Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Social


I hope you all enjoyed the glimpse inside the Social. Please return Monday so we can ease drop on a few conversations.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Tell me what really happened.

Everything is just as I suspected. (Elaine)
Tell me I can handle it. (Tara)
Come on over and let me show you. (Elaine)

It looks like you stopped receiving donations from four of your largest contributors. (Elaine)
That cant be right those contributors were my parents closest friends they helped start the foundation. (Tara)
I don't mean to be rude but have they passed on as your parents have. (Elaine)
Yes they have why? (Tara)
Well then that means the descendants stopped contributing. (Elaine)
Why would they do that they know how important the foundation is. (Tara)
I guess you and Tariq need to have a chit chat with your childhood friends. (Elaine)


How do you and Tariq contribute to the foundation? (Elaine)
We don't do it ourselves it comes from a trust fund. Why do you ask? (Tara)
You and Tariq didn't make a contribution this year either. (Elaine)
What !!!!!!! Now I know that ain't right that account should have plenty of money. (Tara)


Oh my god Tariq is going to flip out. We really cant have a Camp Out this year. (Tara)
Do you have a lawyer? (Elaine)
Yes Danielle Loren is our lawyer. (Tara)
That could be the problem right there. (Elaine)
What do you mean? (Tara)
Danielle was disbarred she told a Judge he should neuter himself in open court during a animal cruelty case. (Elaine)


The last letter I got from her office said she was being held in contempt of court we got one of those every other week. I don't remember a I'm being disbarred letter. (Tara)
Are you and Tariq going to the Halloween Social? (Elaine)
Yes were going. (Tara)
Just talk to Danielle when you get to the social, I'm sure she can help straighten this all out. (Elaine)
I better get going then thanks for all your help. (Tara)


Are you ready to call it a day EB? (Ken)
Did you find me a costume. (Elaine)
Yes, I took it to the condo during lunch. (Ken)
Ken if its something silly I swear to god I will fire you. (Elaine)

 Mean while at the cafe................

What are you doing here Mom? (Justin)
You called me son I came to see what you wanted. (Rosie)
I called you several days ago several times. (Justin)

I'm sorry I was busy this was the first free moment I had. (Rosie)
Cut the crap Mom why are you here?  (Justin)

If your going to be rude I can just go. (Rosie)
I'm not trying to be rude I'm just tired of playing your game. (Justin)
Fine,  I came because Lindsey told me Justine hasn't been in school? (Rosie)
Lindsey should mind her business and go back to Wisconsin. (Justin)
Why is Justine here with you? (Rosie)
Because I don't want her around Lindsey. (Justin)

Lindsey wouldn't hurt a hair on that child's head and you know it. (Rosie)
Why are you so sure about everything when it comes to Lindsey? (Justin)
Its that wife of yours isn't it she told you to keep Justine away from Lindsey didn't she? (Rosie)
Tara doesn't know about Lindsey. (Justin)
What do you mean she doesn't know about Lindsey. (Rosie)

I haven't told her she's here. (Justin)
Justin Lindsey is the love of your life.  (Rosie)
Lindsey was the love of my life. Now I just wish she was dead. (Justin)
Justin! (Rosie)

Look, Lindsey's betrayal really hurt me. The guys on the team teased me day in and day out for being faithful. I just kept telling them she loves me and I love her. When I came home and found her with that guy I wanted to kill her. When I went back to work I was in a bad place. I kept striking out and missing catches. The moment Tara walked into that locker room I knew I was going to be okay. Mom I love my wife. She didn't say or do anything special that day, she just showed up exactly when I needed her. When that photo shoot was over I was a new man that women made me feel like I could do anything. I knew right then I didn't want to live another day without her in my life. (Justin)
Then why haven't you told her about Lindsey. (Rosie)
I don't know how. (Justin)

Justin, Love is a powerful thing when its real.
If your really in love. The moments you shared with Lindsey will not harm your relationship it will strengthen it. Your wife needs to know what made you the man you were then and are today. (Rosie)
Why are you being so nice, Lindsey told you what happened didn't she? (Justin)
Yes she told me. But I'm calling this short truce concerning your marriage to make sure my grand baby is okay. (Rosie)  

Mom you are unbelievable. (Justin)
 I want you to be happy I really do.  I need you to stay strong and make the right choices. (Rosie)
I'm sorry I didn't tell you the truth about me and Lindsey. (Justin)
Please know you can tell me anything, I love you. (Rosie)
I love you too Mom. (Justin)
Ring Ring  (phone)

Hello Justin Sporting speaking. (Justin)
Hello, Justin this is Natalie from Coffee Galore can we review the coffee order your placed yesterday. (Caller)
Sure hold on. (Justin)

I'm sorry Mom I have to take this call. (Justin)
Go ahead, I need to finish my chat with my Grand baby anyway. (Rosie)
Are you and Lindsey okay? (Justin)
I haven't asked her to leave if that's what your asking. (Rosie)

So the truce is over. (Justin)
Are you feeling better? (Rosie)
Yes. (Justin)
Then tomorrow starts a new day.  Talk to your wife. (Rosie)
I will, Thanks for coming Mom. (Justin)
No problem son. (Rosie)

 A little while later...........

I'm going to beat you Daddy. (Justine)
Don't count your chicks yet, I got another turn coming. (Justin)

Well don't you two look adorable! (Tara)
I do, Daddy doesn't. (Justine)
Whats wrong with Daddy's costume? (Tara)
Its not cool like mine. I told him to get the chicken costume. But he wouldn't. (Justine)
I may be alot of things but chicken isn't one of them. (Justin)

Let me help you with that. (Justin)
Thanks honey, you two are something else. (Tara giggles)
Dinners done. Are you hungry? (Justin)
No thanks, I'm going to take a quick shower and get ready for the social. (Tara)
Take your time. I'll walk the chick to Nana's while your getting ready. (Justin)

 Justin takes Justine to Nana's......

Looks like someone is all better! (Nana)
Were you sick Nana? (Justine)
No honey. I thought you were. (Nana)

WOW, I like your costume. You look like the baby chick we saw at the zoo. (Lucy)
Isn't it cool my Daddy got it for me. (Justine)

What movie is this? (Justine)
Nana says its a classic. (Lucy)
Its Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin. (Ryan)

Is everything okay Justin. (Nana)
Everything is fine Nana I'm sorry I kept Justine out of school. (Justin)
There is no need to apologize honey that is your child. Nobody told me to love these kids as if they were my own. (Nana)
I know you love her that's why I'm apologizing. She will not be missing anymore school. (Justin)


 Looks like everyone is getting ready to celebrate HALLOWEEN check back on Wednesday (weather permitting) to get a glimpse of what happened at the party.  

Hey you, Yea I'm talking to you. Dee asked me to introduce myself.  So lets get this over with. As you already read last Monday my name is Danielle Loren. I manage Graces Groves new social spot THE BEE HIVE. I was a hot shot lawyer until I got disbarred. No I'm not mad I can get my job back anytime I want to.  I love to watch sports be it live or on television. I haven't found that special someone probably because I'm not looking for him. I love to shop, read, learn and network.  I am a Barbie Basics collection #2 model #8 doll. Look I got to go Dee just come back from the flea market she said she was going to find me a new body. I'll see you all at the Halloween social so come checkout my decorating skills. 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Come out come out wherever you are.

Whatcha doing Mommy? (Justine)
Getting ready for my meeting. (Tara)


Can I go with you? (Justine)
No, I'm taking you to school so please finish your cereal. (Tara)
I'll take her. (Justin)

Are you sure you don't mind taking her. (Tara)
It's not a problem. I can pick her up too, so go handle your business. (Justin)
I'll be home as soon as I'm done I promise. (Tara)
Take your time we'll be fine. (Justin)


Am I going to school today Daddy? (Justine)
Nope, I need your help at the cafe again. (Justin)
Okay, am I going to get two or three dollars this time. (Justine)
Depends on how much work you do. (Justin)

 Somewhere across town........

Here you go Brenda. Try to get the mouse. (Ken Nagin talking to the cat )
Excuse me are you E B Hinton? (Tara)
I'm Ms. Hinton's assistant Ken. How can I help you? (Ken Nagin)
I'm Tara Sporting I have an appointment with Ms Hinton.  (Tara)

Ahh yes, But I'm afraid your early. (Ken Nagin)
I know, I'm a little anxious.  Can I please wait. (Tara)
Sure, Are these your financial records. (Ken Nagin)
Yes, that's everything we have. (Tara)
Let me convert them onto a CD for EB. Can I get you something to drink? (Ken Nagin)
No thank you. (Tara)
Please have a seat, EB will be here shortly. (Ken Nagin) 

 Mean while at the BEE HIVE.........

If you turn to page 5 you can see I changed your tax terms.
Your taxes are now due quarterly instead of monthly. (Elaine Hinton)
That should help my cash flow alot. (Hombre Draine)
That's what I'm hoping. I want you to try this for three months. (Elaine Hinton)
I feel better already thanks for your help EB. (Hombre Draine)


I've got another appointment so I'll see you later. (Elaine Hinton)
Thanks for coming EB. That old coot hates asking for help. (Danielle Loren)
I understand. The bills should be alot easier to handle now. (Elaine Hinton)
Did you get your Halloween Social Invitation? (Danielle Loren)
Sure did haven't picked out a costume yet though. (Elaine Hinton)

Silly Of me to think that I could ever have you for my guy
How I love you... how I want you...
Silly of me to think that you could ever really want me too
How I love you... (Erin Mitchell singing Denice Williams)
Who's that? (Elaine Hinton)
That's Erin she sounds good doesn't she? (Danielle Loren)

You're just a lover out to score
I know that I should be looking for more
What could it be in you I see
What could it be... (Erin Mitchell singing Deniece Williams)
She sounds amazing will she be performing at the social? (Elaine)
She sure will she's the Bee Hives new singer. (Danielle)
I got to go but I cant wait to hear more. (Elaine)


Over at the Brown Suga Cafe

Look what I made Daddy. (Justine)
That's beautiful Sweety looks like Ms. Barbara. (Justin)
It is, It is Barry's Mommy! (Justine)

Hello, is my son here Theresa? (Rosie)
Hi Mrs. Sporting, Justin's in his office. (Theresa)
Thanks Theresa. (Rosie)

Well isn't this a surprise, I come to see one baby and I get two instead. (Rosie)
Grandma! (Justine)

Daddy and I went to the petting zoo last Friday. (Justine)
Oh my goodness why didn't you call me I love the zoo. (Rosie)
I'm sorry I will call you next time, okay. (Justine)

Justine, can you go out front and help Theresa for a little while. (Justin)
Awww Daddy.  I want to talk to Grandma. (Justine)
I need to talk to her first, please go out front. (Justin)
Don't leave Grandma. I want to tell you about my new teacher. (Justine)
I won't Pumpkin don't worry. (Rosie)

 Back across town..........

Hello you must be Tara. (Elaine Hinton)
Hello. (Tara)

Can I offer you something to drink? (Elaine Hinton)
No thank you. (Tara)
Alright, Did you bring the financial statements I asked for? (Elaine Hinton)
Yes, I gave them to your assistant. (Tara)

I got copies of your statements from the bank.
I needed your personal records to compare entries. (Elaine)
Excuse me, Ken have you copied Mrs Sporting's information? (Elaine speaks into her intercom)
Yes EB, I'll be right in with it. (Ken Nagin)

Here you go EB, I copied all the entries onto this CD.
 I made a list of all the major Contributors along with their contact info. (Ken Nagin)
Thank you Ken. (Elaine Hinton) 
Now lets see if we can confirm my suspicions and straighten this mess out. (Elaine Hinton)


Looks like we may finally get some answers. And a party to boot. See you all next Monday I need to find a costume I ain't missing this party. 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Nana's Daydream

I wonder how Marissa is doing at school?
(Nana begins to day dream about Marissa)

It's nice out today, Are you sure you want to hit the gym? (Trey)
I need to hit the tread mill, I haven't all week. (Marissa)

I will meet you back here in an hour. (Trey)
Alright, Don't let Reggie beat you too bad I still want to go to dinner. (Marissa)
Ha, Ha very funny I'll see you later. (Trey)

 An Hour Later.............

How was your work out? (Trey)
Good, I thought my legs would be hurting but they don't.
How was your.......... (Marissa)
TREY TREY! (Devon shouts across the gym corridor)

You looked like KOBE2 out on that court, Trey Trey. (Devon)
Thanks Devon, When did you get back. (Trey)
Late last night. I was leaving a squad meeting when I saw you and Reggie playing ball. (Devon)

I heard the cheer squad got new uniforms? (Trey)
It took long enough!  I've been begging for new uniforms and new routines since freshman year. (Devon)
I wouldn't know about the uniforms, but the routines look pretty HOT to me! (Trey)
HELLO did you forget I was standing here? (Marissa)

Oh I'm sorry.  Devon this is Marissa, Marissa this is Devon. (Trey)
Oh so now I'm just Marissa!  Not Marissa your girlfriend. (Marissa)
You know your my girlfriend.  (Trey)
The only thing I know is that I'm getting out of here so you two cant ignore me anymore. (Marissa)

Marissa where are you going you didn't say hello to Devon. (Trey)
Hello DEVON, Good bye DEVON. (Marissa)
Marissa what did I do wrong? (Trey)
Do me a favor and choke on your ball Trey! (Marissa)

I'm sorry Trey Trey, I didn't mean to get you into trouble. (Devon)
Don't worry about it I've been doing everything wrong lately. (Trey)
Is she really your girlfriend? You never mentioned her. (Devon)
No I didn't.  I guess I want to keep my options open. (Trey)

 Marissa has showered and returned to her dorm........

I cannot believe he was drooling all over her in front of me. (Marissa talking to herself)
KNOCK KNOCK (the door)
Go away Trey! (Marissa)

Knock Knock (the door)
I said go away! (Marissa)
Its not Trey, Its Liam. (Liam)

Sorry about that Liam. Whats up? (Marissa)
They left your mail in my box again. (Liam)
Oh thanks, It's probably from my Mom. (Marissa)
No problem. (Liam)
Would you like to sit down for a minute? (Marissa)
Sure! (Liam)


Where have you been? The only time I see you is when you bring my mail. (Marissa)
I got a job. Haven't had much hang time lately. (Liam)
That's too bad, did you work today. (Marissa)
Nope, this will be my first day off since we've been back in school. (Liam)

Can you turn that up I want to hear the score? (Liam)
Sure hows that? (Marissa)
KNOCK KNOCK (the door)

What do you want Trey? (Marissa)
Who is that and why is he here? (Trey)
He just asked me out and you interrupted me answering. (Marissa)
Your answer better be the same one you gave to my marriage proposal! (Trey)

 Yes, Liam I would love to go out to dinner with you. (Marissa)
That was the wrong answer. (Trey)


Excuse me?!?!?! (Liam squeaks)

I guess you can run back to Devon now. (Marissa)
Look I know your mad. And I've been a little distant since you turned me down.
Get rid of Vanilla Ice and lets talk about this. (Trey)
Good bye Trey, I need to get ready for dinner. (Marissa)

Marissa are you sure about this? (Liam)
Are you saying you don't want to take me to dinner Liam? (Marissa)
Yes. I mean No, I would love to take you to dinner but you have a boyfriend
and your only doing this because your mad at him. (Liam)
Your right  I am mad but that doesn't mean we can't go to dinner.
As a matter a fact I'm taking you to dinner how about that. Does that make you feel better?(Marissa)


 30 Minutes Later...............

WOW!!!!!! (Liam)
You like? (Marissa)
You look amazing! (Liam)
Thanks. (Marissa)

Let me grab a jacket and my purse. (Marissa)

(Nana comes out of her day dream)
HMMMM I think I better call that child tonight.
Who knows whats going on up at that school.

As you all can probably guess I spent the weekend with my baby girl. This was the first time I saw her since I dropped her off at college in August. We went shopping and found a really cute doll size chair and a little wooden stove in Good Will and two Liv dolls at Ollie's. I helped her do laundry and watched her do homework in her little dorm room. I'm so proud and easy to entertain. (sniff sniff) I shot most of this story in her dorm room and on her campus while she finished a paper that was due. I really enjoyed my visit Synquis, thanks for letting me bring my dolls. I miss you and cant wait for you to come home for Thanksgiving. See you all next Monday!