Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Visit pt2

Devon. (Carolyn)
Huh?  (Devon)
Are you okay?  (Carolyn)
Why wouldn't I be?  (Devon)

The doctor did say you were pregnant, right? (Carolyn)
Yes, I heard her. (Devon)
What are you going to do? (Carolyn)
I'm going to make my next appointment and get this prenatal prescription filled. (Devon)
Are you going to tell Trey? (Carolyn)
I don't know. I need to think first. (Devon)

Can you schedule me for another appointment. (Devon)
Sure, what are you coming in for. (Tia)
I'm three months pregnant. I'll need a prenatal checkup. (Devon)

Are you really okay? (Justin)
I'm fine. I swear. (Tara)
Knock, Knock.
Come in. (Tara)

How's my favorite patient?  (Doctor Dorothy Lewis)
Big as a house. (Tara)
Stop that. (Doctor Dorothy Lewis)
I told her she looks beautiful, but she won't listen. (Justin)
Keep telling her Justin. She's listening. (Doctor Dorothy Lewis)

Have you had any more cramping?  (Doctor Dorothy Lewis)
No. (Tara)
Any swelling or dizziness?  (Doctor Dorothy Lewis)
Nope. (Tara)

Does this hurt?  (Doctor Dorothy Lewis)
A little. (Tara)
Is everything okay Doc? (Justin)
Everything is fine. Tara's body is just preparing itself for birth. 
(Doctor Dorothy Lewis)

I want you to continue doing what you're doing. Your vitals look much better now.
(Doctor Dorothy Lewis)
Can I go back to work? (Tara)
How does three hours a day three days a week sound. (Doctor Dorothy Lewis)
I guess that's better then nothing. (Tara)
Good....... Sharon, can you prep Tara for the ultrasound. (Doctor Dorothy Lewis)
Sure, Doctor Lewis. (Sharon)

How's that feel Tara? (Sharon)
It's fine. (Tara)
Good. (Sharon)
Are we ready?  (Doctor Dorothy Lewis)
Yes, Doctor Lewis. (Sharon)

Let's see what we got here. (Doctor Dorothy Lewis)
Do you see anything Doc? (Justin)
 Yes, it should be on your screen in one second. (Doctor Dorothy Lewis)

Oh my God. (Justin)
That's so beautiful. (Tara)
Looks like you're almost done Tara. (Doctor Dorothy Lewis)
I see. (Tara)

Do you want to know what you're having? (Doctor Dorothy Lewis)

Do you want to know? (Justin)
I already know.  (Tara)
You do! (Justin)
Yes. Go ahead and tell him Doctor Lewis. (Tara)

It's a BOY!  (Doctor Dorothy Lewis)

Thank you.  (Justin)
You're welcome.  (Tara)


Do you have any questions? (Doctor Dorothy Lewis)
No. (Justin, Tara)
Alright, Sharon's going to give you some pictures of the baby
and I'll see you two next week. (Doctor Dorothy Lewis)
Thanks Doc. (Justin)
You're welcome. (Doctor Dorothy Lewis)

Here's your pictures. (Sharon)
Thanks Sharon. (Justin)
I can't wait to see you in person little man.  (Tara whispers to herself)

You want me to help you with your dress? (Justin)
Yes, please.  (Tara)
You know this is going to be the longest thirty days of our lives. (Justin)
Yea, I know.  (Tara)

Jay?  (Yolanda)
What YoYo.  (Juanita)
Do you want to have kids?  (Yolanda)
Yes.  (Juanita)

When?  (Yolanda)
When I get a husband.  (Juanita)
Mom and Dad weren't married when they had you.  (Yolanda)
I know they weren't. But I want to be, and so should you.  (Juanita)

Juanita? (Tara)

Tara, Justin how are you?  (Juanita)
We're good.(Tara)
How are you? (Justin)
Busy! (Juanita)

You look amazing Tara!  (Juanita)
Thanks. (Tara)
You guys remember my little sister Yolanda right?  (Juanita)
Wow, you were a pimple face little kid the last time I saw you. (Justin)
Gee, thanks Justin. (Yolanda)
Don't mind him. That's his way of saying your gorgeous. (Tara)
Thank you Tara. (Yolanda)
Is the baby okay?  (Juanita)
Yes, we got an ultrasound today.  (Tara) 
Want to see. (Justin)

This is incredible you guys.  (Juanita)
What are you having? (Yolanda)
It's a boy. (Tara)
I bet your happy about that Justin.  (Juanita)

I was happy before the ultrasound. (Justin)
Were you? (Tara)
Very, I'll show you when we get home. (Justin)
You're so bad.  (Tara)
Only with you.... I'm going to bring the car around. (Justin)
Alright.  (Tara)

When are you due? (Juanita)
September fifteenth. (Tara)
That soon.  (Juanita)
Yes, and I can't wait to hold my little visitor. (Tara)

Monday, July 7, 2014

The Visit

I can't remember when I had my last period.  (Devon)
Girl you are crazy. Your suppose to keep track of that. (Carolyn)
I know. But I been so busy.  (Devon)
You've been busy alright. (Carolyn)
What's that suppose to mean?  (Devon)
Never mind, ask if you can leave that blank. (Carolyn)

Hi Tara! (Tia)
Hey Tia. Do I have a long wait? (Tara)
Nope, the Doctor is right on schedule today. (Tia)

Is everything alright? (Justin)
Yes, I was just checking in. (Tara)
Cool, come sit down. (Justin)

Look at this, isn't it cute? (Tara)
It's pink! (Justin)
What's wrong with pink? (Tara)
Boys don't wear pink. (Justin)
Who says were having a boy. (Tara)
A guy can hope can't he. (Justin)

Devon McHugh. (Sharon)

Excuse me? (Devon)
Yes. (Sharon)
Can my friend come with me? (Devon)
Of course. (Sharon)

Mrs. Sporting. (Justin)
Yes. (Tara)
Come sit over here so we can look together. (Justin)

What do you think about this? (Tara)
Its okay. (Justin)
Okay......what's wrong with it?  (Tara)
Nothing.  (Justin)
You didn't really want to look at this book did you?  (Tara)
Nope. I just wanted you next to me.  (Justin)
Your impossible.  (Tara)
Maybe, maybe not.  (Justin)


What are you doing here?  (Juanita)

I came to see my big sister. (Yolanda)
Aren't you still on punishment?  (Juanita)
Nope, I got off yesterday. (Yolanda)

Vivian can you call my Mom and confirm. (Juanita)
Alright, Alright I'm still on punishment. (Yolanda)

Why'd you escape this time?  (Juanita)
I need to talk to you. (Yolanda)
 I'm not giving you any money your on punishment.  (Juanita)
It's not about money. (Yolanda)
What's it about?  (Juanita)
I'll tell you in your office. (Yolanda)

Well?  (Juanita)
I uh.  (Yolanda)
I knew you didn't want anything.  (Juanita)

Wait......  (Yolanda)
Go home Yolanda.  (Juanita)

I think I'm pregnant. (Yolanda)
What?!  (Juanita)
I said. I think I'm pregnant. (Yolanda)
OMG. Mom is going to kill you!  (Juanita)

What were you thinking? (Juanita)
I didn't do this on purpose. (Yolanda)
How'd it happen then?  (Juanita)
I think you know the answer to that. (Yolanda)
But your on the pill, right? (Juanita)
Yes and no. (Yolanda)
What the hell does that mean? (Juanita)

It means, I forget to take it sometimes.  (Yolanda)
 Why didn't you just forget to have sex?! (Juanita shouts)
You don't have to be mean!  (Yolanda shouts)
Why not?! (Juanita shouts)
Because its not going to fix my problem!  (Yolanda shouts)

You know that's the smartest thing you've said in years. (Juanita)
Are you serious. I'm having a crisis and your insulting me. (Yolanda)
Your right, I'm sorry. I can't help you with this. Go talk to Mom. (Juanita)
And you wonder why we don't get along. (Yolanda)
 We don't get along because your a hard headed brat. (Juanita)
We don't get along because you think your better then me. (Yolanda)

Juanita? (Vivian)
Yes Vivian. (Juanita)
Don't forget you have an appointment with Grace Grove's Theater Troop in thirty minutes. (Vivian)

Thanks Vivian.  (Juanita)
You can't leave now. I need you. (Yolanda)
You don't need me you need a butt whipping. (Juanita)
I'm too old for that.  (Yolanda)
Not really. (Juanita)
If I let you give me one, will you help me?  (Yolanda)
Deal. (Juanita)

What are you doing? (Yolanda)
I'm making a call.  (Juanita)
OMG Jay, please do not call Mom! I will do whatever you say for now on. (Yolanda)
Shut up girl. I'm calling my OBGYN. We need to find out if your really pregnant. (Juanita)

Doctor Dorothy Lewis office. (Tia)
Hello, This is Juanita Dayton does Doctor Lewis have any openings today? (Juanita)
Let me check.....we have an opening at three o'clock. (Tia)
Great, put  my sister Yolanda Dayton in that spot please.  (Juanita)
Alright, has Yolanda been here before? (Tia)
No.  (Juanita)
Can she come in at least fifteen minutes early to fill out paper work.  (Tia)
She'll be there.  (Juanita)
Great, enjoy the rest of your day. (Tia)
You too.  (Juanita)

They have a lot of really nice stuff in here.  (Tara)
Lets go to the store and see it in person after your checkup. (Justin)
Okay. (Tara)
Tara, Come on back. (Sharon)

Jump on the scale so I can get your weight please. (Sharon)
Can we skip that part of the visit Sharon? (Tara)
Sure sweetie. Have a seat so I can check your blood pressure. (Sharon)
Alright. (Tara)

Have you had any more stomach pains or bouts of dizziness?  (Sharon)
No. (Tara)
Good. Let me know if this gets too tight.  (Sharon)
Alright. (Tara)

How's my blood pressure? (Tara)
Much better.  (Sharon)
Will I still get an ultra sound today? (Tara)
Yes. Were all set up for it. (Sharon)
Oh. (Tara)
We can reschedule if your uncomfortable today? (Sharon)
No, No I'm fine. (Tara)
Good. Doctor Lewis will be in shortly.  (Sharon)

Can you help me with my dress? (Tara)
Sure.....Is everything alright babe? (Justin)
Yea, why? (Tara)
You didn't want Sharon to weigh you and you questioned the ultrasound. (Justin)
I'm a little nervous that's all. (Tara)

To be continued....................................................