Sunday, September 23, 2012

To Tell or not to Tell that is the question

Good morning Justine, Justin. (Nana)
Good morning Nana. (Justin, Justine)
Are you ready to go to the zoo Justine? (Nana)
Yes I'm ready. (Justine)  

Justin do you have a minute?  I'd like to introduce you to our new teacher. (Nana)
Sure Nana, I have a few minutes. (Justin)
Will you run over and get Ms. Lindsey for me Justine? Be sure to excuse yourself. (Nana)
Yes Nana stay right here Daddy OK. (Justine)
Okay. (Justin)

Excuse me Ms Lindy. Can you come see my Daddy? (Justine)
Sure Sweetie I would love to meet your Daddy. (Lindsey)

 Justin Sporting this is Lindsey Kitchen (Nana)
Good Morning Mr. Sporting. (Justin)

Good Morning Ms. Kitchen (Justin)
Please call me Lindsey (Lindsey)
Ms. Lindy's going to teacher me some kindergarten stuff Daddy. (Justine)
Another parent just walked in. Please excuse me for a moment. (Nana)

Justine, Can you go get Daddy an orange.  (Justin)
OK Daddy. (Justine)

I didn't know she was your daughter. (Lindsey)
Yes, this is only my third day and Nana never calls any of the children by their full name
besides she's she's. (Lindsey)

SHE'S WHAT? (Justin)
She's BLACK! (Lindsey)
I tried to tell you this wasn't just a visit. (Lindsey)

Please calm down Justin someone may hear you. (Lindsey)

Look I didn't know Justine was your daughter.
I thought your child was younger, and at home with his or her Mother. (Lindsey)
I called my Mother three days ago asking when you were leaving, she never called me back. Now I know why. (Justin)
Rosie apparently has her own agenda and I will speak to her about it when I get home.
I know I've hurt you but I have never lied to you. (Lindsey)

Where are you going. We need to talk. (Lindsey)
I'm going to get my daughter. I don't want to talk to you anymore. (Justin)

Good Morning Ms. Lindsey. (Lucy)
Good Morning Lucy and who is this with you today? (Lindsey)

Daddy just got a great idea. (Justin)
Really! What is it? (Justine)
I think you should work in the cafe with me today. (Justin)
No Daddy, not today. I want to go to the Petting Zoo. (Justine)

Justin leaves Nana's and heads to the Cafe without Justine.

This entire situation is wrong on so many levels.
What am I going to do now?

I'm going to call my wife and tell her about Lindsey.
No wait a minute. This is to serious to tell her over the phone.
I better tell her in person. Damn she is going to be pissed.   

Hello. What's up handsome? (Tara)
Hello. Are you working right now? (Justin)
Yup, I was about to start a shoot when you called.  (Tara)
OH. (Justin)
Do you need help with something? (Tara)
No, I can wait, I think I'll go to the zoo today. (Justin)
Aww, Justine would love that. (Tara)
Yea I thought so too. I love you Tara. (Justin) 
I love you too Justin bye. (Tara)

Justin unhappily returns to Nana's.............

Excuse me Nana. Can I go to the zoo today. (Justin)
Of course you can the more the merrier. (Nana)

Now does everyone understand all the rules. (Nana)
Yes Nana. (Kid's, Parents)
Lindsey, Amber will you give everyone a name tag please.
Justin I have to make you a name tag so give me a minute. (Nana)

What kind of name tag did you get? (Justine)
I got a teddy bear. (Chelsey)
Look at mine I got a rabbit. (Justine)
I got a frog it is so cool. (Julian)

Here's your name tag. (Lindsey)
Thanks. (Justin)
I didn't know you were going on the trip today. (Lindsey)

I wasn't, I don't want my daughter alone with you. (Justin)
Justin I would never hurt Justine or any other child. (Lindsey)
Save it okay. You are hurting Justine she just doesn't know it. (Justin)

A little while later at Studio It.............

Mrs. Waverly just canceled her sitting. (Trichele)
Alright what time is my next appointment? (Tara)
Mrs. Waverly was your last one. (Trichele)

Hmmmm, I wonder if Tariq could use some help at the Petting Zoo? (Tara)

Uh, oh, we're in trouble, somethings come along And it's burst our bubble......

Poor Justin I don't know if he can get out of this one. 

Please return next Monday to see what happens.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Just another day in the neighborhood.

Thank you so much for coming in today. (Nana)
No thank you Mrs. Latimore, getting this job means alot to me. (Lindsey)
Please call me Nana. Your more then qualified for this job.
I'm looking forward to working with you. (Nana) 

I wasn't expecting to see children here on Sunday. (Lindsay)
We are open 7 days a week. I am available to my babies whenever they need me. (Nana)

Does anyone want another cup cake? (Amber)

Do you have any other questions? (Nana)
I don't think so. You provided alot of info during my interview. (Lindsay)
Will you excuse me for a moment, I forgot to give you a benefit packet. (Nana)

Hello I'm Ms. Lindsey.
Hi I'm Justine.
Why are you sitting over here by yourself? (Lindsey)
I don't want to play with those babies. (Justine)
What do you want to do? (Lindsey)
I want to go to kindergarten. (Justine) 

Are you old enough to go to kindergarten? (Lindsey)
No, I wont be five until October and that's too late to start kindergarten. (Justine)
Hm mm, Well what would you say if I told you I could teach you some kindergarten stuff? (Lindsey)

Can you really teach me to read and write like in kindergarten? (Justine)
I can if its alright with Nana and your parents. (Lindsey)
Oh boy wait until I tell Julian and Chelsey. (Justine)
Ha Ha Ha, sounds like someone wants to play now.  (Lindsey)
I do. I do. (Justine)

She's been sulking all day. (Nana)
She looked so sad, I wanted to make her feel better. I hope you don't mind? (Lindsey)
Looks like I made the right choice in hiring you.  See you tomorrow Lindsey. (Nana)

There you are I was starting to worry. (Rosie)
I had alot of papers to sign. (Lindsey)
Does that mean you got the job? (Rosie)

Sure did, I even talked to one of the kids today. (Lindsey)
Good very Good. (Rosie)

Mean while across town.........

I'm going to put your bag in your car. (Tariq)
OK thanks Tariq. (Juanita)

Did Justin get your car detailed again Tara, it looks brand new? (Juanita)
No he didn't, I stopped at the car wash near the airport (Tara)

I really appreciate you picking us up Sis. (Tariq)
Yea that was really nice. I  know you don't usually come out on Sunday. (Juanita)
It was no problem, Justin and I needed to take a break anyway. (Tara)
TMI, TMI little sister. (Tariq)

Tara you should have been there the island was so beautiful. (Juanita)
Did you take any picture's Tariq? (Tara)
No, I stayed close to the studio. This was a new client. (Tariq)

Rico, I'm home. (Tariq calling his dog)
I'm going to block out some time for me and Aaron to go. You and Justin should go too. (Juanita)
Was it really that nice? (Tara)
If I didn't have several meetings this week I would have stayed.  (Juanita)

Did you have a good time Tariq? (Tara)
I was working most of the time. The food was good and the room was nice. (Tariq)
I'm ready for some fun in the sun.  I should start planning a trip everyone can attend. (Tara)
Well count me and Aaron in girlfriend! (Juanita)

Where are you going? I thought we were going over my schedule. (Tariq)
I need a shower and a nap. I'll see you good people tomorrow. (Juanita)
Bye be careful. (Tara)
Yea, bye slave driver. (Tariq)
I heard that. (Juanita)

So is everything ready for the camp out? (Tariq
Don't you trust me big brother? (Tara)
Yes I do, but I know the camp out is alot of work. (Tariq)
The to do list has been checked and rechecked.
All we need is mother natures sunshine. (Tara)

Do you want me to make you something to eat? (Tara)
No thanks, I'm going to take a shower then go find my woman. (Tariq)
Check the petting zoo first, I believe she was working their today. (Tara)
Okay, I will. Thanks.  (Tariq)
Your welcome see you tomorrow. (Tara)

Was that Justin's ex getting a job here in Grace's Grove? I'm so glad Juanita and Tariq are back. See you all next Monday.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Oh what a beautiful morning.........I think!

Don't come any closer Buddy! (Tara)
What, You asked me to help you with your dress. (Justin)
I asked you to zip it up you were zipping it down! (Tara)

Do you really have to go? (Justin)
Yes, I have to pick Tariq and Juanita up from the airport. (Tara)
Last night was incredible, I don't want it to end. (Justin)

It will never end I love you. (Tara)
I love you too. (Justin)

Can you pick Justine up from daycare? (Tara)
Sure, right after my shower. (Justin)
We just got out of the shower. Why do you need another one? (Tara)


Your insatiable. (Tara)
Your the sexiest woman I have ever seen in my life. (Justin)

Thank you baby, I'll see you and him later. (Tara)

That woman is going to be the death of me......
I know how to get rid of this boner. (Justin)

(Justin calls his Mother) Hello this is Rosie O'Donald Sporting
I am unable to take your call please leave a message.

(Justin leaves a message) Hi Mom, I'm sorry about the other day.
 If you want to spend time with Lindsey that's your business.
Can you let me know how long she's going to be here.
I don't want to tell Tara she is here if I don't have to. Give me a call at the cafe tomorrow.

Guess I better hit the shower. (Justin)


Over at the cafe............

Can I have a mocha latte and a hot chocolate with whipped cream. (Nikki)

(Heidi shouts across the cafe) NIKKI!!!!!!!! you are a low down, dirty, rotten.....
 Be careful little girl. (Nikki)

Don't little girl me I cant believe you would.....(Heidi)
Excuse me, Erin Mitchell this is Heidi Calder. Heidi this is Erin. (Nikki)
Hello (Heidi/Erin)
Erin could you give us a minute. (Nikki)
Sure, It was nice to meet you Heidi. (Erin) 

What is your problem today Princess. (Nikki)
Your my problem, I can't believe you vandalized my car. (Heidi)

What are you talking about? (Nikki)
Al-Nisa found this when she pulled the tire off my car. (Heidi)
And what makes you think that's mine? (Nikki)
Probable because your name is engraved on it. (Heidi)

Can I help you with something? (Nikki)
No, No sorry. (Cafe Customers)
Nosey heffers. (Nikki)

OK I did it, But it was for your own good. (Nikki)
I thought you were going to let me make my own decisions. (Heidi)
Your going to get hurt, I'm trying to save you from the pain. (Nikki)
If you want to remain friends stop trying to save me. Okay! (Heidi)

Is everything Okay? (Erin)
NO and there is nothing I can do about it. (Nikki)

Looks like Heidi is really pissed at Nikki.  Did you know she tampered with the tire?  I hope Justin doesn't spend too much time in the shower. Should he tell Tara about Lindsey? Guess we all have to keep signing in to find out.  See you next Monday!


Hi my name is Erin Mitchell. I just moved to Graces Grove this morning. Nikki and I are good friends.
I was a Las Vegas night club singer. I love karaoke, write short stories and poetry in my spare time.
I have decided to leave the bright lights of Las Vegas behind to become the singer at the Bee Hive.
I'm a Kelly Rowland of Destiny's Child doll. I was found at the GOOD WILL. Dee told me to say (Thanks Mommy).
Please stop by the Bee Hive to see me perform soon and thanks for welcoming me to Grace's Grove.