Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Time to make change and a visit.


Swoosh, Swoosh, Swoosh.
(Julian making airplane noise)

Julian, have you finished your homework? (Nia)
Swoosh, I can't my stomach hurts. (Julian)
You look fine to me. (Nia)
Swoosh, I just started feeling better. (Julian)
Good, how far did you get with your homework? (Nia)
Swoosh, I don't know. (Julian)

Julian, you haven't done anything! (Nia)
Yes I did, I wrote my name. (Julian)
That's not good enough mister and you know it. (Nia)
Its not my fault my stomach started hurting. (Julian)
Get your butt in that chair. (Nia)

Don't get up until your homework is finished. (Nia)
Alright. (Julian)
Clean this room up too. (Nia)
Alright. (Julian) 

I'm going to kill your nephew. (Nia)
What'd he do this time? (Nikki)
He was suppose to be doing his homework. I found him playing instead. (Nia)
That sounds like business as usual to me. (Nikki)
What's that suppose to mean? (Nia)
That boy does whatever he wants whenever he wants. (Nikki)

No he doesn't. (Nia)
Yes he does. He's been playing you like a fiddle. (Nikki)
What are you talking about? (Nia)
You've been trying to make up for his kidney issues
 by allowing him to get away with murder. (Nikki)
He's sick Nikki. (Nia)

He has a kidney problem he isn't dying. (Nikki)
Nikki! (Nia)
Don't Nikki me. We got him the best doctor in the world
that little monster ain't going nowhere.
Stop treating him like he'll break if you tell him to do something. (Nikki)
I just want him to be happy. (Nia)
He used a sharpie to draw smiley faces on his bathroom wall,
I'd say he's very happy! (Nikki)

 I forgot about that. He is getting a little out of hand isn't he? (Nia)
If that's a little, I'd hate to see a lot. (Nikki)
I need to make some changes. Huh? (Nia)
Yes, you do and soon! (Nikki)

I want to make a stop before I go to work.
 Can you watch him until Katie gets here? (Nia)
Sure. (Nikki)
 Thanks Nikki. (Nia)
Yea, yea, go before I change my mind. (Nikki)

Where's Nia rushing off too? (Erin)
She's stopping off somewhere before work. (Nikki) 
Are we still going to the movies?  (Erin)
Yes.  (Nikki)
Please don't tell me were taking Julian with us. (Erin)
We're not, his sitter will be here in a little while. (Nikki)
Thank god, that boy has turned into a terror. (Erin)


Nia and I just had a conversation about that. (Nikki)
Good, cause I was about to whoop that butt myself. (Erin)
She said she's going to handle it, lets hope she does. (Nikki)
Did you get a hold of Janay? (Erin)
Yes, she was on her way to the hospital. She'll be here when she's done there. (Nikki)
What's she going to the hospital for?  (Erin)
I don't know. (Nikki)

Tariq, are you asleep?  (Janay)

Janay?  (Tariq)
Hi. (Janay)
What are you doing here?  (Tariq)
Tara called. (Janay)
My sister has a big mouth.  (Tariq)
That's not nice. (Janay)

What's in the bag?  (Tariq)
I bought your favorite toiletries and a pair of pajamas. (Janay)
You didn't have to do that.  (Tariq)
I know. They're just some of the things you left at the condo.  (Janay)
Oh!  (Tariq)
Pictures of the studio have been on the news all day.
I didn't realize anyone got hurt until Tara called.  (Janay)
I'm sorry you had to hear about it like that. I should have called and told you myself.  (Tariq)
Don't apologize, you aren't obligated to call me.  (Janay)

Excuse me Mr. Moyer, I need to check you vitals and give you your pain medication. 
(Nurse Brandy)
Can you do that later? I have a visitor. (Tariq)
I guess so..... (Nurse Brandy)
That won't be necessary, I have another engagement I need to get to. (Janay)

Do you really have to go?  (Tariq)
(KISS) Yes, I'll try to give you a call tomorrow.  (Janay)

Sunday, February 9, 2014

SNITCHES! (little airplane tour)

Have you heard anything from Mr. Sterling? (Apple)
Yes, he called before we left the house. (Ariel)
What did he say? (Apple)

Not much, he prefer's to talk in person. (Ariel)
Mom, don't lie to me. Tell me what he said. (Apple)
Apple, I.... (Ariel)

Excuse me ladies. Can I get either of you anything? (Gia)
No thanks, Gia. (Apple)
What time will we be in Graces Grove? (Ariel)
Were scheduled to land at three PM.  (Gia)
Can you confirm that a car will be waiting at the airport for us. (Ariel)
Right away, Mrs. Markz.  (Gia)


Mom, What did Aaron do?  (Apple)
The Police believe Aaron assaulted Tariq and Juanita. (Ariel)

Hello Megan, this is Gia. (Gia)
Hi Gia, what's up? (Megan)
I'm sorry to bother you, but Mrs. Markz asked me to confirm airport transportation. (Gia)
 Bradley will be at the airport to collect Apple and Mrs. Markz. (Megan)
Thanks Megan, I will let Mrs Markz know. (Gia)

Apple, what are you thinking? (Ariel)
I'm thinking that Aaron had to be pretty angry to assault Tariq. (Apple)
He didn't just assault Tariq sweetie, he attacked Juanita too. (Ariel)
That's even more unbelievable. (Apple)


Apple, I know you love your brother.  
I hope you always do, but please understand that he's not perfect. (Ariel)
I know he's not perfect. I still don't believe that he assaulted anyone. (Apple)
You don't know your brother as well as you think you do sweetie. (Ariel)
I know him better then you. (Apple)
Oh, I seriously doubt that little girl (Ariel)
   Whatever, Mom! (Apple)


Apple Marie Cornelia Markz come back here.
I'm still speaking to you! (Ariel shouts)

Grace Grove Jail/Police Station.

Do I know you?  (Benny)
No! (Aaron)
Are you sure? I know everybody.  (Benny)
Go away. (Aaron)
Hey, I do know you! Your that restaurant guy, Andy, Adam no Aaron Markz!  (Benny)

I said go away. (Aaron)
What you gonna do, beat me up Pretty Boy? (Benny)

I've been locked in this cell for over 20 hours. I lost the woman I love.
And I've humiliated my family. 
 Beating the crap out of you would be the bright side of my night and day. (Aaron)
Alright, alright, calm down man. I was just playing!  (Benny)

Is everything alright in here? (Officer Samuel Webb)
Can you move me to another cell? (Benny)
Why? (Officer Samuel Webb)
I'm scared of him. (Benny whispers)

Good afternoon Ladies. (Barry)
Afternoon Chief. (Officer Daisy Force, Bethany Levi)
Chief, can I speak to you? (Officer Bethany Levi)

What's up Bethany?  (Barry)
FBI Agent Taj-Ma Hall is in your office. (Officer Bethany Levi)

How long has he been here? (Barry)
Max said he stopped by last night. And returned earlier this morning.
We asked him to wait out here but he refused. (Officer Bethany Levi)
Thanks Bethany, I'll handle it from here. (Barry)

Are you comfortable? (Barry)
It's about time you showed up. (Taj-Ma)

Did we have an appointment? (Barry)
No, I heard you had Markz locked up in the back. (Taj-Ma)
Why does that interest you? (Barry)
I have something for him. (Taj-Ma)
What? (Barry)
I want you to add that envelope to his personal effects. (Taj-Ma)
Where'd you get this? (Barry)
A little bird gave it to me. (Taj-Ma)
Why? (Barry)
Let's just say someone thought I should know about Markz and Nikki. (Taj-Ma)

 Thank you for calling Grace Grove police department.
This is Officer Daisy speaking how can I help you? (Officer Daisy)

I thought you cared about Nikki.  (Barry)
I did, I do.  (Taj-Ma)
This file doesn't say that. (Barry)
Did you know about them? (Taj-Ma)
BUZZ BUZZ (intercom)
Yes Daisy. (Barry)
Chief, I have a tip line caller that wants to speak to you. (Officer Daisy)

Hello, this is Chief Little speaking. (Barry)
Hi Chief Little. (Tip line caller)
May I ask who I'm speaking to. (Barry)
I want to remain anonymous.  (Tip line caller)
We have to call you something. (Barry)
Call me A. G.  (Tip line caller)
Alright A. G, what would you like to tell me. (Barry)
Aaron Markz assaulted Tariq Moyer and Juanita Dayton.  (Tip line caller)
How do you know this A.G. (Barry)
I saw him.  (Tip line caller)
You saw Aaron Markz assault Tariq Moyer and Juanita Dayton. (Barry)
Yes, I mean no, I only watched him go inside the studio.  (Tip line caller)
How do you know it was Aaron Markz? (Barry)
I'd recognize that swagger from three miles away.  (Tip line caller)
I'm going to need a little more then your swagger radar A.G. (Barry)
 I was walking my dog FiFi down main street when this fancy red car came
rolling down the block and stopped in front of the studio.  (Tip line caller)
What kind of car was it A.G? (Barry)
I think it was a red Corvette wait it may have been a Ferrari. 
 Aw hell I'm not really sure about the car's make.  (Tip line caller)
Don't worry about it A.G, what else can you tell me? (Barry)
I know he was wearing a two hundred dollar pair of shoes,
a four hundred dollar pair of jeans
and he smelled like Gods gift to women.  (Tip line caller)
Do you remember the time of day? (Barry)
It was between four and five.  (Tip line caller)
Did you see anyone go inside the studio with or after Aaron. (Barry)
No, FiFi had done her business by then,
so I picked her up and walked back to my house. 
(Tip line caller)
Your an asset to the community A.G. (Barry)
Do you really think so?  (Tip line caller)
Yes, I do. Thanks for calling. (Barry) 

SNITCHES. We can't live with them and we can't live without them. At least that's what I heard, right AG Lanc?........Hey I finished my Airplane I got the idea from William of 1/6 point of view. Check out Gia's little tour of the Markz 640 below.

This is the Markz 640 passenger airplane cabin.
Seven passengers can travel on this airplane very comfortably.
Mustiwait used cardboard, fabric, scrapbook paper, lots of glue and plastic odds & ends she found laying around the doll room. There are two bedrooms and a galley kitchen fully stocked with the Markz family's favorite snacks and drinks. Breakfast lunch and dinner is prepared by Aaron Markz personal chef and delivered to the plane just before take off. (just kidding). (Gia)

This is the front of the airplane cabin.
Here you can  partly see the front door, a large flat screen TV and a small shelving unit. (Gia)


This is the outside of the Markz 640 airplane.
 It was painted (duck taped) in Aaron Markz favorite color.
Thanks for showing your airplane in your blog story William.
I love being Aaron Markz personal stewardess.
 I would still be living in my box if Mustiwait hadn't decided to make this airplane.
I hope you like it.


Sunday, February 2, 2014

Can you answer a few questions?

You've been here all night, aren't you tired? (Tariq)
Nope, so stop trying to get rid of me. (Tara)

Good morning. (Barry)
Morning Barry  (Tariq, Tara)
How you feeling?  (Barry)
Better then expected.  (Tariq)
Can you answer a few questions for me?  (Barry)

Tara. (Tariq)
I know you aint asking me to leave! I want to know what happened too. (Tara)
I already told you.  (Tariq)
You haven't told me anything. (Tara)
I'll tell you later.  (Tariq)
You better! (Tara)

I was expecting you last night.  (Tariq)
You weren't in any condition to talk to me last night. (Barry)
How's Juanita?  (Tariq)
Better than you. What happened?  (Barry)
I'm not sure, I think I fell down the stairs.  (Tariq)
You think you fell down the stairs and got blood all over the studio.  (Barry)

Yea, it was a bad fall.  (Tariq)
Was Aaron in the studio when you fell? (Barry)
I don't remember.  (Tariq)

Do you remember how Juanita got hurt?  (Barry)
She was probably trying to break my fall.  (Tariq)
Really.  (Barry)
Yea, really.  (Tariq)


My officer found Aaron holding Juanita when he arrived on the scene. She was unconscious. (Barry)
That's probably a good thing.  (Tariq)
For who, you or Aaron?  (Barry)
What are your trying to say?  (Tariq)

I think Aaron walked in on you and Juanita. And decided to hand out a butt whipping  (Barry)
Are you asking or telling me?  (Tariq)
I'm asking.  (Barry)
I don't know what Aaron did yesterday.  (Tariq)

I know you three are very close.
You've been involved in some sort of love/hate triangle,
since your friendship began.
You can tell me if it finally came to a head.  (Barry)
There's nothing to tell.  (Tariq)


 Tariq, I'm your friend but I'm also the Chief of Police.
 People are depending on me to keep them safe.
 I can't do that if my friends and the towns most prominent citizens,
 can't keep their hands to themselves. (Barry)


My head is starting to hurt. Can we finish this later?  (Tariq)


 A few minutes later..........

Your still here!  (Juanita)
Of course. (Nana)
I thought you were going home.  (Juanita)
I will in a little while.  (Nana)

Good Morning Ladies. (Barry)

Good morning Barry.  (Juanita, Nana)
How are you feeling today Juanita?  (Barry)
I feel good.  (Juanita)
Good enough to talk about yesterday?  (Barry)
Sure.  (Juanita)

Can you give us a minute, Nana? (Barry)
Sure,  Juanita I'm gonna call your Mom and let her know your alright. (Nana)
Thanks Nana. (Juanita)
You can start whenever your ready.  (Barry)
To be honest with you, some parts of yesterday are a little fuzzy. (Juanita)
Just tell me what you remember.  (Barry)
Lets see. I arrived at the airport grabbed my luggage and walked to the pick up zone.
When I got there I didn't see Aaron or Tariq so I called Tariq's cell phone.  (Juanita)
Wait, who did you think was picking you up? (Barry)
Tariq was suppose to pick me up. (Juanita)
Alright, go on. (Barry)
Tariq walked up behind me while I was leaving him a message.
He made sure I had all my luggage then we walked to his car.
 We got in and he started driving towards the studio.
I told him about my trip during the drive.  (Juanita)

Alright, tell me what happened when you got to the studio.  (Barry)
We never made it to the studio.  (Juanita)
So you didn't go to the studio yesterday?  (Barry)
No, I woke up here.  (Juanita)
Did you see Aaron yesterday?  (Barry)
No, have you seen him?  I've been calling him all night.  (Juanita)

If I see him I'll let him know your looking for him.  (Barry)
Thanks. (Juanita)
Have you talked to Tariq since you've been here?  (Barry)
No, the nurse said I couldn't .  (Juanita)
That's all the questions I have for now, try to get some rest.  (Barry)
I will.  (Juanita)

Do you know what happened yesterday?  (Barry)
I've heard rumors.  (Nana)
Do you plan to share them with her?  (Barry)
Nope. (Nana)
Good idea.  (Barry)

What's wrong honey?  (Nana)
I think something bad happened yesterday, but I don't remember it.  (Juanita)
Aww honey, don't worry about it, everything's going to be alright.  (Nana)

 Mean while................

Welcome aboard Mrs. Markz. (Gia the Markz family personal flight attendant)
Thank you Gia. (Ariel Markz)
Can I get you anything before we take off. (Gia)
Can you bring me some water and two aspirin, my head is killing me.  (Ariel Markz)