Monday, July 30, 2012

Should I or Shouldn't I and then what?

Janay Can I ask you something? (Barbara)
Whats up? (Janay)
Hello, is anybody home? (Tara)

Good afternoon Ladies. (Tara)
Hey, Tara what's that? (Barbara)
Let me guess, the Camp Out poster right? (Janay)
Yup, can you put it up so your customers are reminded to sign up. (Tara)
Sure,  I'll do it right now. (Barbara)

Janay, Can I call you when I'm ready to drop Justine off. (Tara)
Sure, I hope you and Justin have a great nite. (Janay)
Thats the plan. We have been a little stressed since his Mom moved into town. (Tara)
Well, I hope things get better. (Janay)
Me too, I've got one more poster to deliver so I'll see you later. (Tara)

Now what were you about to say? (Janay)
I'm going to dinner with Ryan. (Barbara)
Ryan that runs the Stop N Shop Supermarket? (Janay)
Yes, He asked me out when he picked up his pet meds. (Barbara)
Ok, But I thought you were working thing's out with Barry. (Janay)
He only came to the Bar B Que to see Barry Jr. (Barbara)
Did he say that Barbara. (Janay)
No, but I don't want to get hurt. (Babara)
How do you know you will? (Janay)
 I don't and I don't want to run into Barry's arms just because I don't know anything else.
If he wants me he will have to wait until I've tried something else. (Barbara) 

Hi Tara, What brings you in today. (Megan)
Hi Megan, I'm just dropping off a Camp Out poster. (Tara)
Is it that time of year already? (Megan)
Sure is and I can't wait. I love camping. (Tara)
I'll put it in the employee lounge. (Megan)
Thanks, have a great day. (Tara)

Hello, I'm sorry but we don't open until 6:00 PM (Megan)
That's okay, I was looking for Mr. Aaron Markz.
I will see if he is available. And you are? (Megan)
I'd rather not say. If that's okay.
Alright, please have a seat. (Megan)
Hello everyone, Sorry I'm late!!!!! (Aaron)
Hi Aaron. (Synquis, Chase, Hillary, Max) 

Megan told me you went over the change in today's menu. Are their any new questions? (Aaron)
No, We made the adjustment and started cooking. (Synquis, Chase)
We updated the markee our website and the table menu's. (Hillary, Max)
You guys are fierce, I think I'll start calling you the A-team. (Aaron)
Thank's for giving me a shot tonight. (Drake)
No problem.  I trust Chase so relax and show me what you got. (Aaron)

Hey Uncle Aaron! (Chad)
Don't Uncle Aaron me, didn't I tell you not to miss anymore staff meetings. (Aaron)
I was showing the new guy to the bathroom? (Chad)
What would you say if I showed the new guy your locker? (Aaron)

Excuse me Aaron, Megan needs you up front. (Chase)
Thank's Chase, Chad I have to go we will finish this later. (Aaron)
Aww man. But I didn't do anything this time.(Chad)

Well hello there, Stranger. (Aaron)
I have been called many things, Stranger isn't one of them. (Heidi)
Well please forgive me Ms. Heidi. (Aaron)
I will forgive you if and only if you let me take you to lunch. (Heidi)
Really, hold that thought for just a moment. (Aaron)

Megan, I can finish up in here can you give them a hand in the kitchen. (Aaron)
Of course, Would you like me to put your jacket in the office. (Megan)
That would be great, Thank you. (Aaron)
Your welcome. (Megan)
(Megan leaving dinning room per Aaron's request)

Is she always that polite and obedient. (Heidi)
Only because I pay her a ton of money to be. (Aaron)
So how about that lunch Mr. Markz. (Heidi)
Sorry I'm busy. (Aaron)

Come on Aaron, I'm want to spend some time with you. (Heidi)
I believe you.  But I don't think your ready. (Aaron)
I'm ready and flexible. How about dinner. (Heidi)
Nope still busy. (Aaron)

Really, Are you free for Dessert? (Heidi)
I'm always free for dessert.(Aaron)
Guess I should have offered that first! (Heidi laughing)

Lets see what you taste like Strawberry shortcake or Strawberry's and champagne?   (Aaron)

Looks like Barbara wants to come off the bench and Heidi has put the game into overtime............ see you next Monday.



Monday, July 23, 2012

Why Me!!!!!!!

(Mom Rosie's Garden)

Lindsey, Would you mind going to get me a bottle of water. (Rosie)
No, I don't mind I should probably get one for both us. (Lindsey)
Are you sure you been working mighty hard yourself. (Rosie)
Yes I'm sure, gives me an excuse to grab some cookies too. (Lindsey
She is such a good girl. Justin was a fool to let her get away.

Justin headed to Mom Rosie's.

Mom, I brought you some more weed killer and soil. (Justin)

Thank you Honey. That was so thoughtful of you. (Rosie)
You hadn't ask for any in awhile. So I figured it couldn't hurt. (Justin)
You know I love gardening so I can never have enough soil. (Rosie)
Great, I'll  just put these down so we can talk. (Justin)

Alrighty then what do you want to talk about. (Rosie)
Hello Justin. (Lindsey)
Lindsey!!!!!!! What the heck are you doing here? (Justin)

Justin that's not very polite!!! (Rosie)
I'm sorry did I interupt something. (Lindsey)
I don't mean to be rude. But I really need to know. WHY ARE YOU HERE? (Justin)
Lindsey do you mind going back inside, I need to have a word with my son. (Rosie)

This cannot be happening to me!!!! (Justin)
I don't know what has gotten into you lately but I don't like it. (Rosie)
Mom it's you. You have gotten into me lately. (Justin)
What is that suppose to mean young man, I have done nothing but try to give you a good life. (Rosie)   

Oh really Mom then let me ask you. Why is Lindsey here? (Justin)
I invited her, She needs a family and you need a good woman in your life. (Rosie)
Mom, I already have a good woman. Don't you remember my wife Tara.
 Oh that's right you keep pretending she doesn't exist. (Justin)
I don't have to stand here and listen to this, I'm going to check on Lindsey. (Rosie)

Yea Mom keep running away from the truth. One of these days you'll get tired, I know I am.

Justin, I don't think your Mom is coming back out. (Lindsey)
I'm not surprised. (Justin)
What's going on between you two? (Lindsey) 

Why don't you tell me why your here first? (Justin)
Your Mom invited me! (Lindsey
Why?!?! (Justin)
My best guess would be because she heard I needed help so she is helping me. (Lindsey)


Why are you so suspicious? You weren't like this before you left Wisconsin. (Lindsey)
No I wasn't. But I have you and my Mother to thank for that! (Justin)
 Look Justin, Your Mom told me you and your wife were having problems. 
What I don't understand is why your taking it out on your Mom. (Lindsey)
Is that what she told you.  HA! HA! HA! HA!
I hope you enjoyed your visit because me and my wife are fine.  Good Bye Lindsey. (Justin)

This is not a visit Justin Sporting so laugh all you want for now.
You will be mine again.


Thanks for logging in see you all next Monday!!!!!
Lindsey Kitchen is an Elementary School Teacher from Jusitn's home town Wish You Were Here, Wisconsin. Justin and Lindsey were high school sweethearts. They were engaged to be married when Justin was drafted into the major leagues. When Justin returned home to collect his bride to be, Lindsey confessed to having an affair with the school principal. Justin ended their engagement but let everyone believe (Even Mom Rosie) that it was he who had been unfaithful.



Monday, July 16, 2012

Where is Justin?

What do you mean you can't find my husband?
What kind of operation are you running here? (Tara)

Come here sweetie don't cry. (Tariq)
But I heard Mommy say my Daddy is missing? (Justine)

I can not believe this is happening, Tara must be so scared right now. (Barbara)
I, I, I don't know what I would do if Tariq turned up missing. (Janay) 

Can someone tell me what I'm doing here. I don't have any lines this week? (Aaron)
Oh Aaron, Please shut up your making my stomach hurt. (Juanita)
But I really don't have any lines. (Aaron)  
Were here for moral support you bubble head. (Juanita)

Daddy why is Justine crying? (Barry Jr.)
 I don't know Sport, ask Mommy when she comes back. (Barry Sr.)

Somewhere across town........

Make sure you tie it tight. (Drake)
I am. These knots should hold him for awhile. (Chase)

Can you guys believe this!!! And who where those two guys? (Justin)

Back at the coffee shop.

I have called everyone Justin and I know. I don't know what else to do. (Tara)
Have you called his Mother? (Tariq)
Ut Oh.  (Janay)
Are you serious? (Tara)
Mommy why is Justine crying? (Barry Jr.)
She isn't feeling well right now. (Barbara)
Is there anything we can do to help. (Barry Sr.)
Being here with her is good enough for now. (Barbara)

Aaron this is serious how will I be LIVING MY DOLL LIFE if my friends are disappering?
We can't shoot this weeks episode without him or the one after that or the one after that. (Juanita)
OH!!! I didn't think about it like that. You know I love my camera time. (Aaron)

Back across town............

Justin did you take a good look at this script. (Rosie)
Yes Mom, I saw it. I've been practicing my lines all week. (Justin)
They want you to say some pretty awful things to me, And I'm not having it. (Rosie)

Their ain't nothing on those pages that doesn't need to be said. (Justin)
Well I disagree and you will remain tied to that chair until some of these lines are removed from this script. (Rosie)
Whatever, Mom. (Justin)
Watch him fella's and don't let anyone in here.  (Rosie)

You is one cold dude. (Drake)
Were you really going to say that stuff to your Mom. (Chase)
If your not going to untie me go ahead and introduce yourselves. (Justin)

Hi I'm on Justin's right and my name is Drake Thomas. (Drake)
I'm on the left and I'm Chase Perez. (Chase)
I'm really sorry about all this. (Justin)

We are unable to broadcast our scheduled story,
Please return next Monday.

Monday, July 9, 2012

The Morning After......

Good morning breakfast is almost ready. (Tara)
Good morning it looks delicious, but I don't have time to eat it honey. (Justin)
Why not Justine and I made all your favorites. (Tara)
I'm opening the cafe this morning, I tried to tell you last night but you had something else on your mind. (Justin)
Ohhhhhh, well I don't remember you complaining. (Tara)
Nope not once, I'm actually hoping for a repeat performance. (Justin)
I'm sure I can arrange that. In the mean time I'll pack this to go. (Tara)

Aren't you going to sit down to eat Daddy. (Justine)
I can't, I have to get to the cafe. (Justin)
But Mommy let me make the french toast. (Justine)
I know, I will eat it at the cafe Mommy's packing it up for me. (Justn) 

Here's your breakfast to go sir. (Tara)
Thank you for understanding. (Justin)
Thank you for ignoring my tantrum yesturday. (Tara)
I wasn't ignoring you, I was letting you cool off. (Justin)

I love you Justin Sporting. (Tara)
I love you Tara Sporting more then you may ever know. (Justin)
How about dinner for two tonight. (Tara)
Sounds good to me. (Justin)

 Shortly at the Brown Suga Cafe.............

I want to thank you both for hanging in their with Theresa last night. (Justin)
Your welcome, No problem. (Gabriella) (Zac)
I put a little bonus in your check to show my appreciation.  (Justin)
Thanks Justin, and before I forget someone is waiting for you in the cafe. (Gabriella)

(Juanita and Aaron waiting for Justin.)

Good Morning, What brings you two in here so early. (Justin)
Hey Justin, I wanted to drop off the flyers and registration forms for the annual camp out. (Juanita)
And I ordered coffee and lunch to go. (Aaron)
Oh yea thanks...... let me go check on your lunch order. (Justin)

Gabriella did you or Zac take Aaron's lunch order? (Justin)
Zac did he was going to finish it when we left the office.  (Gabriella)
He is probably finished then, I'll just go back and get it. (Justin)

Here you go. I hope you guys have a wonderful day. (Justin)
Oh thanks Justin, Wait this isn't our basket. (Juanita)
I know. I just thought it would be a nice touch. (Justin)
It is, thanks man. I'll be sure to return it when we get back. (Aaron)

That was so nice of him. (Juanita)
Yes that was very classy.  Lets get out of here classy lady. (Aaron)

 Back in the office...

Hello this is Rosie O'Donald Sporting I can't take your call right now but if you leave a message I will get back to you. (answering machine)
Hello Mom, I need to talk to you please give me a call at the cafe. (Justin leaving a message)
(Justin also calls Rosie's cell and gets her voice mail he leaves another message asking for a call back.) 

 Meanwhile on the eastern shore of Grace's Grove...............


I'm so glad we decided to do this. The beach is perfect today. (Juanita)
Yes, This is the life. (Aaron)

If this is the life why won't you come camping with me. (Juanita)
Do I look like GI Joe to you. (Aaron) 

Does this body look like its been roughing it in the woods.
This is a Power Team Elite body, GI Joe ain't got nothing on me.(Aaron)

Awww go somewhere with that.
 If I didn't know any better I'd swear you were scared of the dark. (Juanita)
Scared of the dark huh. You didn't think I was scared of the dark last night. Come here! (Aaron)

Gotcha!!! Now what were you saying? (Aaron)
Nothing I wasn't saying anything please put me down. (Juanita laughing)
Yea thats what I thought. (Aaron)

I'm hungry. How about you? (Juanita)
I could eat. How about a piggy back ride over to our picnic basket. (Aaron)
Sure if your Elite body can handle it. (Juanita)

Later at the Galleria.........

Hello honey, I'm sorry I missed your call are you okay? (Rosie)
I'm fine Mom, thanks for calling back are you free later this afternoon? (Justin)
I planned to do some gardening but I would love to see you and my grandbaby. (Rosie)
I need to talk to you so it will be just me okay? (Justin) 
Okay see you later then honey. (Rosie)

Happy Anniversary Juanita and Aaron!!!!!

see you all next Monday.........