Monday, March 31, 2014

The bribe and your not the one.

Alright Mr. Sporting what is this about. (Tara)
Have a seat. (Justin)


You know I love you right? (Justin)
Yes I know. (Tara)
Well...... I need you to start listening to me. (Justin)
I listen to you. (Tara)

No..... you don't. And it needs to stop. (Justin)
Justin. (Tara)
Let me finish..... When I express my opinion about your safety or well being I'm not trying to control you, I'm trying to keep you safe. I love being your husband, I love being the father of your children. I want to take care of you, please let me. (Justin)

You can take care of me anytime. (Tara)
I'm serious Tara. I want you to stay away from the studio. (Justin)
And what are you going to do for me Justin Sporting? (Tara)
I'm glad you asked. I'll be right back. (Justin)

What's that? (Tara)
A bribe. (Justin)
You got bribe's hidden around the house? (Tara)
Yup. (Justin)

Oh Justin, they're beautiful! (Tara)
Are they the right ones? (Justin)
What do you mean? (Tara)

Do you remember that weekend we spent in Washington? (Justin)
How could I forget.  (Tara)
Well, I wanted to get you something to remind you about that weekend. (Justin)
And these are the shoes I saw in that shoe store window? (Tara)
Yes. (Justin)

Oh, Justin I can't believe you remembered that. (Tara)
I remember every moment I spend with you. (Justin)

Tara, When I told you I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you I really do. (Justin)
I know you do. (Tara)
If you get hurt I won't be able to do that. (Justin)
I'm sorry Justin. I didn't think about it like that.
I'll try to consider your point of view before exercising mine. (Tara)
That's all I can ask. (Justin)

Can you help me put my bribe I mean my shoes on? (Tara)
Of course. (Justin)

How do they look? (Tara)
Did I tell you how much I love your legs? (Justin)
Will you please focus. How do the shoes look? (Tara)
There nice. (Justin)
Oh never mind. I'll look myself, move. (Tara)

These are so beautiful!
I can't believe you bought me a pair of Red bottoms. (Tara)

Does that mean you like them? (Justin)
I don't like them. I love them! (Tara)

Thank you for loving me. (Tara)
Does that mean we can go to the studio without you? (Justin)
Yes, but hurry back. I want to see how my new shoes
look with lingerie. (Tara)

 Down the road a piece..................

Hello. (Nikki)
Nikki! What are you doing here? (Taj)
I came to see if you were alive. (Nikki)
Why wouldn't I be? (Taj)

I've been calling but you haven't returned any of my calls. (Nikki)
I've been busy. (Taj)
Doing what? (Nikki)

Taj......... your out of bubbles. (Chandra)

Hello. (Chandra)
Who are you? (Nikki)
I'm Chan....... (Chandra)

What's wrong Chandra? (Taj)
Your out of bubbles.  (Chandra)
I'll be right back. Nikki. (Taj)

Do you want us to leave?  (Chandra)
No, why? (Taj)
She looks pissed off.  (Chandra)
She wasn't invited, you were. (Taj)
Are you sure?  (Chandra)
Yes, go take your bath.
There's another bottle of bubble bath in the hall closet.  (Taj)

Who the hell is that and why is she using my bubble bath. (Nikki)
Lower your voice. (Taj) 
Who is she, Taj? (Nikki)
None of your business. (Taj)

Oh you not going to answer me!  (Nikki)
She isn't important. You being here without an invitation is. (Taj)
I have a key. I have an open invitation. (Nikki)
Not anymore. (Taj)

Alright, what's going on here Taj? (Nikki)
What do you want me to say? (Taj)
How about its been fun Nikki, but its time to move on. (Nikki)
I can do that......Nikki, It's been fun but its time for you to move on. (Taj)


Is this a joke? (Nikki)
No. (Taj)
You really gonna do me like this. (Nikki)
 I was good to you Nikki. I don't owe you anything else. (Taj)

I don't understand. (Nikki)
I thought you were the one. Your not.  (Taj)
Look at me. (Nikki)
Go home, Nikki. (Taj)

Sunday, March 23, 2014

I'll Handle it.


Good Morning Beautiful. (Justin)
Morning, breakfast will be ready in a few minutes. (Tara)
Do you need any help? (Justin)
No, I got it, have a seat.  (Tara)

Morning Squirt. (Justin)
Morning Daddy, can we play a game after breakfast? (Justine)
Not today baby. Daddy's going out with your Uncle Tariq. (Justin)
Aww man! (Justine)

Morning everyone. (Tariq)
Morning.  (Justin,Tara)
Where are you two going? (Tara)
Were going to run a couple of errands, here let me set the table. (Justin)

What kind of errands? (Tara)

Were going to assess the damage at the studio,
and find someone to do the work. (Tariq)
I thought you weren't going to do that until next week. (Tara)
I changed my mind. (Tariq)

Alright, I'll go change while you three eat your breakfast.  (Tara)
What are you changing for?  (Justin)
I'm going with you. (Tara)
I thought you and Trichele had a Spa appointment today. (Justin)

We do, I'm going to cancel. (Tara)
Dear God. (Tariq)
I don't think that's necessary Tara. (Justin)

It's necessary, I want to see the studio. (Tara)
Have you forgotten your pregnant! (Tariq)
No I haven't and what does that have to do with anything? (Tara)
That place is in bad shape Tara.  (Tariq)
And I don't want you or my baby there. (Justin)

I'm going to pretend you didn't say that Mr. Sporting. (Tara)
There's nothing for you to do there.  (Justin)
Says who? (Tara)

I told you she wasn't going to let us go without her. (Tariq)
She's not going. (Justin)
How you gonna change her mind? (Tariq)
Sit tight, I'll handle it. (Justin)

Can I talk to you for a minute? (Justin)
I'm listening. (Tara)
Not here. Come upstairs.......... (Justin)

So this is where you do your thing, huh? (Rick)
Yup, its pretty snazzy isn't it?  (Petta)
It's more functional then I thought it would be. (Rick)


I thought I heard voices out here. How are you Petta? (Janay)
I'm good Janay. How are you?  (Petta)
Better now that your here. (Janay)

Hello. (Rick)
Janay this is my roommate Rick Van Story.  (Petta)
It's nice to meet you Rick. (Janay)
It's nice to see you again Janay. (Rick)
Again?  (Janay)
Yes, we met briefly at the hospital a few weeks ago. (Rick)
I'm sorry I don't remember that. (Janay)
Ruff (Duke)

Hey Duke. Is everything alright?  (Janay)
He's fine. I'm the one with the problem.  (Petta)
What's wrong Petta?  (Janay)
 I can't adopt him. (Petta)
Aww, why not?  (Janay)
Our roommate Marcus. (Petta)

Wants to know if all our names need to be on the adoption papers? (Rick)
He, didn't say that!  (Petta)
Yes he did. (Rick)

Can you excuse us for a moment?  (Petta)
Sure.  (Janay)

What do you think your doing?  (Petta)
I'm trying to adopt Duke and get your bosses attention. (Rick)
Sure, go right ahead. Get me thrown out on the street! (Petta)
Your not going to be thrown out. (Rick)
Yes I am, Marcus told me to get rid of the dog and
you just told my boss were keeping him.  (Petta)
Relax, I'll handle it. (Rick)

Lets go Duke, we need to find a new place to live. (Petta)
Stop worrying. I said I'll handle it. (Rick)
Yea, we'll see. (Petta) you have any advice for an adoptive parent?  (Rick)
Petta received a adoption packet when he took Duke home.
Everything you need to know is in there.  (Janay)
I didn't see it. Can I have another one?  (Rick)

Petta is an excellent Vet. I don't think your going to need it.  (Janay)
What am I suppose to do when Petta isn't around.  (Rick)
Rick, I know what your trying to do.  (Janay)
What am I trying to do?  (Rick)
Pick me up and I really don't have time for that right now.  (Janay)
What time should I come back?  (Rick)

How about never.  (Janay)
I'm sorry, but that won't work for me.  (Rick)
And why is that?  (Janay)
My Mom told me never to give up on something I want.  (Rick)

Monday, March 17, 2014

ROOMMATES! and contest winner announced.

Ha, Ha, Ha, Are you watching this? Popeye is the man! (Peeta)
Peeta, please tell me you didn't feed all my yogurt to the dog. (Rick)
There's a blueberry one in there. He doesn't like that kind. (Peeta)

You know your wrong. Right? (Rick)
What? He needed a treat and that's the only thing we had. (Peeta)
This one yogurt better turn into ten yogurts when you come in from work. (Rick)
Alright Alright. I'll take care of it. (Peeta)

Hey Danny. (Peeta)
Morning Peeta, How are you?  (Danny)
I'm good, your girl hooked a brother up. (Peeta)
Does that mean you got the job.  (Danny)
Started last week. Janay and Barbara really know their stuff. I'm going to learn a lot from them. (Peeta)

Danny this is Rick van Story. Rick this is Marcus girlfriend Danny. (Peeta)
Hello. (Rick)
Do I know you?  (Danny)
I don't think so. Not unless you've been to the hospital. (Rick)
Wait, aren't you Julian's doctor?  (Danny)
Yes, yes I am. (Rick)
Danny, I'll let Marcus know your're here. (Peeta)
Thanks Peeta.  (Danny)


How long have you known Marcus?  (Danny)
We went to high school together. We were best friends back home. (Rick)
Really? He's never mentioned you.  (Danny)
How long have you and Marcus been dating. (Rick)
We've been dating off and on since college.  (Danny)


Rick can you please tell your boy to put some pants on, don't nobody want to see that.  (Marcus)
I told him, this morning, last night, last week and last month. He ain't listening. (Rick)
I'm going to put him and those raggedy boxers on the curb. (Marcus)

Trying to put Peeta on the curb again. I see.  (Danny)
The boy has no home training.  (Marcus)
He walked around in his boxers all through college. You should be use to it.  (Danny)
If a man gets use to another man walking around in his boxers
there's something funny going on between them. (Marcus)
Let's go funny man. (Danny)
I don't want to see you in your boxers when I get back Peeta.
And don't forget to get rid of that mangy mutt. (Marcus) 
Bye Fellas. (Danny)
Bye Danny. (Peeta, Rick)

Did he just call Duke a mutt? (Peeta)
Yup. (Rick)

You better find him a new home, quick. (Rick)
You don't think Marcus will change his mind? (Peeta)
Marcus only changes his mind if and when it suits him. You know that. (Rick)

I don't understand why he doesn't like him.  (Peeta)
He chewed up his Salvatore Ferragamo loafers an hour after he got here.  (Rick)
He's a puppy he needs some training.  (Peeta)
Where did you get him?  (Rick)
Work.  (Peeta)
Take him back. Your boss will understand.  (Rick)


Mustiwait asked me to thank you all for participating.
We really enjoyed reading your thoughts and feelings about the characters.
The people you all put on blast weren't too happy but Mustiwait told them to suck it up. (Marcus)
BAM BAM BAM open this door!

Yo dude, I know you didn't just let yourself into my spot? (Marcus)
Are they announcing the contest winner here? (Aaron)
Yeah, so?  (Marcus)
Well, I got something to say!  (Aaron)

I don't know who you peasants think you are but you better watch yourselves.
You shouldn't go around talking about just anybody.
You don't know me and you don't want too. Ask Tariq.  (Aaron)

Sorry about that Folks! (Marcus)
The winner is.........
(based on the post she unfortunately deleted. I hope you all saw it we did.)
Email us at Mustiwait1@gmail to tell us what prize you'd like to receive and where to send it.
See you all next Monday.