Sunday, January 27, 2013

Nikki's Honey Do List

TAJ, I hope your decent cause were coming in! (Nikki)
Speak for yourself.  TAJ you don't have to be decent on my behalf!  (Heidi)
Can you please behave yourself while were here? (Nikki)
Oh alright party poop-per. (Heidi)    

Good Morning Ladies. (Taj-Ma)
Morning. (Nikki)
Good Morning Taj. (Heidi)
Can I help? (Taj-Ma)
No, I've got it.
Someone else was suppose to be helping but it didn't work out. (Nikki)

Now lets see, I picked up your dry cleaning, went to the post office.
Got you something to eat, coffee and the morning paper. (Nikki)

Excuse me...... I believe I picked up the morning paper. (Heidi)
You picked it up off the curb! (Nikki)
I still picked it up. You couldn't. (Heidi)

And Heidi picked up the morning paper. Was that everything on my loser TO DO list? (Nikki)
Nope. You forgot the most important thing. (Taj-Ma)
And what was that? (Nikki)
My kiss. (Taj-Ma)

Get a room!!!!!!  (Heidi)
SHUT UP!!!! (Nikki)

Did  you say you got that paper out front? (Taj-Ma)
Yes. (Heidi)
Make sure its still here when you leave. (Taj-Ma)
If you insist. (Heidi)

Check you out. Looking all domesticated and what not. (Heidi)
Don't start nothing Heidi. (Nikki)
I'm not.  I got up to give you the paper. (Heidi)

Did you  have a party and forgot to invite me? (Heidi)
No we didn't have a party you clown. (Nikki)
Then who was playing twister? (Heidi)
We were. (Nikki giggles)
Twister isn't fun with just two people! (Heidi)
If you say so. (Nikki)

Nikki you don't have to clean up. I can do it later. (Taj-Ma)
I don't mind, go eat before your food gets cold. (Nikki)

Hubba, Hubba. (Heidi)
Stop it. (Nikki)
Tell him to stop it, he's the one walking pass me looking like a Hershey Kiss. (Heidi)
Get your purse, were leaving. (Nikki)

I'm about to head out. (Nikki)
Already....... Did you eat? (Taj-Ma)
Yes we ate.  We have a photo shoot in about 40 minutes. (Nikki)

Thanks for running those errands. (Taj-Ma)
I lost and the loser had to run the winners errands right? (Nikki)
You want to play again? (Taj-Ma)
My place or yours? (Nikki)

 Ten minutes later...............

Were you waiting long? (Taj-Ma)
Nope. (Agent Sculley)
Good, Can you get my gun and shield out the oven. I'll grab my jacket. (Taj-Ma)
Sure Captain. (Agent Sculley)

Why was your gun and shield in the oven? (Agent Sculley)
Nikki walked in on me when I was about to lock them up last night. (Taj-Ma)
How do you know she didn't look in there? (Agent Sculley
She didn't. She can't cook. (Taj-Ma)
Wouldn't it be easier to tell her your an agent? (Agent Sculley)
Nope, I would've told her 5 years ago.  (Taj-Ma)

Nikki and Taj-Ma sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G. Looks like Nikki has found the one. Does Taj-Ma feel the same way? This episode was loosely based on a chat I had with SPOILED12172000. Hope it featured what you had in mind and thanks for the inspiration. See you all next week. 

Monday, January 21, 2013

Well Good Morning to you TOO!

(Marcus watching TV and eating Danny's cereal.)

Good Morning. (Danielle)
Morning. (Marcus)
Hows your eye? (Danielle)
Better. (Marcus)
And the Lip? (Danielle)
Come here, let me try it out. (Marcus)
I don't think so. (Danielle)

 Are you ready to tell me what happened? (Danielle)
 Are you going to tell me why I had to sleep on the couch? (Marcus)
One has nothing to do with the other and you know it. (Danielle)
Tell that to my back and my pride. (Marcus)
What happened Marcus? (Danielle)

Can you just drop it........... PLEASE! (Marcus)
No!  You scared me half to death, I deserve to know what happened to you. (Danielle)
Its none of your business ALRIGHT. (Marcus)

Does this have anything to do with the money you took from me? (Danielle)
DANIELLE CAN YOU HEAR??????? I SAID LET IT GO!!!!!!!!!  (Marcus with his voice raised)
FINE! Take your clothes. I'll get dressed and take you home. (Danielle)

Danny wait. (Marcus)

I'm sorry........ I messed up really bad this time. (Marcus)
Tell me what you did.  I want to help. (Danielle)
No.  I'm going to clean up my own mess this time. (Marcus)
But Marcus I. (Danielle)
Go get dressed. I need to get my car before they tow it away. (Marcus)
Alright I'll be right back. (Danielle)

I'm ready. MARCUS? (Danielle)

(Please know that I never meant to hurt you .
I will be back with your money as soon as I can.
Stay safe wild cat.
Love Marcus.) Danielle reading the note Marcus left.

Mean while a few blocks over............

Good Morning Rosa Lynn. (Sebastian)

SEBASTIAN?!?! (Rosie)
Yes. (Sebastian)
What the HELL are you doing here?!?! (Rosie)
We need to talk.  (Sebastian)
I have nothing to say to you. (Rosie)  

Rosa Lynn. (Sebastian)
Don't come any closer. You old coot and stop calling me that. (Rosie)
Why, that's your name isn't it? (Sebastian)
You were the only one that called me that and I don't want to hear it. (Rosie)
You use to smile whenever I called your name. (Sebastian)
I stopped smiling when you left, so go back to where you came from. (Rosie)
We need to have a talk Rosa Lynn before I go anywhere. (Sebastian)

BAM.... CLICK (Rosie slams and locks the door)
That didn't go very well. (Sebastian Sporting)

So what time can I expect the shipment? (Justin)
After 7 am but before 9 am Mr. Sporting. (Customer service rep)
That's great. (Justin)
Can I  help you with anything else Mr. Sporting. (Customer service Rep)
No that will be all. Thanks Candice. (Justin)

Good Morning Justine. (Sebastian)
Morning Grandpa.  (Justine)
Is that a helmet? Are you about to do some damage? (Sebastian)
I'm not doing damage. I'm going skating after breakfast. (Justine)
Skating HUH? (Sebastian)
Yup can you skate, Grandpa? (Justine)

Hmm I can do a lot of things little lady,
but I don't think skating is one of them. (Sebastian)
Aww come on Grandpa skating is easy. (Justine)
I think watching you skate will be easier.  (Sebastian)

Three hours later...............

That Justine is a firecracker! (Sebastian)
Yes she is. (Justin)
When are you going to make another one? (Sebastian)
I'll have to talk to Tara about that. Pop. (Justin)
Speaking of Tara, I didn't see her this morning. Is she feeling alright? (Sebastian)
I convinced her to sleep in, we were up late last night. (Justin)
You two have a lot to talk about?  (Sebastian)
You could say that. (Justin chuckles)
(ring ring)

Justin Sporting. (Justin answering cell phone)
Justin this is your Mother. I have something really important to tell you. (Rosie)
 OK I'm listening.(Justin)
I'm not telling you over the phone. Can you come over? (Rosie)
Sure Mom, what time? (Justin)
As soon as possible PLEASE!!! (Rosie)

Mom are you OK? (Justin)
YES and NO! (Rosie)
Whats going on? (Justin)
Did you receive an uninvited visitor. (Rosie)
NO. (Justin)
GOOD!  Now get over here as soon as possible. (Rosie)

What was that all about. (Justin)
I may have something to do with it. (Sebastian)
How? She doesn't know your here. (Justin)
I stopped by your Mothers while I was out running this Morning. (Sebastian)
Geez...... Pop I thought we agreed to see her together. (Justin)
I know but I couldn't wait. (Sebastian)

Can you believe Marcus disappeared like that? What will Danielle do now? I'm sure she isn't going to just sit there and wait. Rosie usually appears fearless. Why did she run inside the house and lock the door? Is she afraid of Sebastian? See you all next Monday.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

To Protect and To Serve

Danielle is this guy dangerous? (Taj-Ma)
I don't think so. (Danielle)
I'm going to open the door then. (Taj-Ma)
OK.  Danielle,Erin Nikki, Elaine, Ken)

Someone call 911! (Danielle)NO, don't do that! (Marcus)
I'm on it. (Taj-Ma)
Erin can you get me a damp towel? (Danielle)
OK. (Erin)
Nikki can you get some ice? (Danielle)
Coming right up. (Nikki)

Thanks Erin. Marcus you have to report this. (Danielle)
Ow, be careful. (Marcus)Your lip is bleeding and your eye is almost shut. What do you expect. (Danielle)
Are you listening to me? Don't call the cops.  (Marcus)
  Marcus what have you done now? (Danielle)
I can't tell you. (Marcus)

Barry are you on duty? (Taj-Ma)
In about 5 minutes. (Barry)
Come to Danielle Loren's house and take a statement? (Taj-Ma)
What happened? (Barry)
Marcus showed up with a bloody mouth and a knot over his right eye. (Barry)
Isn't he part of that sting your working? (Barry)
What do you think? (Taj-Ma)
Sorry Captain, I'll be there as soon as my partner comes out the squad room. (Barry)

Here's the Ice you wanted Danielle. (Nikki)
Thanks Nikki! (Danielle)
Ow Ow Ow that hurts Danny. (Marcus)

The police will be here in twenty minutes. (Taj-Ma)
Good!  (Nikki, Erin)
Do we need to stay? (Elaine)
No you can go.  You can leave too Erin. Nikki and I will stay with Danielle. (Taj-Ma Hall)
I'm staying, no use going home and worrying alone. (Erin)

 Mean while across town.......

Can I help you? (Tara)
Yes, I'm looking for Justin Sporting. (Major Sporting)
I'm Tara Sporting can you tell me what this is about? (Tara)
I should have known.  Your stunning! (Major Sporting)
Excuse me?! (Tara)
I'm sorry I'm Major Sebastian Justin Sporting. (Major Sporting)
Your Justin's father?! I thought... never mind what I thought. Please come in! (Tara)

Please forgive me for staring......Justin and  I have been married for 4 years.
He has only spoken of you once, so I just assumed  he didn't know you or you passed on. (Tara)
It may have seemed that way to him, but I'm alive and well, thank you. (Major Sporting)
Justin should be here shortly. Can I get you something to drink and or eat while you wait? (Tara)
A glass of water would be nice. (Major Sporting)
I'll be right back, make yourself at home. (Tara)

My son has a beautiful family. (Major Sporting talking to himself)

 I didn't know if you ate, so I made a ham and turkey sandwich. (Tara)
Thank you. Is this your Mother? (Major Sporting)
Yes it is. (Tara)
She has a beautiful smile. (Major Sporting)
Thank you. (Tara)

You look like you want to ask me a ton of questions. (Major Sporting)
Can I? (Tara)
Sure, provided your prepared to answer a few for me. (Major Sporting)
That sounds fare. (Tara)
Tara where are you?...... We need to talk. (Justin)

I'm in the living room. (Tara)
Why are you in........ (Justin)

DAD!!!!! (Justin)Son! (Major Sporting)
What are you doing here? (Justin)
Looks like you two need a minute. We'll be in the kitchen. (Tara)
Who's that man Mommy? (Justine whispers)

You have a beautiful home. (Major Sporting)
Thank you.  (Justin)

I got your letter. It sounds like you could use my help. (Major Sporting)
You came all this way because of that letter? (Justin)
You asked so I came. (Major Sporting)
Your serious. (Justin)
I know I hurt Rosa Lynn, but I didn't realize that you were paying for it. I'd like to change that if I can. (Major Sporting)
I'd really appreciate your help Dad. (Justin)
Does that mean I can meet my Grand baby now? (Major Sporting)
Sure, let me go get her. (Justin)

Are you okay? (Tara)
Better then I've been in a long time. Why? (Justin)
You never talk about him. I wasn't sure if you wanted to see him. (Tara)
I asked him to come. I didn't tell you because I didn't believe he would. (Justin)
Oh... (Tara)
Don't make that face. Let me introduce him to Justine and I will tell you whatever you want to know. (Justin)
Okay, do you want him to stay here? (Tara)
That's not necessary we.... (Justin)
Justin, I think you and your father should stay here. (Tara)
Are you sure? (Justin)
Yeah.  (Tara)

Hi.  (Justine)
Hi beautiful. (Major Sporting)
 My Daddy said you're my Grandpa. (Justine)
Then I guess I am. (Major Sporting)

 The police have finally arrived......

Taj-Ma Hall this is Sargent Garrett Walker. (Barry)
Hello Sargent Walker. (Taj-Ma)
Hello..... Where's the VIC. (Garrett)
On the couch. (Taj-Ma)

Good Evening I'm Captain Little and this is Sargent Walker.
Can you start from the beginning and tell us what happened?  (Barry)
Do I really have to talk to these two rent-a-cops. (Marcus
Marcus!!!!! These men are here to help you. (Danielle)
No they're here to help you get me killed. (Marcus)
Look, you don't have to talk to us if you don't want to. (Barry)
Well then, I don't want to. (Marcus)
You better talk to them if you want to sleep in this house tonight. (Danielle)

20 Minutes later.....

Did he tell the police anything? (Nikki)
I don't know, why? (Taj-Ma)
I don't want to leave her here with him. (Nikki)
We can't make her leave if she doesn't want to. (Taj-Ma)
Why isn't she afraid to stay here with him? I am. (Nikki)
I'll call Barry and see if he can put a unit out front. (Taj-Ma)
Will you? (Nikki)
Yes, because we are not staying here, you promised me a game of twister. (Taj-Ma)

Are you going to let him stay here? (Erin)
Yes , It's late his head still hurts and I'm too tired to drive him home. (Danielle)
Make him sleep on the couch then. (Erin)
I will Mom. (Danielle)
Lock your bedroom door too. (Nikki)
GOODNIGHT Ladies!!!!!!!! (Danielle)
Alright, Alright we're going. (Nikki, Erin)

Thanks for being here Taj-Ma. I couldn't have done it without you. (Danielle)
Your welcome, Get some rest and give us a call in the morning. (Taj-Ma)
I will. (Danielle)

I'm going to get you a blanket and a pillow. Do you want some aspirin? (Danielle)
Why? I'm not sleeping on this couch. (Marcus)
If you want to stay in this house tonight, you will be sleeping on this couch. (Danielle)
Aw come on Danny, I'm hurting too much to sleep on the couch. (Marcus)
Marcus please don't press your luck tonight.  (Danielle)

 At the cafe.....

Let me see your tablet Walker. (Barry)
Are you going to review my notes Captain. (Garrett)
Sure, Can you get me a large coffee and two butter creme donuts? (Barry)
Okay, I'll be right back. (Garrett)
(Barry takes the Sargent's tablet and deletes Marcus' statement.)
Well Well Well looks like we got some fresh meat in town. I wonder what Sebastian threw at Rosie. It must have been a whopper or was it a piece of Kentucky fried chicken he does look a little like Colonel Sanders. LOL cause that lady is EVIL. I'm guessing Marcus still has a piece of Danielle's heart. Does anyone know a good heart doctor she may need one on standby. Thanks for the Foam Board Heather. See you all next Monday.