Monday, February 9, 2015

The Room part 2 (supposedly)

Maria, Have you seen my husband? (Ariel)
No, Mrs Markz. (Maria)
Call Lucy, see if he's somewhere in the main house. (Ariel)
Right away Mrs Markz.  (Maria)

Zeva, have you seen my husband? (Ariel)
No Mrs. Markz. (Zeva)
If you see him tell him I'm looking for him. (Ariel)
Yes Mrs. Markz. (Zeva)

(Knock Knock)
Corbin? (Ariel)
It's Apple, I'll be out in a minute!  (Apple)

Apple, have you seen your father? (Ariel)
Mom......... I'm on the toilet!  (Apple)
 I can see that. (Ariel)
Can I finish? (Apple)
Answer my question.  (Ariel)
What question?  (Apple)
Have you seen your father!?  (Ariel)
Not since breakfast. (Apple)
UGH! (Ariel)

CORBIN!!!! (Ariel yells)

Sounds like Mom can't find Dad.
Guess that means I don't have to tell you what happen the night before my wedding.
Ha Ha Ha

Alright, Alright. Calm down, I'm going to tell you.
Right after we locate my old man.
In the mean time, a very pretty young lady is going to give you a tour.
 I hope you like it cause it cost me a big batch of my famous banana pudding.

Hi, I'm Justine Sporting!
Bet you weren't expecting me were you?

I'm going to give you a tour of my brother Jalen's room.
How do I know its Jalen's room?

Cause Mommy put his name on his crib, see.
Mustiwait made this out of a old recipe box she found at a Good Will.
She's very crafty.


Let me climb up here so you can see his blanket.
Give me a minute I'm almost there.

See the cute animals.
Mommy says Jalen can't sleep in this crib when he comes home cause he's too little.

So Mustiwait made him this little crib too.
It has wheels and everything.
Daddy said that's so Mommy can wheel it into there room if she wants too.

This is Jalen's giraffe.
I think he's the coolest thing in this room.
Mommy says that's because he's my favorite color.

These are Jalen's wall decorations.
They look like animals to me but that's what Mustiwait called them.
She got them from Joann fabric's, they match Jalen's blanket.

This is where Mommy's going to change Jalen's diaper.
See the diapers stacked on the top shelf.
Daddy said he's going to change Jalen's diaper too, I'm not cause it's nasty.
Mustiwait made this shelf/changing station herself. It's suppose to hold jewelry.
She removed the velvet and glued on some wood to make the changing station and drawers.
The changing area is covered with the same fabric as Jalen's crib blanket.


Mommy's going to put those nasty diapers in here that's why it has a "D" on it.
Mustiwait said it was a chewing gum container.

Well that's all folks. I got a date with a big bowl of banana pudding.
I hope you liked my tour of Jalen's room.
 If you have any questions Mustiwait will be happy to answer them.