Monday, April 30, 2012

A Day With The Little's

Are you finished your cereal sweety? (Barbara)
Yes Mommy. (Barry Jr.)
Then lets get this all cleaned up so we can go. (Barbara)
Here they come I better hide. I don't want her to call the police again. (Barry Sr.)
 Mommy said wait here Skate. (Barry Jr.) 
I'm almost in position. (Barry Sr.)
Looks like its going to be a beautiful day. (Barbara)
Can we go to the park Mommy? (Barry)
She looks great and he is getting so big. (Barry Sr.)
I really miss them. (Barry Sr.)
I want my family back. (Barry Sr.)

Good Morning  Marisa,  Good Morning Nana. (Barbara)
Good Morning Barbara and Barry. (Nana & Marissa)
Im going to the park today. (Barry Jr.)
I want to go. (Ryan)
Me Too. (Kelly)
Look at my new dinosaur. (Barry Jr.)
Wow he is neat. (Ryan)
Let me see her. (Kelly)
He is not a girl. GIRL! (Barry Jr.)
What are you doing here so early. (Janay)
Im taking Barry to the park so I wanted to get started. (Barbara)
Then we must not keep my god son waiting. Who's first. (Janay)

Come here pretty girl let me check your beak. (Barbara)
Cotton is our last patient for today. (Barbara)
Give her to me, I can handle wild kingdom for the rest of the day.
 Go take Barry to the park. (Janay)

Hi Nickey, Hi Amber.
Looks like everyone had the same idea. (Barbara)
Hi Barbara. (Nickey, Amber)
(children laughing and playing)
Look at me Mommy. (Barry Jr.)
Someone is down for the count. (Barbara)
In we go Skate Its been a long day.

Monday, April 23, 2012

WELCOME TO Grace’s Groves


Grace’s Groves is a rural community that sits between two major cities and is bordered by mountains.  Some of the residents would like to introduce themselves.

Juanita Dayton- Personal Business Manager

Juanita manages the famous fashion photographer Tariq. She travels at the drop of a dime or cell phone call and shops tell she drops. Juanita has been in a long term relationship with Aaron and can see that he wants to settle down but she doesn't. Will the loves lost in her past continue to dictate the love of her future?

Aaron Markz- Entrepreneur

 Aaron owns the Markz restaurant chain. He is a very successful business man and has aways gotten anything and everything he wanted.  Until now, can the restaurant tycoon handle not having the one thing he really wants?

Tariq Moyer- Fashion Photographer           

 Tariq owns STUDIO IT. He loves his dog Rico and is in a relationship with Janay. Tariq's talent  is featured in fashion shows and photo shoots. He takes family portraits in his spare time. When Tariq is not traveling the world of fashion he resides on the upper floors of the studio. Is Tariq too focused on beauty to picture true love?

Janay Holland- Retired Runway Model, Veterinarian

 Janay operates Feather & Fur Fanatics with her best friend Barbara. Janay started ripping the runway at 14. She stopped when she lost her mother Luberta she was her manager. Janay studied Veterinarian medicine while modeling. Can the top model capture the photographer?

Tara Sporting- Photographer

 Tara is a freelance photographer. Tariq is her brother.  She spends her time at STUDIO IT now that she has a family. She is married to Justin they have a daughter named Justine. Taking photos at the studio and during family vacations will have to do for now. But Tara misses trotting the globe for that unforgettable photo. Can love keep her grounded?

Justin Sporting- Retired Baseball Player

 Justin owns and operates the Brown Suga Cafe its the local internet coffee shop.  Justin retired from baseball after injuring his shoulder he was an All-star pitcher. Justin is madly in love with Tara he can't imagine what his life would be like if she had not been hired to take his team photo. Will he always be the cream in Tara's coffee?

Barbara Little-Veterinarian  

Barbara works at Feather & Fur Fanatics with Janay. They became best friends in college. Barbara is a single mother, her sons name is Barry. Barbara would love to start dating again but her ex-husband keeps forgetting that he is her EX. Can someone please explain the purpose of a restraining order to him!

We are looking forward to sharing our lives with you so please return every Monday night for a glimpse inside. 

Monday, April 16, 2012

 Going to Danielle and Rod's Wedding.

Far from the city, but nothing beats home cooking...well maybe a Big Mac.

I'm so excited, never thought I would get know gas is over $4.00/gal
It feels so good to stretch my legs. Ahhh...fresh air.

It's beautiful here...hmm that car looks familiar. (Marisa?)

Getting my Bags...can never have too much.
It's such a beautiful view. And I'm in it (Giggling!)

This room is bright and cozy.

Putting on my face. Crayola ain't got nothing on me!
I'm going to make this Ross dress look good.

Perfect.... if I say so myself.
Look out Morristown here I come...ABC (another bad creation).
Oops, almost forgot why I was here... Danielle and Rod.