Monday, December 30, 2013

The Cruise (video)

I didn't take as many photos as I should have (to busy enjoying my Mom's company) so the flow is a little off.  Me my Mommy, Barbara and Juanita enjoyed our Birthday cruise and hope you like this small peek of it. Happy New year and see you next Monday.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Time to go home

Juanita's flight information.

See Mommy, I told you I have plenty of time. (Juanita)
Child please its 12:14, that plane will be boarding before you know it.  (Barbara)
Don't say that I'm not ready to leave you. (Juanita)
We had a whole week baby.  (Barbara)
I know, I know. (Juanita)

I had a great time. Didn't you? (Barbara)
Yes. (Juanita)
Well hold your head up and act like it. (Barbara)
I love you Mommy.  (Juanita)
I love you too baby and Happy Birthday. (Barbara)
Happy birthday to you too Mommy. (Juanita)

Grace Grove airport two hours and 50 minutes later........................

Alright now where is Tariq?  Or is it Aaron again?
I can't wait to ask Tariq what that switch was all about.
(Juanita talking to herself)

Tariq, I'm at the airport. Did you forget about me?  (Juanita talking into her phone)
I'm right here Lady bug.  (Tariq)

I thought you forgot about me.  (Juanita)
I could never do that. Is this all your luggage?  (Tariq)
Yes.  (Juanita)
Let's get out of here then.  (Tariq)

This parking lot is packed.  (Juanita)
Yup. Busy in town too. (Tariq)
Did everyone come home for the holidays today?  (Juanita)
Sure seems that way.  (Tariq)

How's your Mom?  (Tariq)
Oh, Tariq you should have seen her! She doesn't look a day older then 30.  (Juanita)
Sounds like Florida agrees with her.  (Tariq)
It does, it really does.  (Juanita)
And the birthday cruise?  (Tariq)
Best double Birthday cruise I ever had, wait tell I show you the pictures..........  (Juanita)

Yes, I really do have pictures of me and my Mom celebrating our birthdays, with Juanita and Barbara aboard Carnival's Cruise boat Victory. I hope to have the pictures ready for a story next week. Here's a picture of Me and Mommy at Dinner this pic was taken on her Birthday December 17..........

Happy Birthday Mommy I love you!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Packing for a trip.

This is the last one Rico. (Tariq talking to his dog)

Hello (Tariq)
Hello did I wake you? (Juanita)
Nope I'm still packing. (Tariq)
Oh, do you need some help?  (Juanita)

No, Do you? (Tariq)
Nope I'm done.  (Juanita)
Are you excited? (Tariq)
Very, I can't wait to see my Mommy. (Juanita)

You two should have a great time. (Tariq)
We will. We love Cruising.  (Juanita)
What time do you want to be at the airport? (Tariq)
I think I should be there by 6:30.  (Juanita)

Sounds like a plan. (Tariq)
Did you get your plane ticket and Apartments keys?  (Juanita)
Yes, and I spoke to the landlord too. (Tariq)
Cool.  (Juanita)

I still cant believe your leaving for a whole year.  (Juanita)
You have plenty of clients so don't start. (Tariq)
I know, I know.  (Juanita)

Look its getting late go get some sleep. (Tariq)

Alright, see you in the morning. (Juanita)

I hope he is still awake. (Tariq)

Ring Ring
Now who the heck is calling me this late! (Aaron)

Hello. (Aaron)
Aaron........ it's Tariq. (Tariq)
What do you want? (Aaron)

Can you drive Juanita to the airport tomorrow? (Tariq)
She didn't mention anything about leaving town yesterday! (Aaron)
You saw her!  (Tariq)
Yea, she came to Apples for dinner.(Aaron)

She's going on a Cruise with her Mother so they can celebrate their birthday together. (Tariq)
I forgot her Mothers birthday is the day after hers. (Aaron)
Can you take her to the airport? (Tariq)
Sure, what time? (Aaron)

 5:45 am the following morning.........

I hope I haven't forgotten anything. (Juanita talking to herself)
Ding Dong
Come in the doors open! (Juanita)

Good Morning, I'll be ready as soon as I finish this text message. (Juanita)
Don't rush, I'm a little early. (Aaron)

Aaron.....what are you doing here? (Juanita)
Tariq called and asked me to take you to the airport. (Aaron)
OH! (Juanita)

I took the time out of studying for my finals for you Mommy just to make sure it got posted~!! Love you & Happy Birthday to you & Nana I can't wait to see you guys when I come home or should I say all of us to come home? xDD. Anyways Later~!!  ^-^

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Are you okay?

Tara? (Justin)
Hmmm.  (Tara)

Are you okay?  (Justin)
Yes...... Did Justine wake you? (Tara)
No, I woke up looking for you.  (Justin)
Oh. (Tara)

Is the baby okay?  (Justin)
The baby's fine, I'm not sleepy. (Tara)
What do you want to do? (Justin)

 I want to snuggle. (Tara)
Snuggle?  (Justin)
Yes, I want to snuggle on the couch. (Tara)
Alright, I'll meet you in the living room with a blanket and pillow. (Justin)

 Five minutes later.............

What are you looking at?  (Justin)
My favorite picture of Tariq. (Tara)
Your going to miss him aren't you?  (Justin)
Yes, He's never been gone for a whole year before. (Tara)

You know you can fly out to see him whenever you want. (Justin)
Are you going to come with me? (Tara)
I will if you want me too.  (Justin)

We should give him a going away party? (Tara)
When is he leaving?  (Justin)
Just before Christmas. (Tara)
Wow, that soon.  (Justin)

We can do it. We'll just keep it small. (Tara)
Sounds like a plan. (Justin)
Do you think he would like that? (Tara)
I'm sure he will love it. (Justin)

Did you hear that? (Tara)
What?  (Justin)
I think Justine is moving around up there. (Tara)

 I'll go check.  (Justin)
I can go. (Tara)
Stay there, I'll be right back.  (Justin)

See there's Mommy. (Justin)
Mommy! (Justine)

What's the matter? (Tara)
 I thought you went away with Uncle Tariq! (Justine)
I can't go away without you pumpkin. (Tara)
You promise. (Justine)
I promise. (Tara)

Are you really okay? (Justin)
I'm fine. (Tara)
I love you. (Justin)
I love you too . (Tara)

Sunday, November 17, 2013

I got your back.

Welcome Back Captain. (Scully)
Are the camera's on line?  (Taj)
Not yet, would you like some water? (Scully)
Thanks. (Taj)

Was all the Intel accurate?  (Scully)
Very accurate. If I didn't know any better I'd think Markz let us in. (Taj)
That's not funny Captain. (Scully)
I'm serious, this sting was too easy.  (Taj)

Gordon planted audio and camera equipment in the guess rooms, Markz master bedroom and living room. (Taj)

Devon and Andre covered the kitchen and all dinning rooms. (Taj)

I took care of the boardroom, Megan's office the receptionist area and Markz office. (Taj)
Sounds like you guys did a thorough job. (Scully)
We did. Did you? (Taj)
Excuse me? (Scully)
I said did you do a thorough job? (Taj)
No Sir.  I didn't.  (Scully)
This better be good soldier.  (Taj)
The report I turned in was not complete. (Scully)

Here's the complete report. I intentional omitted information about Aaron Markz and Nikki London.  (Scully)
Why? (Taj)
We needed you to go into that building with a clear head.
You wouldn't have if you had read this.  (Scully)

I guess I can understand that. But don't ever do it again. (Taj)
No, Sir I won't!  (Scully)
You ready to redeem yourself? (Taj)
Of course. (Scully)
 Find out what Marks did during the week.
 If he knew we were coming it wont be on the tapes Emerson is reviewing. (Taj)
I'm all over it Captain. (Scully)

Good night Scully. (Taj)
Good night Captain. (Scully)

Are we on line Emerson? (Taj)
Yes Captain. these are cameras Six thru ten. (Emerson)
What about one thru five. (Taj)
Already engaged. I'm making copies of the security systems data base now. (Emerson)
Good, Let me know if you hear or see anything suspicious. (Taj)

Across town......................

Hello, I'm looking for my nephew Julian London, can you tell me where he is?  (Nikki)
Let me check.  (Nurse Brandi)
NIKKI!  (Janay)

Janay! What are you doing here?  (Nikki)
Nia called, she said something was wrong with Julian. (Janay)
She told me the same thing.  (Nikki)


Excuse me, Julian is still being examined.  (Nurse Brandi)
Is his Mother with him?  (Janay)
No, She's in the waiting room.  (Nurse Brandi)
Can you tell me what happened to him. (Nikki)
No I can't, the Doctor will talk to the family when he completes his examination. (Nurse Brandi)

Guess we better go find Nia. (Nikki)
Yea, lets go.  (Janay)

NIA?(Nikki, Janay)