Sunday, March 3, 2013

Time to Visit my Mother part 2

I don't think she's coming back Dad. (Justin) I can wait. (Sebastian)
Okay, I'm going outside to call Tara. (Justin)
Alright... (Sebastian)
DING DONG (door bell)
 I'll get it. (Lindsey)

What are you doing here? (Lindsey)
Excuse me, Don't we have a date tonight? (Ty-Juan)
No, I mean yes. I mean no. I called and left a message on your machine. Didn't you get it? (Lindsey)
No, I haven't been home. I came here straight from work. (Ty-Juan)
OH. (Lindsey)
Is there a problem? (Ty-Juan)
No. Have a seat I'll be ready in a minute. (Lindsey)

Hey Justin long time no see. (Ty-Juan)
Not seeing me means your not drinking enough coffee. (Justin)
Ha Ha your probably right. (Ty-Juan)
Do you still like banana nut muffins? (Justin)
You bet! (Ty-Juan)
Visit the cafe' and the next six muffins are on me. (Justin)
Now that's an offer I can't refuse! (Ty-Juan)

Hello (Tara)
Hey beautiful.What are you up to? (Justin)
I'm about to start dinner. Do you want to come? (Tara)
Don't tease me Tara! (Justin)
I'm not, I want you to come home. For good. (Tara)
I think we need to talk first. (Justin)
Why? (Tara)
Because, I don't want you telling me to leave ever again. (Justin)

I can't believe you've been in the service for over 30 years! (Ty-Juan)
Time flies when you're having fun. (Sebastian chuckles)
I guess, I never thought about it like that. (Ty-Juan)
How long have you been a Forest Ranger? (Sebastian)
It will be 7 years next month. (Ty-Juan)

Rosie! Rosie!? Where are you!? (Lindsey)
Be quiet, I'm right here! (Rosie)
 I've been looking all over for you. What are you doing in there? (Lindsey)
None of your business. Have they left. (Rosie)
NO! But I am. (Lindsey)

And where do you think you're going? (Rosie)
 OUT! I told you I had a date. (Lindsey)
Lindsey! Don't you dare leave me here alone. (Rosie)
I'm not. Justin and his father are still here remember. (Lindsey)

Ty-Juan, I'm ready to go if you are. (Lindsey)
It was nice meeting you Mr. Sporting. (Ty-Juan)
Same to you. Have a good evening. (Sebastian)
You too Sir. (Ty-Juan)

Dad, Mom obviously doesn't want to see us.  Lets go home. (Justin)
You go ahead. I'm not leaving until I talk to her. (Sebastian)
DAD, I'm not leaving you here alone. (Justin)
I'll be fine go home to your family. (Sebastian)

 Twenty minutes later..........

What took you so long? (Sebastian)
SEBASTIAN! I thought you left with Justin. (Rosie)
I came to see you and I haven't done that yet. (Sebastian)
That's too bad. I'm going back upstairs. Lock the door on your way out. (Rosie)

Oh no you don't.Were going to have a talk whether you like it or not. (Sebastian)
Get your hands off me! I have nothing to say to you. (Rosie)
Good, cause I've got plenty to say. (Sebastian)

It's been a long time let, the past stay in the past. Please! (Rosie)
I'm not here to talk about us. We need to talk about your behavior towards Tara and Justin. (Sebastian)
What do you know about it? (Rosie)
If Justin hadn't told me everything. I would be able to imagine it. (Sebastian)
I want the best for him. She is not it! (Rosie)
Its not your place to decide.  (Sebastian)
I'm his Mother. (Rosie)
Turn around, I want to look at you. (Sebastian)

Well. Don't just stand there staring, say something! (Rosie)
Beautiful! (Sebastian)
What? (Rosie)
Your still the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. (Sebastian)
Excuse me, I need to sit down. (Rosie)

You said you wanted to talk, so talk. (Rosie)
I've spent less then twenty-four hours with Justin and Tara, and I know their love will last forever. (Sebastian)
You use to say the same thing about us and we both know how that worked out don't we.  (Rosie)
I thought you didn't want to talk about us?  (Sebastian)
I don't, not unless it will make you leave quicker. (Rosie)
I will leave right now. If  you promise to stop meddling in Justin's life. (Sebastian) 

I'm not meddling in his life! (Rosie)
Yes you are. Your doing the same thing your father did to us. (Sebastian)
My father didn't leave me.  You did! (Rosie)
I left because your father wanted to control my life with you. (Sebastian)
He was trying to help. (Rosie)

You and Justin were mine. I didn't want or need his help. (Sebastian)
We were young. We had already made one mistake. (Rosie)
Falling in love was not a mistake. Your pregnancy was not a mistake. Our marriage was not a mistake. (Sebastian)
 You don't understand, I was his Princess. I was suppose to make him proud.  (Rosie)
Your father didn't care what you did. He wanted a Son so he tried to take mine. (Sebastian)
That's not true. He loved me. He wanted the best for me and Justin. (Rosie)

Rosa Lynn, your father was a self centered pig.
If you had given birth to a girl he would have left us alone. (Sebastian)
That's ridiculous my father didn't spend alot time with Justin. (Rosie)
Probably because whenever they spoke Justin talked about me. (Sebastian)
Why would Justin talk about you. He barely knew you. (Rosie)
I saw Justin every Saturday until your father shipped him off to boarding school.
When he settled into school I saw him twice during the week and every other weekend. (Sebastian)
How? Father said you weren't allowed anywhere near us after you left the ranch. (Rosie)
Your Mother arranged the visits. Until your father found out.
Then Justin and I arranged the visits ourselves. (Sebastian)

Get out!!! My Mother wouldn't go against Fathers wishes, and Justin would have told me about your relationship!
(Rosie shouts)
Your Mother, wanted Justin to experience unconditional love so she made sure we spent time together. (Sebastian)
I love Justin unconditionally. (Rosie)
 Do you? (Sebastian)

YES! (Rosie)

Then give him the chance your father didn't give us. (Sebastian)

Sounds like Sebastian was a better father then Rosie gave him credit for. Will she consider all that was said or will she continue making a mess of Tara and Justin's life. Happy Birthday Synquis!!!!!! I really enjoyed my weekend. See you all next Monday. 


  1. I loved this episode! I hope Rosie lets Sebastian into her llfe. She is in desperate need of love and good loving!

    1. Hey Veda, Sebastian appears to be interested so lets hope he puts some moves on Rosie.

  2. Wow Mustiwait, you are so good at storytelling! Sebastian is a great father who stood for what was rightfully his. I thought Rosie was going to slap him for touching her. Lol!

    Great you enjoyed your weekend! Happy Birthday to your daughter!

    1. He is a great father. Poor Rosie she really needs to get a life.

  3. What an episode! So Rosie was a Daddy's Girl with a Daddy that just wanted a son. That's effed up. Unfortunately it doesn't sound like she is willing or able to make any changes at this late date.

    On the plus side, Justin is going home! Let's hope their talk goes well.

    1. Rosie is stubborn Muff but Im hopping Sebastian can soften her up. And Im happy for Justin too!

  4. Great story! Glad to find out what the issues were. Those were deep. Poor Rosie. No wonder she's so messed up. I hope she listens to Sebastian and let's Justin and Tara be.

    1. Me too Vanessa. I hope Sebastian sticks around to take some of Justin's pressure.