Sunday, August 9, 2015

The night before the Wedding (continues 5)

What are you doing? (John)
I'm reading a book. (Gia)
I can see that. (John)
Then why'd you ask? (Gia)
Because you should be getting ready for take off, but you have goop on your face, curlers in your hair and you don't have your uniform on. (John)
So? (Gia)
Have you forgotten where you are? (John)

Nope. (Gia)
Are you going to change? (John)
Nope. (Gia)

Why not? (John)
Because I'm on vacation. (Gia)
We were on vacation. Were not anymore. (John)

 No,  I'm still on vacation. (Gia)
Baby, you know our contract says we're available 24/7. 
That means our plans change whenever the Boss calls. (John)
Not anymore, I've had enough. (Gia)

Are you telling me you don't want to work together anymore? (John)

No, I'm telling you that I don't want to work on this airplane tonight!  (Gia)
Why not? (John)
Because he said we didn't have to. (Gia)
I know but..... (John)
There aren't suppose to be any buts,
We're suppose to go to his wedding, then fly him and his bride to a tropical island.
We're not suppose to be flying to God knows where in the middle of the night, tonight! (Gia)

I understand your frustration but this isn't the time or place to discuss it. (John)
We don't have to discuss it, I already told you I'm not working tonight.
Yes you are,  I'll help you get yourself together. (John)

I don't want your help, get off of me. (Gia)
Stop acting like a little baby. (John)
I'm not acting like a baby. (Gia)
Yes you are. (John)

No, I'm not. This job has been controlling our life for years.
It's time for a change. (Gia)
I like our life just the way it is. (John)
You're joking right? (Gia)
No, I'm not. (John)
 We can't have a baby living like this. (Gia)
Then we won't have a baby. (John)
What?! (Gia)

Is everything okay in here? (Aaron)
Everything's fine, Sir. We'll be in the air in twenty minutes. (John)
Thank you, John. (Aaron)
Your welcome, Sir. (John)

Gia, are you okay? (Aaron)
Yes, Sir. (Gia)
You don't look okay. (Aaron)

I'm sorry, I'm out of uniform, Sir.
If you excuse me for a moment, I'll will correct the situation right away. (Gia)

That's not what I'm talking about and you know it. (Aaron)
I'm sorry Sir, but I...... (Gia)
Don't blow smoke up my butt, I heard what John said. (Aaron)
 I know you did. (Gia)
Then, talk to me. (Aaron)

I'm sorry Sir, but this isn't the time or place. (Gia)
Gia, If you're upset you need to talk about it. (Aaron)
Mr Markz, I need to prepare the plane for take off can I be excused? (Gia)
Is this how you want to play this? (Aaron)
Yes. (Gia)
Very well, your excused. (Aaron)
Thank you, Sir. (Gia)

Can you put this away? (Aaron)
It would be my pleasure, Sir. (Gia)

Across the ocean..............................................

I can't believe he didn't call me back. (Nikki)
I can. (Pierre)
And why is that? (Nikki)
Because you broke Independent Woman rule number ONE and TWO. (Pierre)

What is Independent Woman rule number ONE and TWO. (Nikki)
Independent woman rule number ONE and I quote:
"Never put a man before your money." (Pierre)
I haven't done that. (Nikki)
Yes you have. (Pierre)

When? (Nikki)
Were you suppose to work today? (Pierre)
Yes. (Nikki)
Were you working? (Pierre)
No. (Nikki)
Were you suppose to work last Saturday? (Pierre)
Yes. (Nikki)
Did you? (Pierre)
No. (Nikki)
Did you miss a fitting two week's ago? (Pierre)
Yes, but....  (Nikki)

No buts, you were everywhere except where your money was. (Pierre)
I had a lot on my mind. (Nikki)
I'm sure Mr. Wonderful had a lot on his mind too, I bet it didn't stop him from going to work. (Pierre)
Okay, Okay so I didn't follow rule number One. What's rule number Two. (Nikki)
Don't beg. (Pierre)
I don't beg! (Nikki)
Yes you do, I heard you trying to whisper into the phone. (Pierre)

"Please baby, baby please don't leave me, I'll do anything you say." (Pierre)
Shut up! (Nikki swinging the pillow)
"You know I need you, love you and can't live without you baby." (Pierre)
Shut up, Shut up! (Nikki swinging the pillow)
"I really mean it this time baby. Please call me back!" (Pierre)
Shut up, Shut up, Shut up! (Nikki swinging the pillow)
Ha Ha, Alright, alright stop hitting me woman. Ha Ha. (Pierre) 

I really hate you right now. (Nikki)
I was trying to make you laugh. (Pierre)
Ha Ha, very funny. (Nikki)
Relax, everything's going to be fine. (Pierre)
How do you know? (Nikki)
Because I've always wanted to design clothes for a little person and now I can. (Pierre)