Sunday, October 27, 2013

Have we made our case?

More Daddy More! (Little Barry)
You have to come closer first. (Barry)

I hope you fellas aren't playing with your rent money. (Scully)
Please tell me you can stop her Captain. (Devon)
Maybe, maybe not. (Taj-Ma)
Can I have another card please? (Emerson)

Big Dog in the house! (Gordon)
Ruff, Ruff, Ruff, (Taj-Ma, Devon, Emerson)

Little Dog in the house! (Andre)
Shut up and sit down Dre! (Scully)

Who's winning? (Gordon)
Scully!  (Taj-Ma, Devon, Emerson)
I know who my next stake out buddy is. (Gordon)
I don't think so! (Scully)

How you gonna let a girl take your money? (Andre)
Can you do better? (Emerson)
Shut up Dre, I took your money two weeks ago. (Scully)
HA, HA, HA, HA.  (Taj-Ma, Devon, Emerson, Gordon)

You should've been here 30 minutes ago where were you? (Taj-Ma)
Tell him Dre!  (Gordon)
I'm not going to tell him you tell him.  (Andre)

Alright, This idiot turned the tracker off thinking it was his alarm clock.
We had to run around town looking for Marcus. (Gordon)
It kept beeping and blinking I was tired. (Andre)
If you stayed home instead of partying you wouldn't be tired!  (Gordon)

Are you trying to tell me you lost my witness? (Taj-Ma)
Relax Capt. Dre knows where Marcus is don't you Dre? (Scully)

He's with that Danielle chick Capt. (Andre)
Do you know our whole case is depending on his testimony. (Taj-Ma)
Yes Captain. I'm sorry it wont happen again. (Andre)
It better not or I will make you eat these dog tags.  (Taj-Ma)

Hey Barry. (Gordon)
What's up" G", How you been? (Barry)
My life was so much easier when we were partners.  (Gordon)
Dre's a little slow huh? (Barry)
The boy is past slow he's straight up retarded! (Gordon)

I'm gonna kill that fool one of these days! (Taj-Ma)
Take a couple of deep breaths so you can start the briefing. (Scully)
Take the bullets out my gun first. Please! (Taj-Ma)
Whatever you say Captain. (Scully)

Scully and I have reviewed all the reports and every ounce of evidence.
If no one has anything else to add, we are ready for court.  (Taj-Ma)
Capt. Did you find anything that makes you want to look at Aaron Markz? (Emerson)
You want to elaborate on that Emerson?  (Taj-Ma)

The Senator has been screaming that Markz was his money man since day one.
I know Markz helped us take him down, But that doesn't mean he wasn't involved. (Emerson)

He did know a lot about the Senators operation Capt. (Gordon)
We've put a lot of hours in on this case, Markz was never a suspect. (Scully)
No he wasn't, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't tip toe thru his tulips.
 If we've been anything were always thorough. (Gordon)

Your awfully quiet over there Barry. (Taj-Ma)
I'm just taking it all in Capt. (Barry)
How well do you know Markz? (Taj-Ma)
I know him pretty well. I grew up with him. (Barry)
Do you think he's playing both sides of the fence? (Taj-Ma)

My gut says no way. (Barry)
What does your head say? (Taj-Ma)
 It says anything is possible. (Barry)

What do you guys think of Markz? (Emerson)
He has some banging food at his restaurant. (Devon)
I never met the guy. (Andre)
I have he's pretty arrogant if you ask me. (Gordon)
Do you think the Captain will let us investigate him? (Emerson)
Good question? (Gordon)

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Tariq lay's it all out!

Hey Vivian, how's it going?  (Tariq)
It's going. What's up with you? (Vivian)
I need to speak to Juanita.  Is she free?  (Tariq)
No, but she will be shortly.  (Vivian)

I'll sit right here and wait if you don't mind.  (Tariq)
I don't mind. Would you like something to drink?  (Vivian)
No thanks.  (Tariq)

 Twenty minutes and Tariq is still waiting.........

Vivian decides to buzz Juanita.

Yes Vivian? (Juanita)
Sorry to interrupt, but I thought you should know that your next appointment is here.  (Vivian)
My next appointment?!? (Juanita)
Yes, Mr. Tariq Moyer.  (Vivian)
Okay, thanks Yolanda. I'm sorry Erin, what were you saying? (Juanita)

I was just wondering what my limitations are. (Erin)
This is your career you can work as much or as little as you want. (Juanita)
That's a relief. Cause sometimes a girl just wants to have fun! (Erin laughs)
The final decision will always be yours. Isn't that right? (Kurtis)

 That's right Kurtis, your the boss Erin, I work for you. (Juanita)
This is so exciting. (Erin)
It sure is, do you have anymore questions? (Juanita)
I don't think so. (Erin)
 Great, I will put something together highlighting what we discussed today.
I'll call you in a few days so we can go over it. (Juanita)

Thank you for seeing me on such short notice. (Erin)
It was my pleasure.  Enjoy the rest of your day.  (Juanita)

Sorry about the wait.  (Juanita)
No problem.  (Tariq)
I need to speak to Yolanda, can you wait for me in my office.  (Juanita)
Sure.  (Tariq)

I'm sorry I Interrupted your meeting.  (Vivian)
You did the right thing. Are you going to lunch now?  (Juanita)
If you don't mind.  (Vivian)
Not at all. (Juanita)
Excuse me for saying this, but he looks like he lost his best friend.  (Vivian whispers)
He didn't. Enjoy your lunch.  (Juanita)

Is everything ok?  (Juanita)
You look pretty. (Tariq)
Thank you. Now answerer my question.  (Juanita)

Did you get my message last night? (Tariq)
I got it..... I hope you came here to tell me your were joking.  (Juanita)

I'm not joking. I want you to call Mike and tell him I want that job.
If he already has someone find out if he can use me for something else. (Tariq)

Tariq, Mike offered you that job six months ago.
You turned him down flat because the job kept you away from home for at least a year. (Juanita)
I know. But the time away doesn't matter now. (Tariq)
What about Tara, Justine, the upcoming holiday's?  (Juanita)

Can you stop thinking like my friend and be my manager for just a moment. (Tariq)
Your serious about this!  (Juanita)
Very serious. (Tariq)
Alright seat down.  We need to conduct a real meeting. (Juanita)

When can you start?  (Juanita)
I'll need about two weeks to tie up a few personal matters. (Tariq)
Acceptable salary range.  (Juanita)
I left him hanging for six months. I'll take whatever he's offering. (Tariq)
Do you want me to find someone to take your place at Studio It?  (Juanita)

No, draw something up giving controlling interest to Tara.
She can make that decision herself, and give Trichelle a raise, talk to Tara about it first though.
Make sure she gets a new title and everything. (Tariq)
Is there anything else?  (Juanita)

  Yes, If I take this job. I want you to stay away from the movie set. (Tariq)
Very funny.  (Juanita)
I'm serious. (Tariq) 

Tariq,  I'm your business manager, how will I know if you need something if I don't come check on you.  (Juanita)
I knew you were going to fight me on that one. Lets change topics for just a moment. (Tariq)
Alright.  (Juanita)
What do you think about Aaron? (Tariq)
Markz?  (Juanita)
Yes. (Tariq)

Up until a few days ago I thought he was a very thorough business man.  (Juanita)
I mean on a personal level. (Tariq)
Oh. OH....... Tariq, why would I think about him like that?  (Juanita)
Think about it for just a moment. How does he look to you? (Tariq)
Well, he is easy on the eye's.  He appears to have a nice body. (Juanita)
What else? (Tariq)

This conversation is making me uncomfortable. I think we should get back to business. (Juanita)
Alright, I don't want you on the movie set. (Tariq)
Why not?  (Juanita)
I want you to spend some time getting to know Aaron. (Tariq)

If I didn't know any better. I'd think you were trying to pass me off.  (Juanita)
No. I'm just........... (Tariq)
Your just what? What are you trying to do Tariq?  (Juanita)
Aaron is attracted to you. (Tariq)
So!  (Juanita)
I think you should see what the man has to offer. (Tariq)
Tariq.  (Juanita) mean the world to me. And I think I'm finally ready to settle down.
I'm talking the whole nine. Ring, ceremony, a house, and kids.
If you choose to spend the rest of your life with me. I don't want you asking yourself what if. (Tariq)
But why would I?  (Juanita)
How many men have you dated? (Tariq)

Well, there's you and some guy who's name I can't remember right now.  (Juanita)
See what I mean.  (Tariq)
No, I don't see what you mean. (Juanita)
I need to know I'm the one you can't live without.  (Tariq)
You are. (Juanita)
Go see Aaron. If he doesn't steal your heart before I return. All bets are off. (Tariq) 

Where are you going? (Juanita)
I have something else to do. Go see Aaron. (Tariq)

Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Day After part 2

TRICHELE!  (Tariq)

What's up?  (Trichele)
Can you please tell me why these clothes are still here? (Tariq)
I haven't had time to take them to the cleaners. (Trichele)
This was the first thing I've asked you to do in weeks.
 I don't understand why you wouldn't have time to do it. (Tariq)

Schools back in session. We've just finished taking Senior portraits.
Were about to take the secondary school photo's and
Were trying to get all those photos developed before families start making appointments for Christmas. (Trichele)

Correct me if I'm wrong but you work for me right?  (Tariq)
Yes, but. (Trichele)
No but's. I have no problem with you helping Tara,
provided it doesn't keep you from handling my business. (Tariq)

If I sat around here waiting for an assignment from you I would be stir crazy. (Trichele)
Would you like me to start paying you per assignment,
 I'd save myself a ton of money! (Tariq)
Are you questioning my job performance or worth? (Trichele)

Trichele, can you excuse me and my brother for a minute. (Tara)

Why did you interrupt us?  (Tariq)
 I was trying to keep you from putting your foot in your mouth. (Tara)
Trichelle works for me not you. (Tariq)
Trichelle doesn't work for either of us she just works. (Tara)

I was trying to talk to her about her work.  (Tariq) 
Are you stupid or have you just lost your mind?  (Tara)
What the heck are you talking about?  (Tariq)
TARIQ! The great fashion photographer may have started Studio It, 
but Trichele and I are Studio It.  (Tara)

This is my studio and you two wouldn't be spit without me.
I know I haven't handled the day to day functions in years,
 but that doesn't mean I'm going to let you two take my baby from me! (Tariq)

(Tara shoves Tariq to get his attention)

You listen to me and you listen good.
We love you and would never take this studio from you. 
What you need to do is find out where you left your head and heart.
Your going to loose everything you ever cared about if you don't. (Tara)

Have I been that bad? (Tariq)
Your a mess and it's starting to effect your personal and professional life.  (Tara)

I don't know what to do. I'm so confused. (Tariq)
What are you confused about? (Tara)
Where my heart is. (Tariq)
Start by spending some time by yourself.
 Step away from the person or person's that confuse you. (Tara)

You know I love you, right? (Tariq)
I love you too.  (Tara)
Will you apologize to Trichele for me. (Tariq)
No need, I stopped you just in time. (Tara)

Still coming over for dinner?  (Tara)
I wouldn't miss it.  (Tariq)
Woof Woof  (Rico)
I'll see you later Rico.  (Tariq)

Did I just get fired? (Trichelle)
Child please, if he fired you he'd have to fire me too.  (Tara)
I'm serious Tara! (Trichelle)
Everything is fine don't worry.  (Tara)

Tariq has never talked to me like that before.
What is going on with him? (Trichelle)
I wish I knew. This one is above our pay grade. (Tara)

Will he be alright? (Trichele)
Yup, I think our little boy is about to become a man. (Tara)

Spent the weekend in Frostburg with my baby girl. And we still found time to post this story. That's love and dedication right there. I had a great time Synquis as always. Keep up the good work. I love you!