Sunday, June 15, 2014

The end of Barbara & Barry's Barbque

Why did you bring me here, you said we were going to the mall. (Nikki)
You don't need new shoes, you need some air. You can't keep hiding at Niemen's. (Janay)
I'm not hiding, I'm shopping. (Nikki)
You hate shopping your hiding.  (Janay)
Can I have the car keys please? (Nikki)

Your being rude.  (Janay)
Keys, please. (Nikki)
Here.  (Janay)
Thank you. (Nikki)
What time will you be back?  (Janay)
I wont. I'm rude remember. (Nikki)

Come on Uncle Taj, stay in here and watch Frozen with us. (Chanel)
 I can't watch it right now, I'll watch it with you at home. (Taj)
You promise. (Chanel)
Yes, I promise. (Taj)

Janay set me up didn't she? (Nikki)
No I did. (Taj)
What do you want? (Nikki)
We need to talk.  (Taj)
I tried to do that a few days ago and you weren't interested remember. (Nikki)
I wasn't ready then.  (Taj)

Well isn't that convenient? (Nikki)
I was being an ass. I need you. (Taj)
That's kind of hard to believe when you had another woman in your apartment. (Nikki)


Chandra's my sister in law. (Taj)
Yea right.  (Nikki)
It's the truth. (Taj
You kicked me out of your apartment so you could be with your sister in law. (Nikki)
Yes, I mean No! (Taj)
Was there a woman in your apartment a few days ago?  (Nikki)
Yes. (Taj)
Is she your sister in law?  (Nikki)
Yes.  (Taj)
You know that's nasty right?  (Nikki)


I didn't bring you here to talk about that.  (Taj)
Good cause that visual is giving me a headache. (Nikki)

I'm not doing Chandra! (Taj shouts)
Don't yell at me!  (Nikki shouts)
Can you please focus for just a minute. I need to ask you a question. (Taj)
What. (Nikki)
Did you love me?  (Taj)


Go ask your sister in law. (Nikki)
Hey, where are you going? (Taj)
Home, I don't want to talk to you anymore.  Your disgusting. (Nikki)


You want to play with this? (Barry)
No! (Vinny)
Yes you do, catch it. (Barry)

BARRY! If you put another toy in that pool, your taking a nap. (Barbara)
Leave my God Son alone.  (Janay)

I will not. He's been working my nerves all day. (Barbara)
Sounds like Mommy needs a nap more then her Son.  (Janay)
Whatever.....Let me introduce you to Chandra. (Barbara)

Chandra this is my soon to be ex best friend Janay. (Barbara)
Hello, ex best friend Janay. (Chandra giggles)
Hi Chandra, feel free to ignore the ex comment she says that every other week. (Janay)

You want to tell my why your three hours late? (Barbara)
I was with Nikki, I had a hard time getting her out the house. (Janay)

You didn't bring her here did you? (Barbara)
I did but she left, why? (Janay)
Because Taj is here and I don't want Barry to haul anyone off to jail today. (Barbara)
Relax, Taj asked me to bring her? (Janay)
He did? (Barbara)
Yes. (Janay)

Hello Ladies, Sorry were late. (Petta)
That's okay. (Barbara)
How's it going Janay. (Petta)
It's going. (Janay)
 What you got there Petta? (Barbara)
Soda and beer. (Petta)
Lets go find somewhere to put it. (Barbara)

Hey Barry, Petta bought some drinks. Do we have room for it in our cooler? (Barbara)
Bring it here. I can make room. (Barry)


Can I talk to you for a minute? (Rick)
No, I don't want to exchange witty banter with you today. (Janay)
Good, cause I don't want to exchange witty banter with you either.  (Rick)

Alright, What do you want? (Janay)
I want to apologize for being an obnoxious stalker.  (Rick)

What did you say? (Janay)
I've was being obnoxious and  I'm sorry. (Rick)
Go on. (Janay)
 I was acting like what my mother would call a Jack Rabbit.
 Can we start over?  (Rick)
Are you serious? (Janay)
Yes,  I'd like to reintroduce myself to you.  (Rick)
Okay?! (Janay)


Hello, I'm Rick van Story.  (Rick)
It's nice to meet you Rick, my name's Janay. (Janay)
Can I buy you a cup of coffee next week?  (Rick)
I'm sorry.  I'm busy next week. (Janay)
How about the week after that?  (Rick)
I have to check my calendar first. (Janay)
Your not going to make this easy are you?  (Rick)
Nope. (Janay)


Well, hello there Ladies! (Janay)
Hello. (Chanel)
What are you watching? (Janay)
Frozen  (Chanel)
Great choice. (Janay)

What are you doing in here? (Janay)
You heard them, were watching frozen. (Taj)
Did you catch her? (Janay)
Unfortunately. (Taj)

What's that suppose to mean? (Janay)
She walked away from me.  (Taj)
Why? (Janay)
She thinks I'm doing my sister in law.  (Taj)


  1. funny re: sister-in-law! All of the scenes are great. I notice all of them are the right size for Barbie...are they Mattel? Usually they drive me nuts for being too short.

    1. What are u refering too Grandmommy the house? If so it's the happy family house by mattel.

  2. The dialog was great in every scene, including little Barry telling the kid that yes he did want to play, so catch! Janay and Nikki are total yucks to me, but they were on point in the scenes today and I like how they handled themselves. Although, I'm sure that Janay is going to annoy me at some point.

    1. I think Nikki was being too hard to get. My nosey butt would have wanted to know why Taj dumped me all out of no where. Janay played it the same way I would've.

  3. Slick Rick...go get your woman! Hopefully the next time Nikki and Taj run into each other, they will both be ready to talk.

    1. I hope so too Vanessa, they need each other.