Sunday, June 1, 2014

Barbara & Barry's Barbeque

Hello? (Barbara)
Hey, I'm about to head out do you need me to pick up anything? (Janay)
No, we got everything we need. (Barbara)
Are you sure? (Janay)
Yes I'm sure. (Barbara)

I got to go. Barry just walked in. (Barbara)
Dang, he's there already? (Janay)
Good Bye Janay! (Barbara)

What's wrong? (Barbara)
I burnt your buns.  (Barry)
How'd you that? I just gave them to you. (Barbara)
I started playing with Barry and forgot about them.  (Barry)

Lets play Daddy!  (Barry Jr.)
I can't play with you right now Barry, Daddy has to start cooking.  (Barry)
Play, Daddy Play!  (Barry Jr.)
I'll play with you later. Mommy will kill me if I burn her meat.  (Barry)

Do you know what your doing? (Taj)
Hey Taj!  (Barry)

Hi!  (Barry)
Barry, this is my sister in law Chandra, And my brother Vincent. (Taj)
Hello. (Chandra, Vincent)
The little guy is my nephew Vinny, the ray of sunshine next to him is my niece 
Chanel and the cutie pie next to her is my neighbors daughter Shayla. (Taj)
Hi guys.  (Barry)
Hi! (Chanel, Shayla)

Stay still boy, I'm going to get you out. (Chandra)

This yard is amazing have you lived here long? (Vincent)
We've only lived here for about three years. (Barry)
You bought it right after you got married didn't you? (Taj)
Yes we did.....................
Can you watch the grill for me, I'm gonna let Barbara know your here. (Barry)
Sure Barry. (Taj) 

Barry sure ran off in a hurry. I hope I didn't say anything wrong. (Taj)

The Halls just arrived. Are you coming out soon?  (Barry)
I'll be out in a minute. (Barbara)

What are you doing? (Barry)
I'm boiling corn. (Barbara)
Do you need some help? (Barry)
No, I got it. Just give me a minute. (Barbara)

Vincent.  (Chandra)
Yes, baby. (Vincent)
Can you put the stroller back in the car? (Chandra)
Sure. (Vincent)

Hello I'm Chandra, Do you need some help?  (Chandra)

I'm Barbara. Wait aren't you the weather girl on GG News. (Barbara)
Yes that's me. (Chandra)
 Chandra Post right? (Barbara)
Post is my maiden name. (Chandra)

It's so nice to meet you. I watch you everyday. (Barbara)
Thank you that's so nice to hear.  (Chandra)
I'm serious. I don't choose my outfit until I hear what you have to say. (Barbara)
Well, I hope I don't steer you wrong.  (Chandra)

How long before your tour of duty ends. (Barry)
I got a little over a month and a half left. (Vincent)
Any plans for the future? (Barry)
I got plans but I haven't been able to lock anything down yet. (Vincent)


Why didn't you tell us you were related to a television star? (Barbara)
I guess I don't think of her that way. She's just Chandra to me. (Taj)

Can you do this? Wee! Wee! Wee!  (Barry Jr.)

I can't believe you commuted between here and Washington for a whole year.  (Barry)
That's the life of a weather girl without a contract. (Chandra)
I would have given up after three months. (Barbara)
I wanted too but my pride wouldn't let me.  (Chandra)
 I'm glad you stuck with it. I love seeing you on GG news. (Barbara)


I love my job and I hope to be the GG weather girl for a long time. (Chandra)
Have you found a house? (Barbara)
We couldn't find anything we liked so we decided to have one built. (Vincent)
 Is it near here? (Barry)
It's about six miles from the news station. (Vincent)

To be continued.....................................................


  1. Glad to see you back. Cute story. How's Tara and the baby?

    1. Did you miss me AG lol. My daughter SYNQUIS is in college studying International (Global) Business. She decided to put her big girl panties on and ran off to China. I spent last week helping her get ready for the trip which left no time to review photos for a story. We will be behind for a minute but you will get a story with Tara's update shortly.

    2. We missed yah a little. Wow congratulations to your daughter on her move. That is a great field of study.

  2. Really cute scene! The Halls even brought goodies with them. :-)

    1. Thanks Grandmommy the Halls are my kind of people. They brought something to the party even though the host told them not too.

  3. This setting and all of the details are great. I was cutting my grass with the intention of having some R&R on my patio when it started to storm. Your dio made my day better.

    1. I'm glad the story change your mood Doll Crazy it was really nice out the day I shoot these photos. I love shooting outside it hides my amateurism.

  4. Very nice out door setting. That Chandra is such a gorgeous doll.

    1. Chandra is very pretty Tracy. I wish I had opened her a long time ago.

  5. Janay isn't even there yet and she's being annoying! Now I'm starting to think she's a c-blocker on purpose. Love these outdoor photos!

    1. Janay is transfering her feelings about her brakup with Tariq onto Barbara. She needs to talk to Tariq or move on to the NEXT ONE.

  6. Love the setting and the lighting is perfect. I love this new family. I'm looking forward to seeing their new home.

    Muff, you are just crazy! Janay better watch out. If you ever catch her in a back alley, it's over.