Sunday, October 19, 2014

Getting Ready

I hope these guys aren't sitting around waiting for me to tell them what to do. (Ty-Juan)

Good Morning Midge. (Ty-Juan)
Morning Ranger Ty-Juan. How are you? (Midge)
Better now that your here. (Ty-Juan)

Rough Morning?  (Midge)
Try rough week. (Ty-Juan)
Is there anything I can do?  (Midge)
You already did. This patio looks great. (Ty-Juan)
We aim to please.  (Midge)


Should I bring more tables and chairs around for the kids deck? (Ty-Juan)
I would, I don't think that's enough.  (Midge)
Okay, I'll call Bart and have him bring them around. (Ty-Juan)

Do you know where you want them? (Ty-Juan)
No, but I'll figure it out.  (Midge)
Cool, let me know if you need any help. (Ty-Juan)
Are you okay. Your awfully quiet over there.  (Chad)
I'm hungry. (Samantha)
Didn't you have breakfast?  (Chad)
Yea, but this stuff is making me hungry again.  (Samantha)
Close your eyes and pretend its a plate of beets.  (Chad)

Beets don't smell like cotton candy, tacos, nachos or pretzels.  (Samantha)
I got a bag of chips in the van, do you want me to go get them? (Chad)
Nah, I'll be alright. it'll be lunch time soon.  (Samantha)
Whatcha gonna have? (Chad)
One of everything in here!  (Samantha) 

How's it going in there? (Ty-Juan)
Great, I just finished cleaning the grill.  (Chad)
And I stocked the food warmer.  (Samantha)
You guys are awesome, I really appreciate it. (Ty-Juan)
Thanks Ranger Ty-Juan.  (Samantha, Chad)
 I'm going to the top deck to check on Raquel. Let me know if you need anything. (Ty-Juan)
We will.  (Samantha, Chad)

I can't believe how much work they've done already.
This afternoon is going to be way better then this morning. (Ty-Juan)

What the Smurf is she doing!? (Ty-Juan)

Don't cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me
Don't cha wish your girlfriend was a freak like me
Don't cha, don't cha
(Raquel singing)
Raquel!? (Ty-Juan)

 Don't cha, just love the pussy cat dolls?! (Raquel)
That's depends, are they going to do some work when they get here? (Ty-Juan)
I uhh.... guess I should get back to work.  (Raquel)
That would be nice. (Ty-Juan)

Let me guess....... Justin Timberlake, Suit & Tie.  (China)
Wrong.... How's the waters PH. levels? (Ty-Juan)
There good up here, the kiddie pools chlorine level is a little high. (China)
Can you fix it? (Ty-Juan)
You gonna tell me what song she was singing.  (China)
 Pussy Cat Dolls, Don't cha (Ty-Juan)
Really? (China)
Yes, why. (Ty-Juan)
It looked like the Suit and Tie wiggle to me. (China)
Very funny, go fix my pools PH level.  (Ty-Juan)


Across Town..........

Tariq. (Tara)
 Uncle Tariq! Were here to take you to your party. (Justine)
He must be upstairs. (Tara)

Can I go find him? (Justine)
Yes, but get me a bottle of water out of the fridge first. (Tara)
Okay.  (Justine)

Your early. (Tariq)
No were not. (Tara)
Where's Justine?  (Tariq)

I'm right here Uncle Tariq.  (Justine)
What are you doing over there? (Tariq)
Mommy wanted a bottle of water.  (Justine)

Here you go Mommy. (Justine)
Thanks baby. (Tara)
Are you okay?  (Tariq)
Yes. (Tara)
You don't look okay.  (Tariq)

I'm fine, its hot outside. (Tara)
Did the cars AC brake?  (Tariq)
No, we walked. I don't like driving when I'm due. (Tara)
Where's Justin?  (Tariq)

In his skin. (Tara)
Why you getting smart with me?  (Tariq)
Why you asking me a bunch of questions? (Tara)
Your face is flushed, your two weeks over due. And you never tell anyone when something's wrong. (Tariq)
I'm fine. (Tara)

Alright, I'll be upstairs.  (Tariq)
You just came down. (Tara)
I'm not staying down here with your two week late cranky butt.  (Tariq)
My butt aint cranky! (Tara)
Your butt is cranky and huge.  (Tariq)

You guys ready to go? (Justin)
Tariq said my butt is cranky and huge. Is my butt cranky and huge? (Tara)
Do I have to answer that? (Justin)
You do if you want to see this butt again. (Tara)


Sunday, October 5, 2014

End of the trail

Did you get a hold of someone? (Apple)
Yes, Janay said someone name Petta would be here within the hour. (Aaron)
Who's Petta? (Apple)
Janay and Barbara's new colleague. (Aaron)

Is she good with horses? (Apple)
Petta is a he and I don't think Janay would've hired him if he didn't know his stuff.  (Aaron)
Great, I can't wait to meet him.  (Apple)
I thought you were going to the Summer Splash. (Aaron)


I was, but I can't leave Gracey.  (Apple)
I can stay with Gracey.  (Aaron)
Are you sure?  (Apple)
Yes.  (Aaron)

Will you call and let me know what the Vet says? (Apple)
Of course. Now get out of here before I change my mind. (Aaron)
You don't have to tell me twice! (Apple)
See you later Alligator!  (Apple)
Two hands Apple. We drive with two hands! (Aaron)
Chill out Big Brother. (Apple)

That girl is going to be the death of me. (Aaron)

Were waiting! (Barry)
Please don't hurt us! (Melody)

That's a woman's voice. I thought you spoke with a man. (Barry)
It was a man and a teenage boy. (Ty-Juan)

Were not going to hurt you come on out so we can talk face to face.  (Barry)
Alright, please don't hurt me.  (Melody)

Dada. (Sarah)
That's not Dada honey. (Melody)
You don't have to lay on the ground Ma'am, please get up. (Barry)

Come to Momma sweetie. (Melody)
What are you doing out here alone? (Barry)
Were not alone the rest of our family is down at the lake.  (Melody)
Do you know that your camped out in a restricted area.  (Barry)


We are!?! I'm so sorry.  (Melody)
Mel? (Barry)
Oh my god........ Barry?  (Melody)

I can't believe you caught all these fish Daddy. (Clara)
I can't believe it either pumpkin. (Cody)
Hey Dad, who are those two men with Mommy and Sarah? (Clark)
What two men?! (Cody)
Are you alright Melody?! (Cody)
Were fine Cody. (Melody)
Can I help you two with something? (Cody)
We came to find out why your still camped out in a restricted area. (Ty-Juan)

I like this spot. (Cody)
 It's restricted. (Ty-Juan)
I don't care were not leaving. (Cody)
Your leaving, we just have to decide if your going to do it yourself.  (Barry)

Barry, can I talk to my husband for a moment. (Melody)
Sure Mel.  (Barry)
Cody. (Melody)

Do you know that guy? (Cody)
Yes. (Melody)
How? (Cody)
Forget about that. I want to know why your acting like this (Melody)
I'm protecting my family. (Cody)
Your being a jackass.  (Melody)

Why, cause I won't let those two rent a cops push me around. (Cody)
That man is Grace Groves Top Forest Ranger and
Barry is the Captain of Police. (Melody)
So! (Cody)
So, your going to get us arrested for trespassing. (Melody)
They don't own this land. (Cody)
No they don't, they just promised to protect it.  (Melody)

What the hell does that mean? (Cody)
It means me and the kids are leaving.  (Melody)
And what am I suppose to do? (Cody)
Stay here and get arrested.  (Melody)