Sunday, September 21, 2014

Happy Trails

Are you alright? (Aaron)
Yes. Where'd you find her?  (Apple)
She was at the stream.  (Aaron)
Will I be able to ride her back to the stables?(Apple)

I don't know. I'll check her leg after I catch my breath. (Aaron)
Are you okay? (Apple)
Why wouldn't I be? (Aaron)
Because you haven't said very much. (Apple)
What do you want me to say?  (Aaron)
Say you'll go see her. (Apple)

She doesn't want to see me. (Aaron)
 How do you know?  (Apple)
Because she works in my building and she's managed to avoid me all this time. (Aaron)
You know where her office is, walk in there and demand to see her.  (Apple)
There's no point. (Aaron)
Yes there is. (Apple)

No there isn't, she doesn't want me. (Aaron)
Don't say that. (Apple)
She doesn't.  If she did she would have told me about Tariq. (Aaron)
Would you have handled things differently? (Apple)
We'll never know now will we. (Aaron) 

Do you still love her?  (Apple)
It doesn't matter. (Aaron)
 Yes it does.  (Apple)
No it doesn't, she doesn't want me and I'm done chasing after her. (Aaron)
 Aaron. (Apple)
Let it go Apple. (Aaron)

Let me see your hoof girl.  (Aaron talking to the horse)

Is she alright?  (Apple)
Her shoe and hoof feels fine to me. Something must have scared her. (Aaron)
Can I ride her back?  (Apple)
We don't know why she threw you, so I don't think that's a good idea. (Aaron)


How am I suppose to get back?  (Apple)
Don't know. It's not my problem. (Aaron)
You can't leave me out here. (Apple)
I'll let the ranger station know where you are when I get back to the stables. (Aaron)
Aaron!  (Apple)

Come on Girl! (Aaron)

That wasn't very nice big brother. (Apple)
You minding my business isn't nice either but you keep doing it. (Aaron)
I'm worried about you. (Apple)
I'm fine. (Aaron)

Are you going to the Summer Splash. (Apple)
Nope. (Aaron)
Why not. (Apple)
Wasn't Tariq's going away party incorporated into it. (Aaron)
So. (Apple)
So, I don't feel like socializing. (Aaron)
How long are you going to keep avoiding everyone. (Apple)

Are you minding my business again? (Aaron)
Sorry. Forget I said anything. (Apple)

A few miles away............................................

I don't see anyone moving around out there. (Ty-Juan talking to himself)

I can't believe they just ignored my no trespassing signs. (Ty-Juan)
This is home base calling Ranger Ty-Juan come in Ranger.
(Ranger Carla on the walkie talkie)
This is Ranger Ty-Juan what's up Carla.  (Ty-Juan)
Captain Little just went thru the front gate he will be there shortly.
(Ranger Carla on the walkie talkie)

Thanks Carla.  (Ty-Juan)
Do you want Shawn to come up there. (Ranger Carla on the walkie talkie)
No, the Captain and I should be able to get them moving.  (Ty-Juan)
Alright be careful. (Ranger Carla on the walkie talkie)
I will, hey did the Life guard and Snack Hut crew arrive?  (Ty-Juan)
Their van just pulled up. (Ranger Carla on the walkie talkie)
Cool, tell them I'll be with them in a little bit.  (Ty-Juan)
Okay. (Ranger Carla on the walkie talkie)

I got to go Carla. Captain Little's here. (Ty-Juan)

Captain Little.  (Ty-Juan)
What's going on Ranger? (Barry)
I think I got a couple of squatters.  (Ty-Juan)
How long have they been here. (Barry)
About twenty four hours.  (Ty-Juan)

Have you talked to them? (Barry)
Yesterday morning, I informed them that visitors need to register at the Rangers Station
and gave them directions to the campgrounds.  (Ty-Juan)
So I take it they still haven't register and they still didn't move. (Barry)
I'm afraid not.  (Ty-Juan)
Grab your riffle. (Barry)

Are you ready? (Barry)
I was ready yesterday. (Ty-Juan)
I bet. (Barry)

I think there still sleeping. (Ty-Juan)
They won't be for long. (Barry)

Good Morning Campers.
 I am Captain Barry Little of the Grace Grove Police Department.
You are trespassing on public property. 
Please crawl out of your tents and lay face down on the ground! (Captain Barry Little)