Monday, July 16, 2012

Where is Justin?

What do you mean you can't find my husband?
What kind of operation are you running here? (Tara)

Come here sweetie don't cry. (Tariq)
But I heard Mommy say my Daddy is missing? (Justine)

I can not believe this is happening, Tara must be so scared right now. (Barbara)
I, I, I don't know what I would do if Tariq turned up missing. (Janay) 

Can someone tell me what I'm doing here. I don't have any lines this week? (Aaron)
Oh Aaron, Please shut up your making my stomach hurt. (Juanita)
But I really don't have any lines. (Aaron)  
Were here for moral support you bubble head. (Juanita)

Daddy why is Justine crying? (Barry Jr.)
 I don't know Sport, ask Mommy when she comes back. (Barry Sr.)

Somewhere across town........

Make sure you tie it tight. (Drake)
I am. These knots should hold him for awhile. (Chase)

Can you guys believe this!!! And who where those two guys? (Justin)

Back at the coffee shop.

I have called everyone Justin and I know. I don't know what else to do. (Tara)
Have you called his Mother? (Tariq)
Ut Oh.  (Janay)
Are you serious? (Tara)
Mommy why is Justine crying? (Barry Jr.)
She isn't feeling well right now. (Barbara)
Is there anything we can do to help. (Barry Sr.)
Being here with her is good enough for now. (Barbara)

Aaron this is serious how will I be LIVING MY DOLL LIFE if my friends are disappering?
We can't shoot this weeks episode without him or the one after that or the one after that. (Juanita)
OH!!! I didn't think about it like that. You know I love my camera time. (Aaron)

Back across town............

Justin did you take a good look at this script. (Rosie)
Yes Mom, I saw it. I've been practicing my lines all week. (Justin)
They want you to say some pretty awful things to me, And I'm not having it. (Rosie)

Their ain't nothing on those pages that doesn't need to be said. (Justin)
Well I disagree and you will remain tied to that chair until some of these lines are removed from this script. (Rosie)
Whatever, Mom. (Justin)
Watch him fella's and don't let anyone in here.  (Rosie)

You is one cold dude. (Drake)
Were you really going to say that stuff to your Mom. (Chase)
If your not going to untie me go ahead and introduce yourselves. (Justin)

Hi I'm on Justin's right and my name is Drake Thomas. (Drake)
I'm on the left and I'm Chase Perez. (Chase)
I'm really sorry about all this. (Justin)

We are unable to broadcast our scheduled story,
Please return next Monday.


  1. That is too funny! Mama don't play. I can see Aaron is just a camera hog. Maybe Justin will convince these guys to let him go.

    1. Hey Vanessa, Momma was mad and I didnt even know it. I walked across the room to grab my camera and check on the garden. when I returned the story you just saw was what happened. That was not what I planned I was shocked but I was also laughing too. I guess we will be having a staff meeting about Justin's story lines.

  2. Hello from Spain: I see you have new dresses fashionistas. I also I have. The pink shirt is very nice. I wish that Justin can be free!. Great job. Keep in touch

    1. Hey Marta, I guess we will be having a staff meeting after this episode. It seems Justins Mom has some problems with his lines. It looks like we will have to change a few of them before she will set him free.

  3. Lol! I really did laugh out loud! Aaron is something else and so is Barry Sr. Neither knew what to do with themselves. Lol! Justin evidently was getting ready to go off on his Mother. Rosie put a stop to all that. Lol! Nice episode.

    1. Georgia Girl the story before you was not what I planned. Justin's mom is a trip, I dressed her in her Gardening coveralls moved across the room to check on the garden and when I returned with the camera. Justin was being tied to a chair. She told me she was directing this episode so I let her. LOL

  4. Hahaha! Mama Rosie is a trip! She is not playin' and she don't care who knows it. The cast of My Doll Life are going to have to have a production meeting!

  5. Well say it ain't let Rosie lobby for a rewrite? - Wow!