Sunday, June 22, 2014

Bills, Lunch and Dinner.

Buzz Buzz (Intercom)
Yes. (Megan)
 I have a call from Ranger Hall on line 3. (Grace)
Thanks Grace put him thru........ Hello this is Megan. (Megan)

Hi Megan, How are you? (Ty-Juan)
I'm fine.  How are you? (Megan)
I'm afraid I have some bad news. (Ty-Juan)
Let me guess, you can't make it to lunch. (Megan)
I'm afraid so. Bessie isn't  feeling well so I need to stay here with her. (Ty-Juan)

Bessie, who's Bessie? (Megan)
Bessie's my miniature elephant. (Ty-Juan)
Oh okay. What's wrong with her? (Megan)
I don't know yet I'm waiting for someone from Feathers and Fur to come look her over. (Ty-Juan)

Alright, do you want me to send the proposal to your apartment or the Rangers station. (Megan)
There's a few things in there I'd like to go over. Are you free tomorrow? (Ty-Juan)
I'm not sure let me grab my phone and check my calendar. (Megan)

I'm sorry Ty-Juan, tomorrow isn't going to work I have meetings scheduled all afternoon. (Megan)
What time is your last meeting? (Ty-Juan)
Five. (Megan)
Are you free for dinner? (Ty-Juan)
Excuse me? (Megan)
Can I take you to dinner? (Ty-Juan)
Are you serious? (Megan)
Yes. Why wouldn't I be. (Ty-Juan)

You've never asked my to go to dinner before. (Megan)
Things can change, right? (Ty-Juan)
Right. (Megan)
Is that a yes? (Ty-Juan)
Yes............. what time should I expect you? (Megan)
Text your number to my phone and I will get back to you with a time. (Ty-Juan)
I'm sending it now. (Megan)
Got it. Have a great day Megan. (Ty-Juan)
You too. (Megan)

Who was that?  (Aaron)
Ty-Juan. (Megan)
Is there something wrong with the zoo proposal?  (Aaron)
No, we were suppose to go over it today but he had to cancel. (Megan)
Why?  (Aaron)
One of the animals got sick so were going to discuss it over dinner tomorrow. (Megan)
Dinner Huh?  (Aaron)
Yes, is that a problem? (Megan)
No, not at all.  (Aaron)

Did you want to talk to him about the proposal? (Megan)
No. I want you to tell me what this is?  (Aaron)

It's a bill. (Megan)
I can see that, what I don't see is why you think it belongs to me.  (Aaron)
Roger sent it over. (Megan)
Why would Roger bill me for Paint, Carpet, Furniture and Camera equipment.  (Aaron)
He isn't, Tariq is. (Megan)

This is what it cost him to repair the studio after your altercation. (Megan)
I didn't agree to reimburse him for repairs. That punk has lost his damn mind!  (Aaron)
Tariq sent this to Roger and Roger sent it to me. That tells me Roger thinks you should pay it. (Megan)
Roger doesn't make the decisions here I do.  (Aaron)

Are you really going to stand here and complain about fifteen thousand dollars?
You spend that on jet fuel. (Megan)
Tariq doesn't deserve a dime.  (Aaron)
He could have filed assault charges against you!
 He'd be entitled to a lot more if this had gone any further. (Megan)
I didn't start that fight!  (Aaron)
I didn't say you did. (Megan)
What are you saying?  (Aaron)
Aaron, you'd be behind bars if Tariq hadn't kept his mouth shut.  
Fifteen thousand dollars is a small price to pay for freedom. (Megan)
You know this is just his way of having the last word. Right.  (Aaron)
Let him have it. (Megan)

Are you really going to dinner with Ty-Juan?  (Aaron)
Yes. (Megan)
It's about time.  (Aaron)
Are you going to sign that so I can pay it? (Megan)
Maybe, Maybe not. (Aaron)
Aaron. (Megan)

If Tara walks in here and sees you two playing around the equipment she's going to go ballistic. (Trichell)

Tara don't want none of this right buddy?  (Tariq)
That's right she can't beat us. (Julian)

I'll be sure to tell her that when she walks thru that door.  (Trichell)

Hello. (Juanita)

Uhhhhhhh!. (Tariq)
Hello. (Julian)

Is there something wrong?  (Juanita)
They thought you were Tara. (Trichell)

OH, really. Why?  (Juanita)
Cause, I told them she was going to walk thru that door and beat there butts for playing around the new equipment.  (Trichell)
  Thanks for the heads up. How are you?  (Juanita)
Same as always. Over worked and under paid. (Trichell)
Your a mess.  (Juanita)
I know, see you later. (Trichell)
See ya.  (Juanita)

Can you do me a favor? (Tariq)
Yes. (Julian)
Go wash your face and put your karate uniform on its almost time for your class.  (Tariq)
Okay. (Julian)

You two look good together. (Juanita)
Thanks.  (Tariq)
How are you?  (Juanita)
Better now that I've seen you.  (Tariq)
I told you I was fine.  (Juanita)
Hearing it and seeing it are two different things.  (Tariq)
Not really.  (Juanita)

You still don't get it do you? (Tariq)
Get what? (Juanita)
How much I care about you. (Tariq)
I didn't come here to talk about that Tariq. (Juanita)
What did you come here for? (Tariq)

I wanted to see how the restore went. Did your insurance company pay for the repairs.  (Juanita)
I didn't submit a claim to the insurance company.  (Tariq)
 What's my share of the bill then.  (Juanita)
You don't get a share. I sent the bill to Aaron's lawyer. (Tariq)
Oh god, how did that go?  (Juanita)
I don't know, I haven't heard anything yet. (Tariq)

This was all my fault, give me the bill.  (Juanita)
None of this was your fault. What happened here was between me and Aaron. (Tariq)
Tariq.  (Juanita)
I haven't seen you in weeks. Let's talk about something else. (Tariq)
What do you want to talk about?  (Juanita)
My next move, did you talk to Mike?  (Tariq)
Yes. He still wants you. (Juanita)

Great! (Tariq)
Here's you airline tickets and trip itinerary. You leave next week. (Juanita)
Thanks.  (Tariq)
I can't believe your still going.  (Juanita)

I have to. There's a lot of stuff I need to work out. (Tariq)
I'm going to miss you.  (Juanita)
I'm going to miss you too.  (Tariq)

Have dinner with me tomorrow?  (Tariq)
What time? (Juanita)
I'll pick you up at six.  (Tariq)
Alright see you tomorrow.  (Juanita)


  1. When is Juanita gonna realize she has memory loss and she's with Aaron mot tariq

    1. Juanita got here memory back after the fight her head struck the couch, so she remembers everything except what lead to and the actual fight. She is avoiding Aaron because Tariq told him about their brief affair. Aaron hasn't sought her out either so she hasnt had to do much avoiding.

  2. Great story! I love your sets and all of the little details in your dioramas. I'm going to have to scroll back through the story now and see if I can find the fight. :)

  3. The fight is a video Roxanne its called It's not what it looks like. It was posted on youtube under Juanita Draine I hope you enjoy it! And thanks for enjoying all my little details;}

    1. Thanks for letting me know where to find it! It was worth the wait. :) I did go scrolling back through your blog and I'm so impressed with all of your elaborate and colorful sets! Very impressive! I've subscribed to your channel so hopefully I won't miss any other exciting episodes.

  4. It is always something going on with the going on with your crew. I think she should avoid Tariq, lol

  5. I am going to miss Tariq from your stories unless you are going to show his whereabouts there. I don't like him for Juanita, but I do like him. Aaron is so arrogant! Lol! He needs to pay the bill though. The Photography Shop looks great!