Monday, June 25, 2012

Justin Dodges a Foul Ball part 1

Where have you been?!!!!! (Tara)
Excuse me? (Justin)
You heard me I waited at Tariq's for over an hour. (Tara)
Can we step inside please? (Justin)

You said you were taking your Mother home and you would be right back. (Tara)
I did take my Mother home. (Justin)
Your Mother only lives 15 minutes away you left Tariq's over an hour ago.
On the way my Mother asked me to stop at the grocery store. (Justin)

Oh really, How convenient. (Tara)
We are not doing this in front of her. (Justin)

Then give her to me? (Tara) 

I am perfectly capable of putting our daughter to bed. (Justin) 

FINE......I will be in the kitchen! (Tara)

You had a long day Squirt. (Justin)
No I didn't I want to play some more. (Justine)
Ha Ha I dont think so you can barely keep your eyes open. (Justin)

Do you want me to help you get on the bed? (Justin)
No I can do it. (Justine)

See daddy I did it.  I'm not tired anymore! (Justine)
I saw you but it's time for bed anyway. (Justin)

Let me get your pajama's (Justin)
All man. (Justine)
Ha HA (Justin)

Here they are. (Justin)

Lets get these on. (Justin)
Ok (Justine)
There you go Squirt already for bed. (Justin)
Thank you Daddy. (Justine)

Do you want me to read you a story. (Justin)
No but can you stay until I fall asleep. (Justine)
Sure Squirt whatever you like. (Justin)

(Tara waiting patiently)

Now whats got your thong in a bunch Mrs. Sporting? (Justin)
You left me sitting their waiting for you. That's what. (Tara)
First of all we live two doors down from Tariq. Second of all I called to tell you about the stop. (Justin)

Well I left my cell at home. (Tara)
I called Tariq's cell and his house too nobody answered. (Justin)
I don't care who you called I shouldn't be left to wait. (Tara)
Okay Tara what is this really about? (Justin)

I am tired of playing second to your Mother. (Tara)
Are you kidding me? (Justin)

How can she claim to love her grandchild but hate's her Mother. Justine is black as I am. (Tara)
We have gone over this.  You wanted my Mother to be apart of our lives not me. (Justin)
Yeah but I had hoped she would get over the color of my skin. (Tara)

I'm sorry baby. But I can't change her mind.
Believe me I have tried. (Justin)

Every time I'm around her she hurts my feelings. (Tara)
I can't pretend to understand what your feeling. I can only remind you that I love you and Justine more then anything and will pick you over her everytime. (Justin)
But it looks like your endorsing what she is doing when you cater to her demands. (Tara)
I do things for her without you to keep her from making you feel like you do right nowI'm sorry you misunderstood my actions It won't happen again. (Justin)   
I will speak to my Mother in the morning.
I'm going to do some work at the Cafe.
Good night. (Justin)

Please tune in next Monday for our story to continue..................


  1. Justine's room is very bright and cheery. I love the color scheme.

    I hope Justin's mother will soon see beyond Tara's color and accept her for the woman her son loves.


    1. I hope she does but Im not sure she will Justine is four years old Tara and Justine have been married for 5 years how long does the woman need. Thanks for checking in.

  2. Love Justine's room and the kitchen. People don't change people. Events change people. Tara needs to not ruin her relationship in the process of trying to do the impossible.

    1. Tara wants her family to be perfect. Her mom and dad have passed and She believes she needs Justin's mom in there lives to make that true. Justin will have to convince her they are perfect without his mother especially since she doesnt know how to act.

  3. Hello from Spain: I love Justine's room. she has a beautiful furniture. Tara's kitchen has a very nice color. I wish Justin and Tara solve their problems. Keep in touch

    1. Isn't Justine's room nice and cheery I couldnt stop smilng when finished it.

  4. Nice picturesque story. It would appear that the "happy family" has deep rooted scars and wounds. Mom vs wife.... life choices, colorful!

    1. The scars will heal Justin loves his family too much to let them contiue to hurt.

  5. I usually get so caught up in the story I forget to comment on your dios... both are great!

  6. Thats ok Muff, I paint and cut and sew believing that hundreds of people are looking at this blog but never comment. Your comment is a bonus so Thanks for doing so. Keep looking that means you are enjoying it as much as I am.

  7. I love love Justine's room! Too cute. I also love your pics, storyline, the whole nine. I have been in Tara's shoes...not where race was the issue, but dislike for "no" reason.

    1. Thanks for checking in Georgia Girl. I luv Justine's room too felt really bad taking it apart. Told myself to come up with a story to show it again. LOL