Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day from Grace's Grove
Our Bar-B-Q is about to start but we wanted to wish everyone a Happy Holiday first.
Please return next Monday to see how we spent the holiday.
Happy Birthday Ty-Juan Mommy loves you.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Janay's Hot Date continues

Juanita.....Are you okay? (Ben)
Yes Ben I'm fine. I am very sorry about all this. (Juanita)
It wasn't your fault. (Ben)
Look I'm not feeling very well so I'm going to go. I have settled the bill. (Juanita)
You didn't have to do that. (Ben)
Yes I did. I arranged this meeting remember. Juanita)
Okay, Can I give you a call next week so we can continue this? (Ben)
That would be great you have a good evening. (Juanita)
Excuse me Ben right? Hi I'm Aaron Markz. And I'd like to appolgize for earlier. (Aaron)
Okay! (Ben)
I'ts been a long day and I lost my head.  (Aaron)
I guess having a grand opening could get a little stressfull. (Ben)
Yes it could, Anyway when you decide to join us again please drop my name and your evening is on me. (Aaron)
Alright, Thanks. (Ben)

Is everything okay? (Janay)
Yes everything is fine. (Tariq)
That was a little scary! (Janay)
Yea I know. (Tariq)

Lets get out of here! (Tariq)
Okay. (Janay)
Buckel up beautiful. (Tariq)
Thank you I will. (Janay) 

Im going to lay me head on your shoulder and rest my eyes. (Janay)
Go ahead I got this. (Tariq)
Your home beautiful. (Tariq)
That was fast. (Janay)
I want to thank you for an amazing evening. (Janay)
Amazing Huh? (Tariq)
Yes. (Janay)

The whole day was perfect if you ask me? (Janay)
Well, Perfect is what I was going for. (Tariq)
I can tell, three dozen roses. A ballet and dinner. (Janay)
A perfect day for a perfect woman. (Tariq)

Aww your so sweet. (Janay)
Not sweeter then you. Come here. (Tariq)

I cannot believe this night. I feel so humiliated.
 Come on pick up the phone I know your there. (Aaron talking to self)

BRRRing BRRRing (Cell phone ringing)
This man has too much nerve. HELLO, I took the house phone off the hook for a reason you clown.
(Juanita talking to self)

(Speaker phone)
What is it Aaron? (Juanita)
I wanted to make sure you were okay? (Aaron on phone)
I'm fine, I will talk to you tommorrow. (Juanita)

I really need to give this relationship some serious thought before I talk to him.
We cannot continue on this way. It can't be healthy. (Juanita talking to self)

Brrring Brrring (cell phone ringing again) 
I cannot believe he is calling me again. He does not listen. UGH!!!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My answers to Ms Leo's questions.

When did you start collecting dolls?

 What was your first purchase as a collector?
Holiday Barbie

 How many dolls do you own?
About 300
What is your favorite doll and why?
1978 Malibu Christie doll. She is the last doll I remember my mommy buying me as a kid.

What is the biggest challenge about collecting dolls?
Not buying the same doll twice.

 How do you display or store your dolls?
They are displayed on shelves built into the unfinished walls of my utility room.
And the ones I don’t have room for are stored in plastic totes.

Have you ever been to a doll show?
No but I would like too.                                                                                        

When you travel do you look for dolls?
Yes I believe that stores in different areas carry different items and or they just may have something I wanted I couldn’t find at home.

 What is your latest purchase?
Ken’s mini cooper.

 What doll is on your wish list now?
Fashion Royalty Takeo

 What do you wish you didn’t purchase?
Don’t own anything I don’t want.

What is your favorite doll related item?
The Clothes

 How often do you photo your dolls and what doll is the most photographed and or photogenic?
Once a week for a photo story.

 Do you talk to other collectors in person or just on the web?
I only talk on the web because I have never met a collector in person hope to one day though.

If you had the chance to talk to mattel or other toy makers what would you say.
Articulate your dolls please and reissue the old stuff it was the best.

What doll do you wish was reissued?
Entire Happy Family series.

 What two dolls would you combine and how would you want them combined?
Can’t think of any two that I would want to combine will have to think about that one.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Janay's Hot Date

If I'm going to be ready at seven I better get out of here.
Im going to need a little help from my friends to pull this off.
I'ts 3'olcock and I need to be ready at 7.
Tariq didn't give me much time but Im not going to panic.
This boutique has so many beautiful things.
Let me get some measurements and see what I can do for you. (BEA)
Bea you are a life saver. (JANAY)
Your wore my clothes when no one else would, I owe you. (BEA)
Well, If you make me look fabulous tonight we will be even. (JANAY)

Can you believe Peaches has me buying her shoes to do my hair. (JANAY)
This is the purse that matches the shoes. (BEA)
With friends like her who needs enemies? (JANAY)

Hey Peaches. (JANAY)
Don't hey me where is my merchandise. (PEACHES)
Your shoes are right here you crook. (JANAY)
Watch it I'm not the one that needs her hair done. (PEACHES)
Give me the bag let me see. (PEACHES)
What you don't trust me? (JANAY)
Nope. (PEACHES) 

(Well its 6:56 and I'm ready. Tariq should be here soon.
He is always on time.)

How do I look? (JANAY)
Is that the best you can do Tiger. (JANAY)
Words cannot express how Beautiful you look. (TARIQ)

(Justine the Fairy Princess just walked onto the dance floor.)
(Justine doing her first ballet solo.)

Let me help you with your seat. (TARIQ)
This place looks wonderful. (JANAY)
(Aaron looking across the room at Juanita.)
Did you enjoy the ballet? (TARIQ)
Oh yes that was such a surprise, I didn't know Justine took lessons. (JANAY)
I asked her not to tell you so that we could surprise you. (TARIQ)
I didn't know about this grand reopening either. Its beautiful in here. (JANAY)
Your beautiful and I'm glad I made you happy tonight. (TARIQ)
You pulled out all the stops. (JANAY)
(Why is she sitting with that dude?) Aaron


Hey! Whats your problem buddy. (BEN)
Mind your business this is my woman. (AARON)
Let me go and I will talk to you. (JUANITA)

Should I call the Police. (BEN)
No please don't do that. (JUANITA)
 Is everything okay Juanita? (TARIQ)
Yes everything is fine Tariq. Please go back to your seat.
I'll be right back, Ben please excuse us. (JUANITA)
I can not believe just acted like that in front of everyone. (JUANITA)
Well its your fault, your the one that came in my restaurant with some dude. (AARON)
I told you I would be here for your grand opening. (JUANITA)
Yea be here with me not someone else. (AARON)
I told you I had to work. He was a potential client. (JUANITA)
Oh so he wasn't your date? (AARON)
No! We were discussing how I could help his career over dinner.(JUANITA)
I guess I got a little jealouse and over reacted. HUH? (AARON)

You have done more then that my friend. (JUANITA)
What is that suppose to mean? (AARON)
I'm not going to say anything else tonight I will talk to you tommorrow. (JUANITA)

Monday, May 7, 2012

Tariq's Return

(Im so glad to be home.)
(Everyone is going to be surprised to see me.)

Is this what you two call working? (Tariq)
I know he did not just go there? (Tara)
Yes he did! (Trichelle)
I'm only playing Tara, come give me a hug. (Tariq)
Welcome home big brother. (Tara)
Thanks its good to be back. (Tariq)
When did you get back? (Trichelle)
A few hours ago. (Tariq)
How long will you be home? (Tara)
I'm free for three weeks. (Tariq)

Is that bag for me? (Tara)
No! Its for my niece, where is she? (Tariq)
She and the devil dog are upstairs. (Tara)
Cool I'll be right back. (Tariq)
(Giggling at the TV)
Uncle Tariq. You came back home. (Justine)
Bark Bark (Rico)
Hey Big Bird. I got something for you. (Tariq)
I got something for you too. (Justine)

What have you got for me? (Tariq)
A great big hug.(Justine)
Then you know what I like. (Tariq)
Tariq these pictures are amazing! (Trichelle)
Thanks the Sahara Desert was picturesque. The heat was brutal though. Those models were pissed. (Tariq)
Are you hungry?  I can fix you something to eat. (Tara)
No thanks, I have a few errands to run I can grab something while I'm out. (Tariq)

Hey, Beautiful. (Tariq)

 Hey stranger. When did you get back? (Janay)
This morning. Did you miss me? (Tariq)
All day Everyday. (Janay)
Then these are for you. (Tariq)
What would you do with the flowers if I told you I hadn't missed you? (Janay)
Me, my dog, these flowers, dinner reservations and ballet tickes would be walking out the door. (Tariq)
What do I get if I missed you very very much? (Janay)
Guess you will have to be ready at 7 olcock to find out! (Tariq)

Hmmmm, Flowers Dinner and the Ballet sounds like someone missed me too! (Janay)

(Feels like I haven't been in this room for months.)
You going to help me read my mail Rico? (Tariq)

(Guess I better get ready for my date.)

That shower felt good Rico. (Tariq)
Did you find something for me to wear Rico? Tariq

(Splashing on my cologne.)

Look out GQ here I come! (Tariq)

(Can't forget the tickets.)

It's time for me to go Rico. (Tariq)

(I hope I haven't forgotten anything)

(Going to pick up Janay)