Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Do I really want to do this?

We have been best friends since college.
If you know anything about me you know I don't judge.
Please turn around and talk to me. (Janay)
The other night really freaked me out. (Barbara)

Tell me what happened. (Janay)
Barry went home with us after the bar b Que. (Barbara)
I know, he came in your car right. (Janay)
Yes, so I let him put Barry Jr. to bed then he almost put me to bed. (Barbara)

Ohhh, Well he was your husband its OK to be attracted to him. (Janay)
I know but that doesn't mean I should fall into bed with the first Dom, Rick or Barry that shows interest. (Barbara)
No, No you shouldn't. (Janay)
I want to do something different so I'm going to dinner with Ryan,
will you help me find something to wear from your closet. (Barbara)

Where are you going. (Barbara)
I'm going to put these files away so we can go. (Janay)
Thank you ,Thank you, Thank you. (Barbara)

Come on, Come on show us what your working with. (Janay)
Yea, show us what your walking with. (Justine)

What do you think? (Barbara)
That's cute, but too casual for a first date. What do you think Justine? (Janay
Whenever Daddy takes me and Mommy to dinner I always wear a dress. (Justine)
Yea, go back in their and find a dress. (Janay)
That's too much dress. (Janay)
That's too PINK yuck! (Justine)

I know you like this one! (Barbara) 

Cute right? Justine I know you like the hair. (Barbara)
The hair yes the dress NO. (Justine)
You did not get that out of my closet. Because that is not mine. (Janay)

Aww come on you guys, I really like this one. (Barbara)
Well we don't and you asked for our help. (Janay)
I guess I better call Ryan and cancel then. (Barbara)
One more, one more, please try one more. (Justine)
Okay one more but that's it. (Barbara)

Well don't just stare at me say something. (Barbara)
PRETTY!!!! (Justine)
 You saved the best for last. (Janay)
Are you serious you two really like this one. (Barbara)
That's the one, you look beautiful. (Janay)

Back at the restaurant............

OMG! You taste delicious. (Aaron)
Then kiss me again. (Heidi)
I will but first we have to talk, have a seat. (Aaron)

OK I'm seated talk. (Heidi)
The first thing you need to know about me is that I don't play games
I believe in being honest and up front with people.
 I conduct my personal life and my business this way.   I am very discreet. (Aaron)
I can handle that. (Heidi)

You need to know about the woman I sang to at the Bar B Que.
Her name is Juanita Dayton it would be Juanita Markz if I had my way.
I love, need and respect her. I will not allow anyone or anything to come between us. (Aaron)
Then what do you need me for? (Heidi)

Because you can be molded into whatever I want or need.
When I'm with you I won't have to pretend to be someone I'm not. (Aaron)
How do I do that for you. (Heidi) 
By giving me your trust, honesty and devotion, I will not tolerate disobedience.
Can you do that knowing my time with you is limited? (Aaron)
I honestly don't know, you have given me a lot to think about. I'm going to go.  (Heidi)

Aaron, do you ever feel bad about what you do. (Heidi)
My dad once told me, If your ashamed about what you do then don't do. (Aaron)

We close at midnight. I'll be ready to go home at 1:30.
I would like you to go with me. (Aaron)
Why? (Heidi)
If I have 100 women your the only one when I'm with you, let me show you. (Aaron)

That didn't go the way I thought it would. (Aaron)
Buzz Buzz (Cell phone)
I guess I will have to wait and see what she decides. (Aaron)
Buzz Buzz (Cell phone)

Hello, Aaron Markz speaking. (Aaron)
Hello, I know your working but I wanted to let you know the plane landed safely. (Juanita)
Hey, beautiful hows the Caribbean weather. (Aaron)
Hot but beautiful you should have come with me. (Juanita)

Next time, I promise. (Aaron)
I better go Tariq doesn't know what my bag looks like. (Juanita)
Don't work too hard have some fun but not too much. (Aaron)
You are a trip, Bye. (Juanita)
I Love You.(Aaron)
I know. (Juanita)


  1. OMG Aaron is a mess! But first....the first part of the story. I love your Suzy Q furniture and I love Janay's home. Justine is adorable! Now, that Aaron. He is the worst kind of playa! He needs his card snatched! I am glad that Heidi walked away and left his silly behind hanging. Maybe Juanita will meet a nice man on vacation and get her groove back. Lol!

    Nice post Mustiwait!

    1. Hey Georgia, Yes Aaron is too much. But I love him to death. He makes me smile the moment I step into the doll room. Thanks for checking in.

    2. He is so handsome that some of his foolishness can be overlooked. : )

      Happy Sunday to you!

  2. Hello from Spain: congratulations on this story. I like the dialogue between two friends. I also like the room you created. Shelly is very cute. . Keep in touch

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    1. Hi Marta, I'm glad you like the story thanks for tuning in.

  4. OMG, Aaron and his "Player's Code," makes me want to barf. But perhaps I'm doing him a disservice. For all we know Juanita is the same and has her fun on the side too, we just don't know her backstory yet. Monogamy isn't for everyone, myself included, but still, ugh!

    I must say I'm digging your restaurant doors. I'm working on a door project myself and am finding that simple cuts still look "realistic."

  5. do the dogs have a name? if not, can we name them?

  6. Whoa! Aaron is a mess, but he is really interesting. Sometimes the baddest of the bunch are the most engaging. Still doing my reading spree. lol :)