Sunday, January 26, 2014

Somethings.....You just dont want to know.

Just a minute.  (Taj-Ma)

How's everything at the office? (Taj-Ma)
Quiet. (Scully)
The D. A. finally stopped calling every hour on the hour huh?  (Taj-Ma)
Yes, thank god. (Scully)
If he calls again tell him I died. (Taj-Ma)
Like that's going to make him stop harassing me. (Scully)

Are the fella's behaving themselves?  (Taj-Ma)
Only because they think your mad at them. (Scully)
Mad at them, why would I be mad at them?  (Taj-Ma)
You've been out of the office for two weeks, you've never done that before. (Scully)
There's a first time for everything......You want some coffee?  (Taj-Ma)
Sure. (Scully)

What's all this? (Scully)
The information you gave me on Markz and Nikki.  (Taj-Ma)
I thought you were finished with it. (Scully)
I was, but I keep getting the feeling that I missed something.  (Taj-Ma)

Are you looking for a reason to end your relationship with Nikki? (Scully)
I don't think so.  (Taj-Ma)
Well.....every time you look at these files I'd say you are. (Scully)
I still love her, even after seeing this.
I just need to know that it's really over between the two of them. 
If I go thru these files with you can I take them with me when I leave? (Scully)
Yes.  (Taj-Ma)
Lets get started. (Scully).



Bing Bing Bing Bing! (Video game noise)
Are you watching Mommy? I'm about to beat Daddy's high score. (Justine)
I'm watching. (Tara)
Beep Beep Beep Beep!  (Video game noise)

Awww man, It's your turn!  (Justine)
 Let me put this back in the dryer first. (Tara)

Tara.  (Justin)

Hey baby your home....... (Tara)
Hello Tara. (Rosie)
Rosie!? (Tara)

Did you talk to Tariq today?  (Justin)
No........ why? (Tara)
Hey Daddy, Hi Grandma.  (Justine)
Hi Sweetie. (Rosie)

Hey Squirt, Guess what?  (Justin)
What?!? (Justine)
Grandma Rosie's going to take you to her house for the night.  (Justin)
REALLY!  (Justine)
Yes, really. (Justin)
Come on sweetie. Show Grandma where your room is. (Rosie)

What's going on Justin?!? (Tara)
Come here.  (Justin)
No! Tell me what's going on first? (Tara)
Do you promise to remain calm? (Justin)
I'm calm, What's going on? (Tara raises her voice)
Tariq's in the hospital.  (Justin)
Why? (Tara)
Someone attacked him in the studio......... they beat him pretty bad.  (Justin)
(Tara starts to stumble backwards, but Justin catches her)


Why would someone do that to him?!
(Tara cries)

A short time later.............

Paris, France May 28  (Scully)
 I got that one too.  (Taj-Ma)
Alright, according to my data that's where the affair ends.  (Scully)

Are you sure you don't see anything in Markz file that says he was in Germany? 
Markz was never in Germany when Nikki was there and you know it.  (Scully)
That data can't be right something's got to be missing.  (Taj-Ma)


Are you listening? The last time Markz saw Nikki was on his wedding day.  (Scully)
See that's the part that doesn't make sense.
Why would he go to her on his wedding day?  (Taj-Ma)
He cared about her. She probably just called,
 said she had something important to say.
So he jumped in his plane and went to her.  (Scully)
Yea but what did she say? He went to Paris saw her then left an hour later.  (Taj-Ma)
So, Nikki got on a plane and went to Germany two hours after that. 
I think your looking for something that isn't there. (Scully)

That's a long way to go for nothing, don't you think?  (Taj-Ma)
Whatever it was didn't keep them together so it wasn't a big deal.  (Scully)
Wait a minute.  Did you have a chance to pull the info on Nia I asked for?  (Taj-Ma)
Yea, Its in my brief case.  (Scully)
Let me see it. (Taj-Ma)

I know its in here somewhere.  (Scully)
Come on Scully. I may have found what isn't there. (Taj-Ma)
If you say  (Scully)

Thanks.  (Taj-Ma)
What does Nia have to do with this? (Scully)
I want to know if she went to Germany to see Nikki.
Hey you got Julian's birth certificate.  (Taj-Ma)
Did you know Nia was a marathon runner?  (Taj-Ma)
No.  (Scully)
Well she was. As a matter of fact she ran one in Germany
 the year Nikki took her hiatus there.  (Taj-Ma)
So.  (Scully)
So, the German Marathon took place two months before Nikki left Germany.  (Taj-Ma)
So!?  (Scully)
So, when that race was over Nia left Germany with a two week old baby boy. 


But, but, but.........  (Scully)
But nothing, here's a photo of Nia winning that race.  (Taj-Ma)
She doesn't look pregnant.  (Scully)
That's because she wasn't.  (Taj-Ma)

If she wasn't pregnant, then who.......  (Scully)
I'll give you one guess.  (Taj-Ma)
RING RING RING  (Scully's cell phone)

Hello.  (Scully)
Scully this is Big Dog are you with the Captain? (Gordon)
Yea, your on speaker.  (Scully)
A little bird just told me Markz might be going down for assault charges.  (Gordon)
No way!  (Scully)
Way! (Gordon)
Thanks Big Dog.  (Taj-Ma)
Anytime. (Gordon)

Do you want confirmation on Markz?  (Scully)
Yes call Barry. Ask him to share whatever he can as soon as he can.  (Taj-Ma)
Taj?  (Scully)
Yes Scully. Nikki is Julian's Mother not Nia. And I bet Markz is his father.  (Taj-Ma)


Do you think Markz knows about Julian?  (Scully)
No, Markz is too arrogant to hide a child.  
His arrogance would double if he produced a Son.  (Taj-Ma)
OMG! (Scully)
Here take these. (Taj-Ma)
What do you want me to do with them?  (Scully)
Burn them, I found what I was looking for. (Taj-Ma)

Where are you going?  (Scully)
To let Markz know I found something he doesn't know he lost. (Taj-Ma)

In my Florida Evans voice.......DAMN! DAMN! DAMN! AG Lanc,  I believe you were the first one to pick up on this possibility..........your too good for me:) See you all next Monday.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Have you Heard?

Brown Suga Café...........

Let me know if I can get you ladies anything else. (Justin)
Thanks Justin, we will. (Amber)

Can I get you some dessert Marie?  (Justin)
I don't want anything now, but I may get something when Megan gets here. (Marie)
Alright, just let me know.  (Justin)

I'm surprised to see you here! (Brandon)
Oh yea, and why is that?  (Justin)
I thought you'd be at the hospital with your wife. (Brandon)
My wife isn't in the hospital.  (Justin)

No, your brother in-law is!
The cops are crawling all over his place.
I heard he was assaulted or something. (Brandon)

Hey Dad, can you watch the front of the Café for me? (Justin)
Sure, is something wrong? (Sebastian)

I don't know.  (Justin)
Who are you calling? (Sebastian)
Tara.  (Justin)
Wait, tell me what's bothering you first. (Sebastian)

Brandon just told me the cops are crawling all over Tariq's studio.  (Justin)
You don't think Tara is at the studio do you?  (Sebastian)
No, and I don't want her going over there either. (Justin)
Then don't call her. Go home!  (Sebastian)

Markz Restaurant..........

Thank God, I've been looking all over for you!  (Bradley)
Whatever it is Bradley, save it until Monday. (Megan)
This can't wait until Monday.  (Bradley)
My Mom has been at the café for over an hour, I've got to go. (Megan)

Aarons been arrested!  (Bradley)
That's not funny Bradley. (Megan)
I'm not laughing.  (Bradley)
Start talking! (Megan)

John called wanting to know what time Aaron was leaving for the airport.
I told him he already did. Then I remembered you saying something about Tariq.
I tried calling Aaron on his cell but he didn't answer so I drove to Tariq's.
 When I got there the street was blocked off and the cops were everywhere.
I saw them put Aaron into a police car. (Bradley)


Bradley I swear to god if this is some kind of a joke. (Megan)
I'm not joking Megan, I saw it with my own two eyes. (Bradley)
Alright, I'm going to call the station first.
If all this is true I'll need to call Aarons lawyer and his Mother. (Megan)
What should I do? (Bradley)
PRAY! (Megan)

 Markz Family Estate.............

BrrRing, BrrRing, BrrRing.

Hello, (Ariel Markz)
Is this Mrs. Markz?  (Megan)
 Yes this is Mrs.Ariel Markz.
Hello, Mrs. Markz, this is Megan.  (Megan)
Yes Megan, how are you? (Ariel Markz)
I'm fine. (Megan)
I hope you aren't calling to tell me my son isn't coming home again!  (Ariel Markz)
I'm sorry Mrs. Markz, Aaron wont be coming home because he's been arrested.  (Megan)
HE WHAT! (Ariel Markz)

Yes Dear that's correct Roger Sterling is our family lawyer.
Make sure Roger goes down to that station himself.
 Don't let him send one of his flunkies. I'll call Roger myself if I have too. (Ariel Markz)

Yes, go ahead and send the jet, Apple and I will be ready when it gets here.
Don't worry you did the right thing. We will see you in a few hours. Ta Ta 
(Ariel Markz)
What's going on Mom? (Apple)

Aaron's been arrested. We're going to Grace's Grove. (Ariel Markz)

You've been here for seven hours are you sure you don't want something to eat or drink?
(Ofc Garrett)
No. (Aaron)

Sunday, January 12, 2014

After the fight.

Outside of 214 west 7th street

We're leaving Garrett.  (EMT Robin Green)
Alright Robin, thanks for you help.   (Ofc Garrett Walker)
Your welcome, don't forget to report your suspect refused medical attention, Rookie.
  (EMT Robin Green)
I won't Green Giant, have a good night.  (Ofc Garrett Walker)

Hey Chief, long time no see.  (EMT Robin Green)
That's the way I like it. (Barry)
I know that's right.  (EMT Robin Green)

Chief Little.  (Ofc Garrett Walker)
 Officer Walker. (Barry)
I'll talk to you two later. (EMT Robin Green)
Alright Robin. (Barry, Garrett)
What do we have here Walker? (Barry)

I'm not sure Sir, I didn't find any signs of forced entry, but there's broken furniture and blood everywhere. 
  (Ofc Garrett Walker)
So our assailant just walked in on the victims.  (Barry)
It looks that way.  (Ofc Garrett Walker)
Alright, let's start from the beginning. (Barry)
I was responding to a 911 distress call placed by a female.
When I arrived I noticed the lights were on but I didn't see any movement inside the building.
I checked the front door and found it unlocked so I drew my weapon and entered.  (Ofc Garrett Walker)

When I entered I found the blood covered male suspect holding the female.
I ordered him to put her down and move away.
I cuffed the suspect at this point.
While checking the female I noticed she was unresponsive but breathing, I didn't see any visible trauma.
 But that's when I called for EMT.
   (Ofc Garrett Walker)

I found the second victim, a semi conscious male laying here.
Blood was all over his face and hands.
He also had a large gash in his head.
 This broken vase maybe the source of that injury.  (Ofc Garrett Walker)

 Did you get any statements?  (Barry)
No, the female was still unconscious and the male was in no condition to talk.
He was beaten pretty bad.  
I removed the suspect from the scene when EMT arrived. (Ofc Garrett Walker)
Do you have the victims names? (Barry)
No Sir, but if you'll notice there's a purse on the couch where the female was found. (Ofc Garrett Walker)

Did you ID the suspect, did he say anything?  (Barry)
No, he refused to talk and be treated by the EMT.   (Ofc Garrett Walker)
Where is he now?  (Barry)
In my squad car.   (Ofc Garrett Walker)
 Good job Rookie, now go get him.  Lets see if the monster will talk to me. (Barry)
Yes Sir.   (Ofc Garrett Walker)

 Barry starts looking around the studio.......

I can't believe this. This is one hell of a way to start the new year!


Tariq's photo studio...... no cash....
violent altercation......broad daylight.......
unidentified victims.....what kind of monster would do this? (Barry's thoughts)
Here he is Chief.  (rookie Garrett Walker)