Monday, August 27, 2012

Shortly After Barbara's date

 Who is it? (Barry)
F.B.I (Special Agent Taj Hall)

I've told you everything their is to know and I'm not repeating it again. (Barry) 
Yeah, Yeah, That's not why I'm here. (Taj)
Then why are you here Captain? (Barry)

I came to give you, a new life. (Taj)
Are you serious? (Barry)
Let's take a seat. (Taj)

Do you really want to end your career. I've never seen an F.B.I. agent perform the way you do. (Taj)
I love being an agent but I love my family more. They will never be second to my career again.  (Barry)
Then everything you need to start over is inside that folder. (Taj)

I can't believe your going to let me walk. (Barry)  
I'm not, your being reassigned. (Taj)
KNOCK KNOCK (the door)
Were you expecting someone? (Taj)

Do you think you were followed? (Barry)
You wish, I'm getting old not stupid. (Taj)
Are you armed? (Barry)
What do you think? (Taj)

Who is it? (Barry)
It's me Barbara. (Barbara)
Hold on a minute, I have to grab a robe. (Barry)
Okay. (Barbara)

(Taj holsters his gun, Barry hides the folder puts on a robe then let's Barbara in.)

Barbara this is Taj.
Taj this is my wife I mean this is my ex-wife Barbara. (Barry)
Hello. (Barbara)
Hello Barbara, its nice to meet you, Barry give me a call tomorrow.  (Taj)

I didn't mean to interrupt. (Barbara)
You didn't, whats up? (Barry)
My date ended early so I came to see if Barry was okay. (Barbara)
He was fussy after seeing you but he was okay once he ate. (Barry)

He looks like an angel. (Barbara)
 He is when he's sleeping. (Barry laughing)
That's not nice. (Barbara)
I'm joking he's a great kid. Your doing a wonderful job with him. (Barry)

Thanks, I guess I better go. (Barbara)
Do you have to? I mean, do you want to watch the game. (Barry)
Game, What game are you talking about?(Barbara)
I taped the Basketball game from last night. (Barry)
Really, Let me see. (Barbara)

I haven't sat and watched a game in over a year. (Barbara)
Why? You use to watch all the time. (Barry)
Haven't had time. (Barbara)
You should start taping them so you can watch when you do have time. (Barry)

That was a foul. Come on ref make some calls. (Barbara)
Alright referee Little, your going to wake your son. (Barry)

Did you see that!  I can't believe he didn't shatter the back board. (Barbara)
Yea I saw it. Your really enjoying this aren't you. (Barry)
I love Basketball you know that. (Barbara)
Mommy? (Barry Jr.)
UT OH someone is awake. (Barry) 

Shh, go back to sleep honey. (Barbara)
I want to get up and play. (Barry)
I wasn't playing I was watching TV with Daddy. (Barbara)

I want to watch TV too. (Barry Jr.)
No, You have to go back to sleep. (Barbara)
Can you sleep with me. (Barry Jr.)

I will if its alright with Daddy. (Barbara)
UH UH........ I guess I better get you something to sleep in. (Barry)
That would be nice. (Barbara) 

I hope you know what your doing squirt.
Cause I have a bad feeling about this. (Barry Sr.)

Are you guys ready for bed? (Barbara)

LORD GIVE ME STRENGTH (Barry whispers to himself)

Aren't you getting in. (Barbara)
I'm going to sleep on the couch (Barry)
Don't be silly hang up your robe and jump in. (Barbara) 

Do you have enough room. (Barbara)
Yes. (Barry)
Thanks for letting me stay. (Barbara)
Mi casa es su casa. (Barry)

 OVER AT THE LATIMORE'S.............

This shirt is too cute. I have to take it to school with me. (Marisa talking to self)

Marisa! Didn't you hear me calling you? (Mom)
No Mom I didn't whats wrong. (Marisa)

Forget that, What happened to this room? (Mom)
 I'm packing for school the dorm's open Sunday. (Marisa)
Oh my, I thought we had another week together! (Mom)

I'm leaving a few days early, I'm a Dorm Director this year. (Marisa)
I can't believe this is your last year of College. (Mom)
Neither can I. Seems like I just graduated high school. (Marisa)
 My little girl is all grown up,  give me a hug? (Mom)

I can still be your little girl. (Marisa)
I love you and I am very proud of you. (Mom)
I know, Now tell me why you were calling me. (Marisa)
Trey called.  He wants you to call  him back.
 He wanted to know if were coming to the Bee Hive?(Mom)

OK, I will call him shortly. (Marisa)
Would you like some help with this. (Mom)
No thanks, I think I can handle it. (Marissa)
Alright, I'll be down stairs if you need me. (Mom)

(Marisa calls Trey)
Hey this is Trey, you know what to do at the beep. (answering machine)
I'm coming to the party, call me.  (Marisa talking to answering machine)
Guess I better get back to work. (Marisa)

I don't remember buying this!
I must of borrowed it from Juanita. (Marisa talking to self)

That was hard work.
You would think packing got easier after three years of college.
NOT!!!!! (Marisa talking to self)

My one and only baby girl is about to start her first year of college today.......Where has the time gone? I still have a clear picture of the first time I held her in my arms. I know your reading this because you are my number one fan. I am Very Proud of you Synquis and I LOVE YOU MORE THEN YOU WILL EVER KNOW be safe and enjoy the next stage of your life. Shine Baby Shine I'm watching you.

Love Mommy

See you all next Monday if I can remember how to make a story without her. LOL

Monday, August 20, 2012

Barbara's Dinner Date

Have we seated all our reserved guest. (Aaron)
We have two couples left, Their due to arrive any minute.
Anyone that comes in after that will be a walk in or picking up takeout. (Megan)
Great, I don't want anyone waiting longer then 7 minutes for a table. (Aaron)
Yes Sir, I will be sure to keep any wait time to a minimum. (Megan)

Good Evening Welcome to MARKZ. (Megan)
Hello I'm Ryan Beaver we have a 7:00 reservation. (Ryan)
Yes Sir, Please follow me to your table. (Megan)

I am so excited honey. I can't believe were about to have dinner at MARKZ. (LaShay)
I told you I would do something special for our anniversary. (Devon)

The restaurant is busy tonight.

You should have seen this cat it was huge. (Barbara)
I'm sure you have some very interesting patients. (Ryan)
You can't tell me nothing funny happens in the super market. (Barbara)
It does but I like listening to you. (Ryan)

Hello, How was everything? Aaron)
Everything was perfect, Thank you Aaron. (Barbara/Ryan)
Can I get you anything else? (Aaron)
 No thank you but, Please give our compliments to the chef. (Ryan)

Hello Sir, Hi Cutie. (Megan)
Hee, Hee, Hee (Barry Jr. giggling)
Hi, I'm Barry Little I called for takeout about 15 minutes ago. (Barry)
Let me guess, Chicken Alfredo with apple sauce, baby carrots and mashed potatoes on the side? (Megan)
That's right. (Barry)
Please have a seat, I'll be right back with your food. (Megan) 

Hey where do you think your going! (Barry) 

Barry come back here! (Barry Sr.)
MOMMY!!!!! (Barry Jr.)

Where did you come from? (Barbara)

Ohhhh (Barry Sr.)
Looks like your son is trying to get away from you. (Barbara)
That or he can spot his Mother anywhere. (Barry)
Hm mm, I didn't think of that. (Barbara)

Hello I'm Ryan Beaver. (Ryan)
Barry Little, Sorry to interrupt. (Barry)
No problem, Barry and I have played the chase game a time or two. (Ryan) 

I'm going to walk them back up front. (Barbara)
Alright, It was nice meeting you. (Ryan)
Same to you. (Barry) 

You didn't have to walk back with us. (Barry)
I know I wanted to, Are you two doing okay. (Barbara)
Yes, were fine I came to get our dinner. I didn't know you were here. (Barry)
I know....Let me hold him again. (Barbara)

You be a good boy for Daddy,  Okay. (Barbara)
Okay. (Barry Jr. sniffing back tears)

Here's your food Sir. (Megan)
How much do I owe you. (Barry Sr.)
Mr Markz took care of it enjoy the rest of your evening. (Megan)
Thank you. (Barry Sr.)
Bye Bye. (Barry Jr.)
Bye Cutie. (Megan)

Barry is getting big, He wasn't with you the last time you came in the market.
(silent pause)
Would you like some coffee to go with your cupcake?
(silent pause)
The club's been open for about 20 minutes. Do you want to head over their now?
(silent pause)
Barbara, Are you listening to me? (Ryan)

I'm sorry what did you say? (Barbara)
I asked if you were ready to go. (Ryan)
 I'm sorry but I'm not feeling very well right now. (Barbara)
Is their something I can do? (Ryan)
Can you taking me home? (Barbara)
Sure, I'll get the check. (Ryan)

Over at Barry's boarding room.

Come on where's the defense?
Don't let him block your shot like that. (Barry watching Sixers vs Celtics game)
KNOCK KNOCK  (the door)

KNOCK KNOCK (the door)
Who is it? (Barry)

See you next Monday!!!!!!!!