Monday, July 23, 2012

Why Me!!!!!!!

(Mom Rosie's Garden)

Lindsey, Would you mind going to get me a bottle of water. (Rosie)
No, I don't mind I should probably get one for both us. (Lindsey)
Are you sure you been working mighty hard yourself. (Rosie)
Yes I'm sure, gives me an excuse to grab some cookies too. (Lindsey
She is such a good girl. Justin was a fool to let her get away.

Justin headed to Mom Rosie's.

Mom, I brought you some more weed killer and soil. (Justin)

Thank you Honey. That was so thoughtful of you. (Rosie)
You hadn't ask for any in awhile. So I figured it couldn't hurt. (Justin)
You know I love gardening so I can never have enough soil. (Rosie)
Great, I'll  just put these down so we can talk. (Justin)

Alrighty then what do you want to talk about. (Rosie)
Hello Justin. (Lindsey)
Lindsey!!!!!!! What the heck are you doing here? (Justin)

Justin that's not very polite!!! (Rosie)
I'm sorry did I interupt something. (Lindsey)
I don't mean to be rude. But I really need to know. WHY ARE YOU HERE? (Justin)
Lindsey do you mind going back inside, I need to have a word with my son. (Rosie)

This cannot be happening to me!!!! (Justin)
I don't know what has gotten into you lately but I don't like it. (Rosie)
Mom it's you. You have gotten into me lately. (Justin)
What is that suppose to mean young man, I have done nothing but try to give you a good life. (Rosie)   

Oh really Mom then let me ask you. Why is Lindsey here? (Justin)
I invited her, She needs a family and you need a good woman in your life. (Rosie)
Mom, I already have a good woman. Don't you remember my wife Tara.
 Oh that's right you keep pretending she doesn't exist. (Justin)
I don't have to stand here and listen to this, I'm going to check on Lindsey. (Rosie)

Yea Mom keep running away from the truth. One of these days you'll get tired, I know I am.

Justin, I don't think your Mom is coming back out. (Lindsey)
I'm not surprised. (Justin)
What's going on between you two? (Lindsey) 

Why don't you tell me why your here first? (Justin)
Your Mom invited me! (Lindsey
Why?!?! (Justin)
My best guess would be because she heard I needed help so she is helping me. (Lindsey)


Why are you so suspicious? You weren't like this before you left Wisconsin. (Lindsey)
No I wasn't. But I have you and my Mother to thank for that! (Justin)
 Look Justin, Your Mom told me you and your wife were having problems. 
What I don't understand is why your taking it out on your Mom. (Lindsey)
Is that what she told you.  HA! HA! HA! HA!
I hope you enjoyed your visit because me and my wife are fine.  Good Bye Lindsey. (Justin)

This is not a visit Justin Sporting so laugh all you want for now.
You will be mine again.


Thanks for logging in see you all next Monday!!!!!
Lindsey Kitchen is an Elementary School Teacher from Jusitn's home town Wish You Were Here, Wisconsin. Justin and Lindsey were high school sweethearts. They were engaged to be married when Justin was drafted into the major leagues. When Justin returned home to collect his bride to be, Lindsey confessed to having an affair with the school principal. Justin ended their engagement but let everyone believe (Even Mom Rosie) that it was he who had been unfaithful.




  1. Oh no she and she didn't! Both Mama and Lindsey have their nerve. But that is so like a mama that doesn't like her baby boy's girlfriend/wife. She'll accept a grandchild because it has some of her blood, but never the mother.

    As much as I don't like being outdoors, there is something so cool about seeing doll dios outside.

    Another thrilling episode!

    1. Thanks Muff, those two are a piece of work I think Tara will be more woman then they both can handle though. At this point I think Justin should just step aside and let Tara handle it. I love being outside I don't even mind the funny looks my neighbors give me either. LOL

  2. Loved it! I love your outdoor shots. The garden is very nice even though Ma Rosie is not. Justin just can't seem to win. Great episode and I will anxiously wait for next week. Is everyone still looking for Justin?

    1. I love being outside and No Ma Rosie is not very nice. She let Justin go after she secured a promise from me that I would hear her demands for a rewrite. I sent Justin straight to the cafe while Rosie and I talked. I considered showing a photo of the staff meeting but Ma Rosie was carrying on way too much.

  3. Wow! Mom has her own agenda. But then again, is there still a spark between the two formers? Justin just got more than his hands dirty with soil. Can anybody else smell the manure? I think he steppped deep into it. Btw, nice job with the picturesque presentation.

    1. Yes it seems that Rosie wants what she wants. I wonder if she is interested in a butt whipping too. Cause thats what she is going to get if Tara is the kind of woman I believe she is.

  4. Love the garden! I have the white fencing, too. Nice to see it in action. Very real story that happens all too often. The ish is going to hit the fan if Justin's wife finds out about this. Lindsay better watch her step.

    1. That fencing did workout great. I told Muff, Justin may as well let Tara handle things from this point on. It looks like he just keeps getting caught up. Do you think he will tell Tara about Lindsey? Hmmm

  5. Hello from Spain: I love Rosie's garden. It is very real. I love the garden gate. The story is very exciting. Awesome! keep in touch

    1. Hi, Marta thanks for checking in the garden did turn out great.