Monday, May 27, 2013

Opening Night

I cannot believe you didn't purchase the tickets online. (Janay)
I forgot, I have a lot on my mind. (Tariq)
Do you want to talk about it? (Janay)
Maybe later. (Tariq)
You've been saying that all week. (Janay)

This parking lot is packed! (Tariq)
I told you we needed to get here early. (Janay)
I know, I know, I'm sorry. (Tariq)
Where are we going to park? (Janay)
Look to the left, on the end. (Tariq)
Oh, you are so lucky Mister. (Janay)

Tariq, if I don't get to see this movie we are going to have a problem. (Janay)
You already told me. (Tariq)
Are you trying to be funny? (Janay)
No, just stating a fact. (Tariq)

Will you look at that line! (Janay)
Do you see anybody we know?  (Tariq)
Just a bunch of young people, probably to see the car movie. (Janay)
Well at least you 're here with a mature man. (Tariq)

No, I'm sure they're already inside. (Janay)
Ha Ha very funny. Let's get in line we still have time. (Tariq)

We've been standing here forever. What time is it? (Janay)
7:20 (Tariq)
I cannot believe this. (Janay)
Calm down. If we don't get in tonight we'll come back tomorrow. (Tariq)

GRRRRRRRRR!!!! (Janay)
I said I was sorry:( (Tariq)
If this doesn't work will be. (Janay)

Happy Memorial Day! This is the first holiday of the summer season. So I'm sure you all know why I'm posting this story all late and wrong. YES I was getting my BBQ on and I'm proud of it. LOL  I hope you all like what I came up with in between plates see you next Monday! Happy Birthday Ty-Juan Mommy loves you!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Hello I See You!

Hello Beautiful. (Nana)
Mom, What are you doing here? (Marissa)
Well excuse me for missing my only daughter.  (Nana)

I'm sorry Mom. I missed you too. (Marissa)
Now, that's more like it. (Nana) 

Hello. (Nana)
Mom, this is Liam. Liam, this is my Mom. (Marissa)
It's nice to meet you Mrs. Latimore. (Liam)
Please, call me Nana everyone else does. (Nana)
Alright Nana. (Liam) 

I'm sorry the study session got cut short. (Marissa)
That's okay, I'll see you tomorrow. (Liam)
Alright, enjoy the rest of your night. (Marissa)

He's cute. (Nana)
Yea, if you like the tall, green eyed, light skinned type. (Marissa)
What does Trey think of him? (Nana)
I didn't ask. (Marissa)

Does this mean you and Trey aren't together anymore? (Nana)
I don't know what Trey and I are anymore. (Marissa)
Marissa? (Nana)
Mom........ please have a seat. (Marissa)

Whats going on? (Nana)
Trey and I broke up in October. (Marissa)
Why am I just hearing about this? (Nana)
Because, I'm a big girl and I wanted to handle it myself. (Marissa)

So you handled it by not coming home during any of your breaks? (Nana)
Trey came home, I just assumed he would tell you. (Marissa)
Trey isn't my child you are. (Nana)
I didn't want to talk about it then and I don't want to talk about it now! (Marissa)

Well, I guess you told me. (Nana)
I'm sorry, I didn't mean it like that. (Marissa)
Yes you did, that's why you said it. (Nana)

Can we please change the subject? (Marissa)
To what? (Nana)
How's Juanita? (Marissa)
Not much better then you. (Nana)
What's wrong? (Marissa)
Well................ (Nana)

Why does Tariq have his shirt off? (Aaron talking to himself)

This is the last one Lady bug. (Tariq)
Thanks Tariq, we make a good team don't we? (Juanita)
We just ought to. We've been washing and drying dishes together for years. (Tariq)

Thanks for cooking breakfast. (Juanita)
You are very welcome. (Tariq)
Tariq? (Juanita)
Yes, Lady Bug. (Tariq)

Kiss me. (Juanita)

Why did you stop? (Juanita)
We shouldn't be kissing. (Tariq)
Why not? (Juanita)
UH, UH, Your going to be late for your doctor's appointment. (Tariq)
Are you serious? (Juanita)
Yes...... go get dressed we need to leave soon. (Tariq)

That man is so silly. (Juanita giggles to herself)

Stupid, Stupid, Stupid! (Tariq)
Come on, you know it was more severe then that. (Aaron)
Aaron! (Tariq)

What the hell do you think you were doing? (Aaron)
Calm down. (Tariq)
I asked you to take her to the doctor's not give her a checkup. (Aaron)
 She was thanking me for breakfast. (Tariq)
 Was she thanking you or were you helping yourself to my woman? 
I would never force myself on her. (Tariq)
Really, then why were your lips wrapped around hers Romeo? (Aaron)
Wait a minute.....I know your two timing butt ain't questioning my intentions. (Tariq)

What I do behind closed doors is none of your business. Juanita is mine. (Aaron)
If you keep treating her the way you do she wont be. (Tariq)
Look, whatever plans you had concerning her, forget them.

It ain't going to happen. (Aaron)

I wouldn't be so confident if I were you. She kissed me Play Boy. (Tariq)
I wouldn't say that again if I were you Baldy. 
Whats the problem Aaron, afraid of a little competition? (Tariq)
Here's your shirt Shaft. Its time for you to go. (Aaron)
Fine, I'll just tell Juanita I'm leaving. 

I didn't say you could say goodbye. 
I said it was time for you to go, Camera man. (Aaron)
This ain't over. (Tariq)
You better hope it never starts! (Aaron)

What are you doing here? (Juanita)
I came to take you to the doctor's. (Aaron)
Thanks, but Tariq's here. (Juanita)
He just left. (Aaron)
Why, did something happen? (Juanita)
Nothing he can't handle. (Aaron)
That's strange. (Juanita)
Not really....Are you ready to go? (Aaron)

That's Deep...... is Juanita alright? (Marissa)
She's fine, she still doesn't remember being in a relationship with Aaron so he didn't confront her about the kiss. Tariq doesn't know which way to go. Aaron wont let him near Juanita and he doesn't know if or when he's going to tell Janay. (Nana)
Tariq should just tell Janay himself. 
He would if the kiss didn't mean something. But I think it did. 
What are you saying? (Marissa)
I think their feelings go way beyond friendship they've just been suppressing them. Juanita's head injury is going to make them make a decision one way or the other. 
That could turn into a disaster. (Marissa)
I know, but the only way to stop it is for Juanita to start remembering. 

Dang........ I ain't got nothing to say after all that. See yall next Monday!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mothers Day

Tara's Mother's Day Breakfast.

Good Morning Mrs. Sporting. (Justin)
How did you know I was awake? (Tara)
Because your breathing changed. 
Were you watching me sleep again? 

Yes, Happy Mothers Day. (Justin)
Thank you. 
Are you hungry? 
Yes, aren't you? 
Yes, but not for food. 
I'll feed you after you feed me. 

What would you like? (Justin)
Grapefruit, sausage, eggs and home fries. 
I'll be right back. 

Good morning Mommy. (Justine)
Good morning, is that for me? 

Happy Mothers Day Mommy! (Justine)
Thank you baby. 
I got you another present. 
You did! 
Yes, can we open it before you eat. 

Justine this is so pretty. (Tara)
Daddy let me pick it out all by myself! 
You did a great job. I love it. 

She loves it Daddy, she loves it! (Justine)
I guess you should have pick my gift too. (Justin)
Don't even try it. I love yours too. 

I've been meaning to get a new racket. 

 Ten minutes later...........

How's your breakfast? (Justin)
Great. Whats that? 
Its another gift, but its really for me. (Justin)
Gimme, Gimme, Gimme. (Tara)
Its a little baseball, bat and glove. (Tara)
Do you think we can use them? 
I don't understand. 
I hope to give those to someone else six or seven months from now. (Justin)

Are you saying what I think your saying? (Tara)
Justine is the greatest gift you ever gave me. Another child would be priceless. 
Are you serious. 

Oh my god Justin, I wanted to talk to you about this days ago. (Tara)
 What were you waiting for? (Justin)
I don't know, we never talked about having more children. (Tara)
Baby, you have to start believing in us. (Justin)
I know...... Did you figure this out all by yourself? (Tara)
No, Trichelle called. (Justin)
I'm going to kill her. (Tara)
No your not she was being a good friend. (Justin)

Barbara's Mother Day Lunch. 

Barry, You set the table. (Barbara) Daddy Daddy Daddy. (Barry Jr.)
Do you like it? (Barry)
 Gimme cup cup. (Barry Jr.)
I love it, thank you. (Barbara)

Would you like another taco? (Barry)
Yes please. I can't remember the last time I had a coke and a Taco! (Barbara)
I'm glad your enjoying your lunch. (Barry)

 Twenty minutes later..........

Barry you didn't have to buy me a gift.  Lunch was more then enough. (Barbara)
You deserve these presents and many more. That ones from Barry Jr. (Barry)
Okay, I cant wait to see what it is. (Barbara)

Barry, This necklace is beautiful. (Barbara)
Do you really like it. (Barry)
Yes, I love hearts. (Barbara)
This gift is from me. (Barry)
Okay. (Barbara)

This is very pretty Barry. (Barbara)
The lady in the boutique said you were eyeing it. (Barry)
You went to Barbie's boutique? (Barbara)
I remembered you use to go there all the time. (Barry)
Thank you Barry. This is the third best day of my life. (Barbara)
What are the first two days? (Barry)
Our wedding day is number one, the birth of our son is number two. (Barbara)

Happy Mothers Day everybody. I hope your day was as wonderful as mine. We will resume our regular story telling next Monday. I hope you all check back in then. See ya!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Let's get to work!

Good Morning Nana. (Lindsey)
Morning Lindsey, Coffee's ready if you want a cup. (Nana)
Thanks Nana, I'll get some after I put my bag away. (Lindsey)

Can I help you with these books? (Lindsey)
Thank you. (Nana)
Are you packed? (Lindsey)
I can finish now that you are here. (Nana)
Okay. (Lindsey)

I'm leaving now. (Nana)
Have a good time. (Lindsey)
Are you sure you can handle this? (Nana)
 Everything will be fine. Don't worry. (Lindsey)
Alright, call me if anything happens. And I mean anything. (Nana)

  Meanwhile at ESU.............

Hey you. (Liam)
Hey. (Marissa)
You ready to study? (Liam)
Nope. But someone has to do it. (Marissa)

We've been working on this problem for two hours and I still don't get it. (Liam)
You're not the only one.(Marissa)
The professor makes it look so easy. (Liam)
I need a snack. Do you want something? (Marissa)
What do you have? (Liam)

I have pudding, yogurt and orange slices. (Marissa)
Bring the orange slices. (Liam)
Okay. (Marissa)

Excuse me. (Marissa)
What did you do...... fart? (Liam)
Very funny.  Move light bulb head. (Marissa)
That's not nice! (Liam)
Move so we can get back to work. (Marissa)

Look at line 8 Liam?  Is that an X or a Z? (Marissa)
Its an X. (Liam)
Make it a Z. (Marissa)

Oh My God! That's it! (Marissa)
I can't believe it took us two hours to see that one little mistake. (Liam)
My Mom always said little things are just big things in small packages. (Marissa)
I need to stand up. (Liam)

Are you okay. (Marissa)
My back hurts. (Liam)
I told you not to sit on the floor. (Marissa)
Yea, Yea I know. (Liam)
You need some help? (Marissa)

Can you rub just above my hand. (Liam)
Right here? (Marissa)
Yea right there! That feels good. (Liam)

Did you tell Trey I was coming over here? (Liam)
No, because it isn't any of his business. (Marissa)
Is that him? (Liam)
I don't know. (Marissa) 

 Back in Graces Grove..........

Good Morning. (Barbara)
You mean Good Afternoon. (Janay)
It's not that late. (Barbara)
Yes it is. (Janay)

These flowers are pretty.(Barbara)
What is Taffy doing here again? (Janay)
Tiffany was standing out front with her. (Barbara)
She gave her candy again didn't she? (Janay)
Probably......Whats the flowers for? (Barbara)

I was going to ask you. (Janay)
Why would I know?  (Barbara)

Because Barry dropped them off twenty minutes ago. (Janay)
Really?!?! (Barbara)
Yup, now take your stethoscope, and grab Taffy.  We got work to do. (Janay)

Nana's taking a road trip? Without her babies!!!!!! Someone's ringing Marissa's door bell. I hope its pizza. Flowers for Barbara? That must have been a really, really nice kiss......... Hey Synquis I know your busy studying and taking finals but I hope you also found time to pack cause Momma's on her way to pick you up and I can't wait to see you! See you all Next Monday!!!!!!!