Sunday, June 8, 2014

Barbara & Barry's Barbque pt2

You want to put the boys in the pool when their done eating? (Barbara)
Aww, I didn't bring Vinny's trunks. (Chandra)
Don't worry. I have some pull ups around here some where. (Barbara)

You have got to be joking Barry. That soldier deserted his post. (Taj-Ma)
Are you saying we shouldn't rescue him? (Barry)
He doesn't need to be rescued he needs a beat down. (Taj-Ma)

Captain Little. (Garrett)
Hey Garrett! (Barry)

You remember my wife Rhonda don't you? (Garrett)
I sure do. How are you Rhonda?  (Barry)
I'm doing very well, thank you. (Rhonda)
Come on, let me introduce you to the guys.  (Barry)

Garrett and Rhonda Walker this is Vincent and Taj-Ma Hall. (Barry)
Hello.  (Vincent, Taj-Ma)
It's nice to meet you. (Rhonda, Garrett Walker)
Weren't you Barry's rookie partner? (Taj-Ma)
Yup, best six weeks of my life.  (Garrett Walker)

Come to Momma. (Rhonda)
You just go off work I can keep an eye on him. (Garrett)
I'll be alright, go hang with the guys. (Rhonda)
Do you want me to fix you a plate? (Garrett)
That would be nice. (Rhonda)

Hello ladies. (Rhonda)
Hello. (Chandra)
Hey Rhonda have a seat. (Barbara)
Thanks Barbara.  (Rhonda)

Can you tell me where the bathroom is, somebody needs a new diaper. (Chandra)
It's at that top of the stairs, you cant miss it. (Barbara)
I'll be right back. (Chandra)

What have you been up too Ms. Rhonda? (Barbara)
Work, work and more work. (Rhonda)
Why, what's going on? (Barbara)

The Markets new owner is a Butt Head. (Rhonda)
Butt Head! (Garrett)
Don't say that Garrett, that's bad. (Rhonda)
Butt Head Mommy, Butt Head. (Garrett)
Oh Garrett! (Rhonda)

Meanwhile across town.............................................................

I'm getting sleepy. (Marcus)
Go lay down. (Danny)
You gonna come with me?  (Marcus)
No.  (Danny)
Why not?  (Marcus)
You know why. (Danny)

I don't care what you say Rick, your not going. (Petta)
Yes I am. (Rick)
No, your not!  (Petta)

I'm going. (Rick)
You weren't invited.  (Petta)
I would have been. But I had to work all those doubles last week. (Rick)
Your not going! I don't feel like watching you embarrass yourself today.  (Petta)

What are you two arguing about?  (Danny)
Let them argue. They may leave faster.  (Marcus)
Shut up Marcus.  (Danny)

You can help me pack the cooler, but your still not going.  (Petta)
I'm going, I bought the beer. (Rick)
 I'll pay you back next week.  (Petta)

What's going on Petta? (Danny)
Lover boy wants to crash Barbara's barbque. (Petta)
Barbara's pretty cool I don't think she'll care if he comes with you. (Danny)
Barbara won't care but Janay might. (Petta)
Why would Janay care? (Danny)
He's been stalking her. (Petta)

Wait, did you say mister perfect is stalking somebody?!?  (Marcus)
YUP!  (Petta)
I'm not stalking her. (Rick)

Dude..... You bring Duke to the clinic twice a week for a check up.
You send flowers on the days you can't get to the clinic because your working.
And you ride the bus to work the day she goes to the hair salon
 so you can sit at the bus stop and watch her come out. (Petta)

Do you really do that?  (Danny)
Sometimes. (Rick)

She doesn't want you man, let it go. (Petta)
She wants me, she just doesn't know it. (Rick)
Petta, can you put this back in the fridge for me? (Danny)
With pleasure.  (Petta)
Have you tried talking to her?  (Danny)
Yea. (Rick)
What happened?  (Danny)
She basically told me to get lost. (Rick)
Were you being Doctor Rick or Rick van Story. (Danny)
I don't know what you mean. (Rick)
Yes you do.  (Danny)
I guess I was being Doctor Rick. (Rick)
Janay has a very successful life. Doctor Rick can't give her nothing she can't get herself.  (Danny)
Are you sure? Doctor Rick has some pretty good game? (Rick)
Doctor Rick couldn't capture Janay's attention on his best day. Rick van Story is more her type. (Danny) 

Petta.  (Danny)
Yes. (Petta)
Can you please take Rick to the barbque he needs to apologize to a friend of mine.  (Danny)
But. (Petta)
He promises to be on his best behavior, right?  (Danny)
Right. (Rick)

If you embarrass me again, I swear I'm gonna kill you. (Petta)
I'm gonna be cool man I promise. (Rick)
Have a good time.  (Danny)
We will. (Rick)

You think your doctor Phil now, huh?  (Marcus)
Nope, just trying to help a brother out.  (Danny)
When you gonna help me out?  (Marcus)
When you put a ring on it.  (Danny)
I will.  (Marcus)
Call me when your ready to say I DO I'm tired of I WILL. (Danny) 

Roof Roof.  (Duke)
What do you want? (Marcus)
Roof Roof.  (Duke)
You think she's right? (Marcus)
Roof. (Duke)
It figures!  (Marcus)

To be continued...................................


  1. Cute story. I think Danny has a point about the ring. Great job :)

    1. Hey Will, Danny definately has point Marcus better pay attention. LOL

  2. I heard that Danny! Marcus better get it together 'cuz when a sista gets tired....well, you know. ;-)

    1. I know thats right Tracy. Sounds like Danny is about to make a move.

  3. LOL, well good for Danny! She's waiting until she gets what she wants too.

    That apartment is so cool. I especially love that bay of windows.

    1. She's been waiting for him since freshman year at college I'd be tired too. That apartment is cool it makes me feel that im making Dio progress.

  4. Love the story. Dr. Rick is too fine to be stalking some chick. Good for Danny, why would he buy the cow when she is giving the milk for free?

    1. He is definately too fine for that mess. Sounds like Danny has pointed him in the right direction though, lets hope he takes her advice.

  5. "If you like it, then you should a put a ring on it..." I sense some drama is about to break out at the cookout. I could be wrong. Love the new additions to the bachelor pad. Would you believe I started a new chair using the same brown fabric? Too funny. What are the odds?

  6. Talk about some drama! Omg, what a great story. Now I can't want to see how it all going to go down.