)
We were just watching him use that sword.  (Julian)
Your not suppose to be in here. Apologize for interrupting. (Tariq)
Okay Dad.  (Julian)

Were sorry. (Julian/Brock)
We didn't mean to interrupt. We just wanted to watch you sword fight. (Julian)
You didn't interrupt me, my class was over an hour ago.  (Aaron)
Lets go get your uniform fellas. (Max)


Did he call you Dad? (Aaron)
Yes, we sort of adopted each other. (Tariq)
Isn't that Nikki London's nephew? (Aaron)
Yes, Julian and Justine are best friends so
I spend a lot of time with the both of them. (Tariq)
Oh okay. (Aaron)

Hey Mister, do you know how to work these? (Julian)

They wouldn't give me a sword, they gave me these two sticks. (Julian)
Those aren't sticks they're Nunchucks.  (Aaron)
Okay, they gave me these nuck nucks. (Julian)

Not nuck nucks. Nunchucks. (Aaron)
That's what I said, they gave me this uniform too. (Julian)
 I see that.  (Aaron)
 Can you teach me how to use that sword now? (Julian)
I'm sorry, but I'm not a teacher.  (Aaron)
Julian! (Tariq)

He keeps getting away from me, I guess he's a little excited. (Tariq)
Excited is good. Eager is better I'd say he's very eager if you ask me. (Aaron)
Remind you of someone you know. (Tariq)
Just a little. (Aaron)

  Sensei says your going to teach the beginners class he just enrolled in. (Tariq)
Don't believe everything Sensei says. (Aaron)
My first class is on Saturday will you be here? (Julian)

I don't think so little man. It was nice meeting you though. (Aaron)
Aww man. I want you to be my teacher. (Julian)
Come on Julian, we have to get Brock home. See you around Aaron. (Tariq)
Yeah, see you around. (Aaron)

Why did you tell Tariq I was teaching the beginner Nunchuck class? (Aaron)
You lost your center. The fastest way to get it back is to start at the beginning. (Bradley)
How is teaching a beginner Karate class going to do that? (Aaron)

The expression on your face when you were talking to those boys
told me they hold the key to your new beginning. (Bradley)

I don't know how to handle little kids. (Aaron)
They won't be little kids on Saturday, they will be your students. (Bradley)
I'm not a teacher Sensei. (Aaron)
You mastered the Nunchuck a long time ago its time to share what you've learned.  (Bradley)

Happy Easter everyone. We missed you all last week I hope you missed us too. I have to give a Shout Out to MY FROGGY STUFF for the Karate studio tutorial it was a blast to make. See you next Monday I promise!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Family Matters

Buh, Buh Buh. (Vincent Jr. is blowing spit bubbles.)
Stop it Vinny, your wetting my face. (Chanel)
Buh, Buh Buh. (Vincent Jr.)
Mommy! Vinny's blowing spit bubbles on me.  (Chanel)
Put his binky in his mouth.  (Chandra) 

Did he take the binky? (Chandra)
Yes, he's looking for you now. (Chanel)

Daddy!  (Chanel)
Hey Pumpkin!  (Vincent Sr.)

Vinny was blowing spit bubble's on me. Daddy. (Chanel)
I'm sure he didn't mean to. He's a baby remember.
Come to Daddy little man.  (Vincent Sr.)

Your early. (Chandra)
Yea, I wanted to tuck them in tonight. I've missed that every day this week.  (Vincent Sr.)
Well, let me get my kisses before you take them away. (Chandra)


I'm not ready for bed I want to watch my movie. (Chanel)
You've seen that movie twenty times. It's time for bed.  (Chandra)
But I'm not sleepy Mommy.  (Chanel)
You can watch your movie tomorrow. Give me a kiss.  (Chandra)


Twenty minutes later..........

Do you need any help? (Vincent Sr.)
Nope, all finished. Are the kids asleep? (Chandra)
There out like a light. (Vincent Sr.)
That was fast. I better go check. (Chandra) 

Happy now? (Vincent Sr.)
Don't make fun of me.  (Chandra)

It takes me forty five minutes to an hour to put them to bed.
You've been here for less then thirty minutes and there both out like a light.
How is that possible?  (Chandra)

It's a Daddy thing.  (Vincent)
There's no such thing as a Daddy thing.  (Chandra)
Yes it is.  (Vincent)
No there isn't, tell me.  (Chandra)
I can't tell you.  (Vincent)
Why not.  (Chandra)
Your not a Daddy.  (Vincent)

Down the road a piece.................

Scully?  (Taj-Ma)

Scully! Wake up. (Taj-Ma)
What?!?! (Scully)

What are you doing here alone this time of night?  (Taj-Ma)
I had some work to do.  (Scully)
What kind of work, we don't have any active cases right now.  (Taj-Ma)
It's a side project Captain.  (Scully)

Why is your side project all over my ready room?  (Taj-Ma)
I had a lot of files to go thru and I became overwhelmed.
I'll clean it up right now.  (Scully)
Get off the floor Scully. (Taj-Ma)

Scully.  (Taj)-Ma
Yes captain.  (Scully)
Are these my files?  (Taj-Ma)

Yes Captain.  (Scully)
Why are you going through my files.  (Taj-Ma)
Colonel Powell asked to see all the files we had
on any person or persons living in Graces Grove.  (Scully)

When did he ask for them?  (Taj-Ma)
A few days ago, but I wanted to review them.  (Scully)
Why?  (Taj-Ma)
I wanted to remove anything that indicated misconduct on your behalf.  (Scully)

You were given a direct order Lieutenant.  (Taj-Ma)
But.  (Scully)
But nothing, you should have delivered the files as requested.  (Taj-Ma)
If Colonel Powell see's these files you may face charges.  (Scully)

Powell asked to see these files as a formality he already has what he's looking for.  (Taj-Ma)
How do you know?  (Scully)
He didn't assign you a babysitter. And he didn't confiscate the files himself.  (Taj-Ma)
Oh Captain, are you sure?  (Scully)
Powell is a beast. If he came for my badge he's leaving with it.  (Taj-Ma)

I'll put these files back together you go home and get some rest.  (Taj-Ma)
What about Powell?  (Scully)
I'll drop the files off to him myself.  (Taj-Ma)

Scully.  (Taj-Ma)
Yes Captain.  (Scully)
It's been a pleasure working with you.  (Taj-Ma)
Same to you sir.  (Scully)

Two hours later.............

This game is unbelievable. Thanks for taping it for me. (Vincent)
Don't thank me. Thank your brother.  (Chandra)

Well, don't you two look cozy. (Taj-Ma)
Hey, Taj.  (Vincent)
Can I get you something to eat? (Chandra)
No thanks, I'm going to grab a Gatorade don't mind me. (Taj-Ma)

Hey, where are you going?  (Vincent)
I'm going to bed, you go talk to your brother. (Chandra)
He's fine. (Vincent)
No he isn't. Go talk to him. (Chandra)

Thanks for taping the game for me.  (Vincent)
No problem, how was work?  (Taj-Ma)
It was good. What have you been up to? (Vincent)
Nothing much.  (Taj-Ma)


Chandra said you had a visitor today.  (Vincent)
She's more of a pain then a visitor.  (Taj-Ma)
Was it Nikki London?  (Vincent)
Yea, why?  (Taj-Ma)

I thought you were going to ask her to marry you. (Vincent)
I did, she turned my down.  (Taj-Ma)
Why? (Vincent)
I don't know and I don't care.  (Taj-Ma)

I thought you were serious about her. (Vincent)
I was she wasn't end of story. (Taj-Ma)
Why are you being so touchy? (Vincent)
I'm not. She doesn't want to marry me. So we don't need to talk about her.  (Taj-Ma)
I'm worried about you Bro.  (Vincent)
Stop worrying. Nikki is a non issue.
She broke my heart my niece and nephew seem to be putting it back together.
My heart will be mended before your house is finished.  (Taj-Ma)