Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Room

What are you working on? (Aaron)

Are you crazy!? (Zeva)
I don't think so? (Aaron)
You must be, sneaking up on me like that. (Zeva)
Relax, I didn't mean to scare you.  (Aaron)
Well you did. (Zeva)
I'm sorry, I was just trying to see what you were working on. (Aaron)
Knock first next time. Okay? (Zeva)
Okay, can I see the plans now? (Aaron)

Who's place is this? (Aaron)
It's mine. (Zeva)
These are nice. When do the renovations start? (Aaron)
I'm not sure. (Zeva)
Don't wait too long, building materials are selling way below cost right now. (Aaron)
Thanks for the tip. (Zeva)
Are you working on my new dinning room? (Aaron)

No, Mrs. Markz prefers to handle family projects herself. (Zeva)
I want you to handle it. (Aaron)
I can't. (Zeva)
Why not? (Aaron)
I'm busy, please shut the door on your way out. (Zeva)
Huh? (Aaron)
Close the door on your way out. (Zeva)

Ariel these designs are beautiful. (MiAsia)
I'm glad you like them. (Ariel)
My husband is going to be thrilled you've addressed all of our requests. (MiAsia)

We aim to please. (Ariel)
When can you start? (MiAsia)
As soon as your bank approves the financing. (Ariel)
We already received approval based on your estimates. (MiAsia)

How does two weeks from today sound? (Ariel)
That would be great. (MiAsia)
I just emailed your contract. (Ariel)
I'll return it as soon as my lawyer reviews it. (MiAsia)

The sooner the better and thanks for choosing Markz Designs.
You won't be disappointed. (Ariel)

Mrs. Markz will be with you shortly. (Zeva)
Thanks. (Aaron)
Mr. Markz? (Zeva)
Mr. Markz is my Father, please call me Aaron. (Aaron)
Does that mean your not mad at me? (Zeva)
Not at all, everyone has a bad moment every once in a while. (Aaron)
Thanks for understanding. (Zeva)
No problem. (Aaron)

Six minutes later...................................................

Were you waiting long? (Ariel)
Not really, what's up? (Aaron)

I want to move Zeva into a bigger room. (Ariel)
Sounds like a good idea, why are you telling me? (Aaron)
You're kind of using the room I want to give her. (Ariel)
 I'm not using any rooms on this side of the house. (Aaron)

 I want to give her the room Juanita used to get ready for your wedding. (Ariel)
I thought you dismantle it? (Aaron)
No, I think you should. (Ariel)
I don't need anything in there, you can throw it all out. (Aaron)
I'd really like for you to look around first, just to make sure. (Ariel)
Okay, lets go. (Aaron)

Aaron stepped inside and took it all in. He hasn't been in this room in 7 years. 

Well? (Ariel)
Everything looks exactly the same, I can't believe its been 7 years. (Aaron)
Lucy's been keeping it clean. Nothings been removed except the wedding presents. (Ariel)
You should've dismantled it after you returned all the gifts. (Aaron)
I didn't think it was my place. (Ariel)

I haven't thought about this room since..... (Aaron)
Since when? (Ariel)
Since I had that fight with Tariq. (Aaron)

Why were you and Tariq fighting? (Ariel)
I don't want to talk about it. (Aaron)
You need to talk about it, whatever's going on with you is tearing you up inside. (Ariel)

I'm fine, I'm just tired. (Aaron)
You maybe tired, but you're not fine. Talk to me. (Ariel)
You can't help me, Nobody can. (Aaron)
How do you know? (Ariel)

If I tell you what's going on. You'll be mad as hell and very disappointed. (Aaron)
I love you and you can make me mad, but you've never disappointed me. (Ariel)
There's a first time for everything. (Aaron)
What's that suppose to mean? (Ariel)
I messed up, and I can't fix what I did without someone getting hurt. (Aaron)

You're scaring me, please tell me what happened? (Ariel)
Get Dad first, I don't want to repeat this again. (Aaron)
Okay, I'll be right back. (Ariel)

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Baby Boy Sporting has arrived.

Hello Mrs. Sporting. ( Nurse Paula)
Hello. (Tara)
Are you ready to get cleaned up?  (Nurse Paula)

Yes, but my family is going to be here any minute. (Tara)
That's okay you won't be gone long. (Nurse Paula)
What about the baby?  (Tara)
Brandy is going to take him to the nursery.  (Nurse Paula)

Hello. (Nurse Brandy)
Hi, will he be allowed out after my shower? (Tara)
Sure, just show your id bracelet to the nurse. (Nurse Brandy)
I don't have an id bracelet. (Tara)
I have it right here. I'll put it on after your shower. (Nurse Paula)
I'll put one on the baby when we get to the nursery. (Nurse Brandy)
Alright. (Tara)

  Ten minutes later...........

Tara, everyone will be here in a few..........
Excuse me. Where's my wife? (Justin)

Hello, you must be Justin. (Nurse Brandy)
Yes I am, where's my family? (Justin)
Mrs. Sporting is taking a shower and your son is in the nursery. (Nurse Brandy)
Is he okay?  (Justin)
He's fine, I took him there so your wife could get cleaned up. ( Nurse Brandy)
Can I go get him? (Justin)
Sure, just get your id bracelet from the nurses station first. (Nurse Brandy)

Where's my Mommy, Grandma?  (Justine)
I don't know. (Rosie)
What am I going to do with this. (Justine)
You can give it to her when she comes back. Go have a seat. (Rosie)

Is this the right room? (Trichele)
Yes, I personally chose it for her. (Rosie)
Excuse me?! (Sebastian)
Relax, this birthing room is new. I thought she'd like the privacy. (Rosie)
She couldn't have gone far, lets sit down and wait. (Tariq)

Did you call Ty-Juan?  (Tariq)
Yeah, I told him to tell everyone what happened and to enjoy the party. (Trichele)
Remind me to thank that kid for his timing.  (Tariq)
Tara went through a lot of trouble putting that party together. (Trichele)
I know she did, but I told her I didn't want a party.  (Tariq)

Are you all waiting for me? (Tara)
Hey you, how you feeling?  (Trichele)
I'll be better when I get out this chair and into that bed. (Tara)

Are you sure you're okay? (Tariq)
I'm fine Tariq. (Tara)
You look beautiful. (Sebastian)
Thanks Sebastian. (Tara)

Can I give you a hug?  (Justine)
All day everyday, come here. (Tara)

How does that feel? (Tara)
Good. (Justine)
Feels good to me too. (Tara)

 Justin finally finds the nursery..............

Finally! (Justin)

Tap, Tap.
Yes. (Nurse Stella)
Can I have my son? (Justin)
Come on in.  (Nurse Stella)

Let me scan your id bracelet. (Nurse Stella)
Here you go. (Justin)
Thanks. (Nurse Stella)

Here he is. I just washed him up and changed his diaper. (Nurse Stella)
Is he okay? (Justin)
He's fine, he should be ready to eat in a little while he didn't eat much earlier. (Nurse Stella)
Is that normal? (Justin)
It happens, he'll take more if his mother feed's him. (Nurse Stella)

I'll take him to his Mother right now, Thank you. (Justin)
You're Welcome. (Nurse Stella)

Where did Justin run off to? (Rosie)
He said he was going to get you and bring you back here. (Tara)

I'm right here. We can't have a party without the honoree. (Justin)

Oh my God, he is so cute. (Trichele)
That's a fine boy you got there, Son. (Sebastian)
Thanks Dad. (Justin)
Look at that Sebastian. He knows his Pop Pop's voice already. (Rosie)

Can we go home now? (Justine)
No, I have to wait until the doctor says I can go. (Tara)
Is my brother coming home today? (Justine)
No, we're going to stay here together. (Tara)
Can I stay too?  (Justine)
No, I need you to go home and make sure his room is ready. (Tara)
Awww man! (Justine)