Monday, July 9, 2012

The Morning After......

Good morning breakfast is almost ready. (Tara)
Good morning it looks delicious, but I don't have time to eat it honey. (Justin)
Why not Justine and I made all your favorites. (Tara)
I'm opening the cafe this morning, I tried to tell you last night but you had something else on your mind. (Justin)
Ohhhhhh, well I don't remember you complaining. (Tara)
Nope not once, I'm actually hoping for a repeat performance. (Justin)
I'm sure I can arrange that. In the mean time I'll pack this to go. (Tara)

Aren't you going to sit down to eat Daddy. (Justine)
I can't, I have to get to the cafe. (Justin)
But Mommy let me make the french toast. (Justine)
I know, I will eat it at the cafe Mommy's packing it up for me. (Justn) 

Here's your breakfast to go sir. (Tara)
Thank you for understanding. (Justin)
Thank you for ignoring my tantrum yesturday. (Tara)
I wasn't ignoring you, I was letting you cool off. (Justin)

I love you Justin Sporting. (Tara)
I love you Tara Sporting more then you may ever know. (Justin)
How about dinner for two tonight. (Tara)
Sounds good to me. (Justin)

 Shortly at the Brown Suga Cafe.............

I want to thank you both for hanging in their with Theresa last night. (Justin)
Your welcome, No problem. (Gabriella) (Zac)
I put a little bonus in your check to show my appreciation.  (Justin)
Thanks Justin, and before I forget someone is waiting for you in the cafe. (Gabriella)

(Juanita and Aaron waiting for Justin.)

Good Morning, What brings you two in here so early. (Justin)
Hey Justin, I wanted to drop off the flyers and registration forms for the annual camp out. (Juanita)
And I ordered coffee and lunch to go. (Aaron)
Oh yea thanks...... let me go check on your lunch order. (Justin)

Gabriella did you or Zac take Aaron's lunch order? (Justin)
Zac did he was going to finish it when we left the office.  (Gabriella)
He is probably finished then, I'll just go back and get it. (Justin)

Here you go. I hope you guys have a wonderful day. (Justin)
Oh thanks Justin, Wait this isn't our basket. (Juanita)
I know. I just thought it would be a nice touch. (Justin)
It is, thanks man. I'll be sure to return it when we get back. (Aaron)

That was so nice of him. (Juanita)
Yes that was very classy.  Lets get out of here classy lady. (Aaron)

 Back in the office...

Hello this is Rosie O'Donald Sporting I can't take your call right now but if you leave a message I will get back to you. (answering machine)
Hello Mom, I need to talk to you please give me a call at the cafe. (Justin leaving a message)
(Justin also calls Rosie's cell and gets her voice mail he leaves another message asking for a call back.) 

 Meanwhile on the eastern shore of Grace's Grove...............


I'm so glad we decided to do this. The beach is perfect today. (Juanita)
Yes, This is the life. (Aaron)

If this is the life why won't you come camping with me. (Juanita)
Do I look like GI Joe to you. (Aaron) 

Does this body look like its been roughing it in the woods.
This is a Power Team Elite body, GI Joe ain't got nothing on me.(Aaron)

Awww go somewhere with that.
 If I didn't know any better I'd swear you were scared of the dark. (Juanita)
Scared of the dark huh. You didn't think I was scared of the dark last night. Come here! (Aaron)

Gotcha!!! Now what were you saying? (Aaron)
Nothing I wasn't saying anything please put me down. (Juanita laughing)
Yea thats what I thought. (Aaron)

I'm hungry. How about you? (Juanita)
I could eat. How about a piggy back ride over to our picnic basket. (Aaron)
Sure if your Elite body can handle it. (Juanita)

Later at the Galleria.........

Hello honey, I'm sorry I missed your call are you okay? (Rosie)
I'm fine Mom, thanks for calling back are you free later this afternoon? (Justin)
I planned to do some gardening but I would love to see you and my grandbaby. (Rosie)
I need to talk to you so it will be just me okay? (Justin) 
Okay see you later then honey. (Rosie)

Happy Anniversary Juanita and Aaron!!!!!

see you all next Monday.........



  1. Rosie is not going to know what hit her. LOL! Love her as his mom. Good to see Aaron and Juanita enjoying themselves. Love those beach scenes. They are wonderful. Looking forward to the Sporting vs. Sporting face off.

    1. Yes Aaron and Juanita had a great day. I had a lot of fun shooting them at the beach. Did you see Aarons now hands Vanessa he just went from 100 to 110 to me thank for your help.

    2. Funny thing is I noticed the hands, but I had totally forgotten about the gloves. I'm glad you were able to make the switch.

  2. The beach scenes were cute.

    Rosie O'Donnell Sporting... love your character choices and their names.

    Interesting how Mrs. Sporting said she would love to see Justin and her granddaughter.


    1. I was trying to win a happy family grandmom but it didnt work out so Rosie got the spot. Im sure she will do a great job. And yes it seems the elder Mrs. Sporting is sticking to her guns in reference to her daughter in laws presences in her life.

  3. I totally mean this as a compliment, but I wish this was a video series so bad! This is better than Young and the Restless. It's so awesome that I want music and sound effects too I guess, lol. The beach scenes were my absolute favorites. Your posing is the best. I'm looking forward to next Monday!

    1. I swear Im working on it muff my huband has been trying to give me video making lesson in between my doll crafting story telling and everyday life. When you least expect it you will log in and be hit with a video. Thanks for hanging in there with me.

  4. Hi, just found your blog! I love it! Those beach scenes are fantastic! Ok... Gonna go finish checking your posts out now:)

    1. Hi Chynadoll, I'm glad you stopped by. My daughter and I had a blast at the beach shooting those photos, it was very hard to choose for the story. I hope you come back again to see what we are up to in Graces Grove. P.s. Your doll makeovers are unbelievable so please know we have been watching you.

  5. Hello from Spain: I am glad that Tara and Justin are in love. I really like the window you did for the kitchen. I also like the furniture. I have to Gabriella and Zac. These are great beach scenes. What envy! Keep in touch

    1. Hey Marta, Tara and Justin are very much in love. I just deboxed those high school musical kids I thought they would be perfect summer workers. And yes the beach was a nice twist I was grinning from ear to ear when I shot those photos and decided to add them to my story.

  6. Do I look like GI JOE? This is a POWER TEAM ELITE BODY! Enough Said! I'm gonna be checking in on this bruva Mr. Marz. Nice "drama"! It's is DRAMA...isn't it? If not, I foresee it coming. Hmm...well I'll be back same time, same blog spot.

    1. I knew you would like that Aaron. Be good and thanks for checking in.

  7. It's Official...I am following your blog! Best wishes.

    1. Thanks Dienerman and Welcome to Grace's Grove

  8. Juicy! I look so forward to each episode. The beach scenes are awesome!

    1. Thanks Georgia girl, the beach scenes were perfect. When I realized that mondays post would fall on their real life wedding anniversary. I rewrote the story to include those beach scenes just for them.