Sunday, September 29, 2013

Baby Don't Go! (Video)

Poor Tariq:(................You can see a clearer copy of this video on Google look me up Juanita "mustiwait" Draine. See you next Monday!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Don't ruin the moment!

I can't believe you talked me into this.  (Taj)
Stop complaining I got every drop of that chocolate syrup off you.  (Nikki)
Yes, you were very thorough. So what's next?  (Taj)
Oh, I don't know.  (Nikki)

Nikki?  (Taj)
Yes, baby.  (Nikki)
What are you about to do?  (Taj)
Don't worry you can handle it.  (Nikki)

No! Not the feather! Nikki you know I cant handle being tickled.
 (Taj trying to talk and laugh at the same time)
Please Nikki Please stop. You can do anything else you want.
 (Taj  talking and laugh)

Did you say anything?  (Nikki)
Oh god, please be nice.  (Taj)
Hmmm, You look a little flushed Mr. Hall.  (Nikki)

You know I cant handle being tickled.  (Taj)
Are you hot now?  (Nikki)
A little.  (Taj)
Would you like something to cool off with?  (Nikki)
Sure, that would be nice.  (Taj)
OOPS!  (Nikki)


That's cold!?! (Taj)
Sorry! (Nikki)
Come here you little witch. (Taj)
You said you wouldn't break free.  (Nikki)
That was before you put ice cubes down my shorts. (Taj)


That was fun!  (Nikki laughing)
Maybe for you!  (Taj)
You didn't enjoy that?  (Nikki)
I enjoy every moment I spend with you. Marry me?  (Taj)

What's wrong? 
I thought we weren't going to talk about that?  (Nikki)
I never said that.  (Taj)
What do you want from me?  I said no. (Nikki)
 Tell me why you don't want to get married.  (Taj)


I told you. I'm not Wifey material. (Nikki)
Says who?  (Taj)
Says me. (Nikki)
I'm going to need more then that.  (Taj)

That's too damn bad. (Nikki)
Nikki, were in the middle of a conversation here. (Taj)
It's getting late. I'm going to put this stuff away. (Nikki)

I must be out of my damn mind!
The woman's bossy, she hates to be told what to do, she can't cook, she doesn't clean and she refuses to  discuss the possibility of  children. Will someone please tell me why I want her to be my wife?
(Taj talking to himself)

TWENTY MINUTES LATER..................

Hey. (Nikki)
Hey........I was beginning to think you left? (Taj)
I was going to but.....  (Nikki)
But what?  (Taj)

I left my dress and shoes in here.  (Nikki)
Very funny, come here.  (Taj)
I'm  so sorry.  (Nikki)
I hate that you said no to my proposal....... but I will work on excepting your answer.  (Taj)
Thank you.  (Nikki)

Good night, Taj,  (Nikki)
Good night, Nikki.  (Taj)

Just to be clear. I am not crazy.  And you did not miss something. My stepdaughter Erin's birthday snuck up on me so I had to post her birthday story out of its original place. Yes I had to post it on her actual B-day. LOL the story that I posted last Monday started up where we left off last. See what happens when I skip a Monday here and there that's right I get behind. See you next Monday I hope.     

Sunday, September 15, 2013

After the Movies (Video)

 If you expand the video it will get distorted. I up loaded it to my google + look me up Juanita "mustiwait" Draine for a better view of the video...........Happy Birthday to my first born.       TAJ-MA HALL

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Grace's Grove Special Edition


After the song.............

I'm glad you sang that song last. (Nikki)
Why? (Erin)
That song makes me sweat! (Heidi)
I know that's right, that song can get a party started! (Danny)
You three are crazy! (Erin)

Excuse me Erin. (Kurtis Jackson)
Yes? (Erin)
Can I buy you a birthday drink? (Kurtis Jackson)
And you are? (Erin)
Kurtis Jackson but my friends call me KJ.  (Kurtis Jackson aka Thirty Cent)
Nice to meet you KJ. (Erin)

Can you put this microphone back? (Erin)
Sure. (Danny)
See you later Ladies. (Erin)

Who is Erin talking to? (Taj)
I was about to ask you. (Nikki)

What would you like to drink? (K Jackson)
A bottle of water. (Erin)
You can't celebrate your birthday with water. (K Jackson)

What are you doing up there? (Marcus)
I'm putting the microphone back for Erin.  (Danny)
Oh, I thought you were about to sing. (Marcus)

I can't sing silly. (Danny)
I'm glad you know. (Marcus)
Very funny, smarty pants.  (Danny)
Let me help you down. (Marcus)

Is that THIRTY CENT talking to Erin? (Sara)
Where, I don't see him. (Parker)
Never mind you missed him. (Sara)

Did you know she was coming? (Devon)
Who? (Trey)
Your Ex. (Devon)

Thanks for inviting us Liz. (Marissa)
No. Thank you, I hate coming to parties alone. (Liz)

Don't act like you didn't know she was here. (Devon)
I didn't. (Trey)

Liam............ what's wrong? (Marissa)
I think Trey just spotted you. (Liam)

I'm over here sweety. (Devon)
Sorry about that. (Trey)

It looks like Erin had a great Birthday. (Taj)
It ain't over yet. (Nikki)

So what do you do when your not crashing birthday parties? (Erin)
You really don't know who I am.  Do you? (K Jackson)

If you expand the video it will get distorted. I couldn't figure out how to correct this before my post deadline so I up loaded it to my google + look me up Juanita "mustiwait" Draine for a better view of the video...........We will return to our normal story next week.         


Sunday, September 1, 2013

Girl Talk

Hey Diva's, sorry I'm late. (Danny)
I'll forgive you if you got my cookies? (Heidi)
Hi Danny, just ignore her. I do. (Erin)

Here's one of the movies I got. (Danny)
Thanks. I'll put it in. (Erin)
Do you have my cookies? (Heidi)
No! (Danny)

I'm going to put this food away.  (Danny)
Let me help you.  (Heidi)

Danny.......Did you talk to Nikki tonight? (Erin)
No, was I suppose to?  (Danny)
ERIN!  (Heidi)
She's going to find out anyway. (Erin)

Do you want some pizza Danny?  (Heidi)
Yes and stop trying to change the subject.  (Danny)
What's going on?  (Danny)
Taj is suppose to propose tonight. (Erin)
Did you warn Nikki?  (Danny)

Why would we?  (Heidi)
I don't think Nikki wants to get married.  (Danny)
She told you that?  (Heidi)
No, and she's never talked about it.  (Danny)

But Danny, you should see the rock we picked out!
That ring set Taj back a pretty penny. (Erin)

I'm not worried about the rock........ I mean ring.  I'm concerned with Nikki's reaction.  (Danny)


Her reaction should be one of happiness. (Erin)
Yea, what else would it be. That ring is nice!  (Heidi)
I'd be happy if someone proposed to me. With or without a ring. (Erin)
I wouldn't go that far. I NEED a ring!  (Heidi)

Let me ask you both a question?  (Danny)
Alright/ okay. (Erin/ Heidi)
Do you want someone or THE ONE to propose to you?  (Danny)

Okay, I see where your going, however we are not getting any younger so I'd settle for someone. (Erin)
I know that's right "GIRLFRIEND" as far as I'm concerned, Taj has everything he needs!  (Heidi)

He doesn't have her "HEART".  (Danny)

I didn't think about that. (Erin)
If he hasn't captured her heart........well you know.  (Danny)
 I'll take him if she don't want him.  (Heidi)
"HUSH" Heidi.  (Erin)