Sunday, May 18, 2014

Happy Mothers Day pt2

 I need something out of my purse, can you go get it for me?  (Tara)
Where is it? (Justine)
I left it in the living room.  (Tara)
Okay Mommy.  (Justine)


And where do you think your going?  (Tara)
OUCH!  That hurts! (Lindsey)
It's suppose to TRICK!  (Tara)
Let go of me you, you, you, SAVAGE! (Lindsey)

Don't just stand there help me! (Lindsey)
Tara. This isn't the time or place for this.  (Justin)
I didn't make this the time or place she did. (Tara)

I told you not to upset her today. Your on your own.  (Justin)
But Justin, she's going to hurt me. (Lindsey)
Maybe, maybe not.  (Justin)

Why are you here? (Tara)
I live here. (Lindsey)
Did you know we were coming over today? (Tara)
Yes, but I hoped you'd change your mind. (Lindsey)
Why? (Tara)
You wouldn't understand. (Lindsey)
Try me. (Tara)

I don't want you to taking anything else away from me!
You already have Justin do you have to have Rosie too? (Lindsey)
Excuse me. (Tara)
Justin was mine. You stole him from me. He was suppose to marry me.
I was suppose to be the Mother of his children. Not you! (Lindsey)

I didn't steal Justin. You wanted to be with somebody else remember.  (Tara)
That little fling didn't mean anything. I was simply trying to gain some experience. (Lindsey)
You don't need experience to love all you need is time and patience.  (Tara)
Oh please. Justin isn't following you around like a puppy dog because of love, 
time or patience. He's infatuated with your experience. (Lindsey)
Are you calling me a whore?! (Tara)

I'm sorry. Don't hit me, please don't hit me! (Lindsey)
UGH!!!!! (Tara)

Tara! What's wrong? (Lindsey)
Nothing, just give me a minute.  (Tara)


UGH!!!!!!!!!  (Tara)
Stay right there I'm going to get Justin. (Lindsey)
Oh god, please don't take my baby. (Tara whispers)

Tara! What's wrong?  (Justin)
I don't know.  (Tara)
Help her sit down Son. (Sebastian)
I can't move it hurts.  (Tara)

UGH!!!!!  (Tara)
My Dad placed a chair right behind you. All you got to do is step back and sit down.  (Justin)
Will you help me?  (Tara)
Every step of the way.  (Justin)


What did you do? (Rosie)
Nothing I swear. We were just talking. (Lindsey)

Call 911 and keep Justine busy she doesn't need to see her Mother like this. (Rosie)
 Okay! (Lindsey)

What's going on Tara? (Rosie)
I don't know. I feel like I'm having cramps and my head hurts.  (Tara)
How long has this been going on? (Rosie)
It's been happening off and on for the past two weeks. Todays pain is worse though.  (Tara)
Tara! Why didn't you tell me?  (Justin)
Sebastian, get Tara a bottle of water. I'm going to get a cool towel for her head. (Rosie)

I can't believe you didn't tell me you've been hurting.  (Justin)
I didn't want to worry you.  (Tara)
I'm suppose to worry, I love you.  (Justin)
I love you too.  (Tara)

Six minutes later.................


Thanks for getting here so fast Robin. (Rosie)
What's going on Rosie? (Robin)
It's my Daughter in law. She's seven months pregnant.
She's complaining of stomach cramps and a head ache. (Rosie)

The dinning room is close to the back door lets go in that way. (Rosie)
Pull the truck around back Mac and bring the stretcher. (Robin)

Hi Tara, I'm EMT Robin Green. Can you tell me how your feeling? (Robin)
I'm fine now.  (Tara)
That's good. Can you tell me what was going on a few minutes ago. (Robin)
I started having stomach pains as if I hadn't eaten.  (Tara)
Did you eat today? (Robin)
Yes, I had breakfast but no lunch. We were about to eat when I got sick.  (Tara)
Anything else happen that doesn't normally happen? (Robin)
I got warm and my head started hurting.  (Tara)


When was your last prenatal check up? (Robin)
Two weeks ago.  (Tara)
No it wasn't. I haven't taken you to the doctors in over a month.  (Justin)
I went to the doctors two weeks ago. I just don't let you take me.  (Tara)
Tara!  (Justin)
Let it go Justin. You two can argue about that later. (Rosie)

Your pressure is too high for your condition Tara.
 Are you taking anything for high blood pressure. (Robin)
No.  (Tara)
We better get you to the hospital, we need to get your pressure back down pronto. (Robin)
Okay.  (Tara)

Are these straps too tight Mrs. Sporting? (Mac)
No, there fine thank you.  (Tara)

You can ride in the truck with her if you like Justin. (Robin)
Thanks Robin. I really appreciate that.  (Justin)

Are you ready to go?  (Justin)
Your coming with me?  (Tara)
Of course. (Justin)
Your not mad?  (Tara)
I can be mad later. We need to get you to the hospital now. (Justin)

I can't believe this. I shouldn't have let Lindsey stay.
If something happens to Tara or that baby Justin's never going to forgive me. (Rosie)
Calm down their going to be fine.
Tara's been under a lot of stress she just needs to slow down. (Sebastian)



  1. I really like EMT Robin. Lindsey needs to pack up her duffle bag and scoot. I can't believe Tara let her get to her like that. She should have kept her cool, looked ole girl in the eye, and said, "Wait until I drop this load heffa". I hope her and the baby are gonna be okay but preeclampsia is no joke and 7 months is too soon for little man.

    1. Thanks Doll crazy Robin is pretty cool. Im sure Tara would have gotten with Lindsey if she wasn't feeling bad. Lets hope the doctor can give her something to get things back on the right track.

  2. I love the EMT and the stretcher. I wonder why Tara didn't tell Justin about her previous pain? I guess she just didn't want him to worry. I'm thinking, picking a fight when you are not in the best condition, is not a smart move. Hopefully they'll be okay. I love Rosie's top.

    1. Hey Vanessa Tara is bull headed she wants things her way when they dont go her way she just ignors them. Justinneeds to put his foot down and get her to release the selfishness she aint in this marrage by herself.

  3. Lindsey is something else. It's like she expected Justin to be sitting around waiting for her when she was ready for him.

  4. Hey Muff, Lindsey needs to go back home and rekindle her affair with the school principal.