Sunday, April 28, 2013

To P or not to Be.......leaving!!!!!!

Do you want another glass of water? (Trichelle)
No, thank you. (Tara)
Do you want me to call Justin? (Trichelle)
No, I just need a minute. (Tara)

We've been in here for twenty minutes. Tell me whats wrong. (Trichelle)
I think I'm pregnant. (Tara)
Justin's been back in the house less than two weeks you can't be pregnant already. (Trichelle)

Yes I can. (Tara)
Are you telling me this isn't Justin's baby! (Trichelle)
PLEASE!!!! I stopped serving him breakfast.
 That doesn't mean I wasn't serving him lunch and dinner. (Tara)
Then whats the problem? (Trichelle)

 We just got back together. And we never talked about having more children. (Tara)
Justin loves the ground you walk on. And he loves Justine more then life it self.   (Trichelle)
That doesn't mean he wants another baby. (Tara)
He never said he didn't. (Trichelle)

He's going to think I asked him to come home because I'm pregnant. (Tara)
Tara that's ridiculous and you know it. Go home and talk to your husband. (Trichelle)
Go and talk to him about what? The fact that I may or may not be pregnant.  (Tara)
I can help you with that. (Trichelle)
How? (Tara)

Here, take this. (Trichelle)
What is it? (Tara)
It will tell you if your pregnant or not. (Trichelle)
Why do you have a pregnancy test? (Tara)
Don't asking questions.....Go pee. (Trichelle)

How long does this take.  (Tara)
Three to five minutes.  (Trichelle)
Talk to me. (Tara)
About what?  (Trichelle)
Tell me why you have a pregnancy test. (Tara)
Tell me when and where you found time to be with Justin.  (Trichelle)
Never mind.  (Tara)
That's what I thought.  (Trichelle)

What does it say? (Trichelle)
Your suppose to get a plus or a minus. Right? (Tara)
Yes. (Trichelle)
Well, I got an X. (Tara)
Let me see that. (Trichelle)

I did something wrong! (Tara)
No you didn't. (Trichelle)
Then why do I have an X? (Tara)
It's telling you it doesn't matter. (Trichelle)
That's not one of the choices! (Tara)
It is in your case, Justin loves you go home and talk to him. (Trichelle)

I still want to know why you have a pregnancy test in your purse.!!!
 (Tara shouts) 

A short time later....................

Hey! (Barbara)
Shh...... He's still opening and closing his eye's. (Barry)
Fighting sleep. As usual. (Barbara)

I'll take him up. (Barbara)
I'll go get his dinosaur out the car. (Barry)
Okay. (Barbara)

He is worn out.  (Barbara)
We had a good day.  (Barry)
I'm glad.  (Barbara)
Do you want these toys in the box or on the dresser. (Barry)
The box please.  (Barbara)

Thanks for taking care of him today.  (Barbara)
It was my pleasure. I don't want to miss any time with him or you . (Barry)

What do you mean. We haven't spent any time together. (Barbara)
Not because I don't want to. (Barry)
You want to spend time with me?  (Barbara)
I want to kiss you right now. (Barry)
Then kiss me.  (Barbara)

MOMMY!!!!!! (Barry Jr.shouts from his room)

That was nice. (Barbara)
MOMMY!!! (Barry Jr.)
Yes it was. (Barry)
MOMMY!!!! (Barry Jr.)

I'm coming Barry. (Barbara)
He sounds upset. I'll call you tomorrow. (Barry)
Don't go. I'll be right back. (Barbara)
MOMMY!!!! (Barry Jr.)
Go to him. I'll call you tomorrow. (Barry)

Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Tea continues with a meeting in the LADIES ROOM

Hello. (Heidi)
Hi. (Woman)
Are you here for the tea? (Heidi)
No, I work in the kitchen. I just finished my shift. (Woman)
Oh I'm sorry. I thought you were one of the Diva's. (Heidi)
That's okay. (Woman)
Whats going on with you today, you've been quiet all morning? (Janay)
I've got a lot on my mind. (Nikki)
You want to talk about it? (Janay)
Can I have a rain check. (Nikki)
Sure. (Janay)

Are you leaving? (Erin)
No, I'm going to the ladies room. (Danny)
Do you want me to go with you. (Erin)
Nah, I'll be right back. (Danny)

Tara, you are tearing that food up! (Lucy)
Its really good. (Tara)
The last time you ate that much, you were pregnant with Justine. (Lucy)

What did you say? (Tara)
The last time I saw you eat like that, you were pregnant. (Lucy)
Oh My God! (Tara whispers)
Tara are you okay, did I say something wrong? (Lucy)
 I think I need to use the ladies room. (Tara)

Where have you been? (Tara)
I was in the kitchen with Chase.  (Trichelle)
You missed breakfast. (Tara)
That's okay.....Are you alright? (Trichelle)
Can you take me to the ladies room. (Tara)

Danny walks into the ladies room.

Hello. (Marcus)
Hi. (Danny)
I've been waiting for you all morning. (Marcus)

Excuse me?!?! (Danny)
Hi Wildcat. (Marcus)
Marcus!!! (Danny)

Marcus, I've been so worried. (Danny)
Didn't I tell you not to worry. (Marcus)
Where have you been? (Danny)
Here and there.  (Marcus)

Why are you dressed like a woman? (Danny)
It's a disguise. (Marcus)
Marcus, please tell me what's going on. (Danny)
Alright, I'll tell you, but not here. (Marcus)

Ladies can I have your attention. (Nikki)

I know we only gather like this once a year.
But I want you all to know, that you
are a very important part of my life EVERYDAY.
Thank you all for another beautiful TEA.
See you next year Diva's! (Nikki)

I cannot believe Marcus is wearing a dress and did you see that hair. What did Mustiwait do to get him to wear that get up. Sounds like Tara may be expecting. I thought she was separated from Justin. If so, how can she be pregnant? See you next Monday!!!!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Flowers Tea and Coffee part uno


I thought you were working today. (Rosie)
I am, I'm on call.  (Lindsey)
Oh. (Rosie)

Hi Grandma!!!!! (Justine)
Justine, how did you get here? 

She's with me. (Sebastian)
Sebastian. (Rosie)
I beat you Grandpa. I told you I'd get here first. (Justine)
You sure did sweety. 

Justin asked me to drop these off. (Sebastian)
They are lovely. Thank you so much. (Rosie)
Don't thank me, thank your son. (Sebastian)I was thanking you for bringing them. 

You look pretty today. (Sebastian)
Thank you. 
How's it going? 
It's been good.. 
Good..........I guess we better get going. 
I guess you better.
Come along Justine. Its time to go. 

Aww Grandpa I'm not ready to go. I want to stay with Grandma. (Justine)
Do you want to walk to the cafe with us. (Sebastian)
Please Grandma, walk to the cafe with us. 
No pumpkin I can't, I need to fertilize my new flowers. (Rosie)
I can do it. (Lindsey)


Excuse me, would you like some more orange juice? (Ernest)
Yes I'd like some more. Me too. (Janay, 
Can I have some syrup for my pancakes? (Barbara)
Yes Ma'am. (Ernest)

Are you sure you got everything out my hair? (Heidi)
Yes I'm sure. 
Does is it smell funny? (Heidi)
Heidi, I am not smelling your hair. (Nikki)

Good Morning ladies. (Heidi)
Good Morning Heidi. (Everyone)

Does anyone want to see that new movie called "Temptation"? (Barbara)
I do. Are you going. (Erin)
Janay and I are going tomorrow. Does anyone else want to go 
Child y'all late I already saw it. (Nana)
How was it? (Danielle) 
The movie was okay but the men were EXCEPTIONAL(Nana)
Nana !!!!! (Barbara) 
Child please? These old eyes still know fine when it sees it.(Nana)
I know that's right Nana. (Elaine, Erin and Heidi laughing)

Excuse me can I have a piece of toast. (Lucy)
Danielle have you heard from Marcus? (Elaine)
Nope and I'm getting worried. (Danielle)
Have you talked to the police. (Elaine)
No ,but I will if he doesn't call or text me soon. (Danielle)

Where is she going? (Nikki)
Where is who going? (Janay)
Probably to the ladies room. 
She better be. 

Ernest. Can can you get me another Mimosa? (Nikki)
Right away Ma'am. 
Yes Ma'am. (Ernest)
I want more Mim then Osa. 
Yes Ma'am. 


Hey Barry, thanks for meeting me. (Taj)
No problem Captain. (Barry)

Barry how many times do I have to tell you to call me Taj? 
Sorry Capt I mean Taj. 
Can I get you two anything? 
I'd like some cake. (Barry)
I'll be right back. 

So whats up Capt I mean Taj? (Barry)
Can I ask you some personal questions? (Taj)
I'm sure you already know everything about me. (Barry)

I don't know what made you think you could be a husband and an FBI Agent. (Taj)
Wow!!!! That's a tough one. (Barry)
Is it? (Taj)

Hi Barry! (Justine)
Hi. (Barry Jr.)
Hello. (Rosie)
Mrs Sporting. (Barry, Taj)

Why does Nikki want more Mim then Osa in her Mimosa? Did Rosie really walk to the cafe with Justine and Sebastian. And why is Taj asking Barry relationship question's. Inquiring minds want to know. See you next Monday

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Who's glasses are they, And how did they get in the Limo?

Excuse me Ladies you may go into the Tea room now. (Megan)
Good, I'm starving. (Danielle)
Your not the only one. (Erin)

Ms. Calder, Can I see you in the main dinning room? (Megan)
Sure. (Heidi)

Bradley asked me to give these to you. (Megan)
Why? (Heidi)
Aren't they yours? They were in Mr Markz's limo. (Megan)
They're not mine. (Heidi)
 Okay........ I'm sorry I bothered you. (Megan)

Bradley is slipping.
He usually remembers every passenger that rides in that limo.
(Megan talking to herself) 

Ewww this is gross. (Heidi)
What are you doing?!?  (Nikki)

I dropped my sunglasses in the trash. (Heidi)
Let me see those?  (Nikki)

I have a pair of sunglasses just like these.  (Nikki)
Are you sure? (Heidi)
Yes they were a gift.  (Nikki)

From who? (Heidi)
I don't know. Where did you get your's from?  (Nikki)
I don't remember. (Heidi)
Why do I get the feeling your hiding something? (Nikki)

I don't know.
  Ewww. Is something in my hair. (Heidi)

Alright AG Lanc and Dienerman, I hope this helped narrow the mystery woman field for you. Just remember true players don't kiss and tell. And the women that play the game with them should keep it to themselves. See you next Monday.