Sunday, March 24, 2013

Girl...... He don't really love you!

Shortly after arriving at Juanita's...........

You know I got your back right? (Tariq)
I know you do. (Aaron)
Then please, tell me what happened? (Tariq)
I don't know. I went in for a kiss and she put the brakes on.  (Aaron)

That must have been some bump on the head. Did you talk to the doctor? (Tariq)
Yea, He thinks it may have triggered some suppressed feelings about our relationship.  (Aaron)
What are you going to do? (Tariq)
I don't know. I'm too tired to think about it right now.  (Aaron)
It is getting late. I hope Tara comes back down here soon. (Tariq)
I'm right here. (Tara)

Aaron, did the doctor give you a prescription for these? (Tara)
I think so why?  (Aaron)
I had to give her another one, she only has two pills left. (Tara)
Is she okay?  (Aaron) (Tariq)
Yes she's asleep but only because of these. What happened to her? (Tara)
Not tonight Tara. I'm too tired. (Aaron)
Then lets go. We can talk in the morning. (Tariq)  

Where's your coat Aaron? (Tara)
I'm not leaving her here alone.  (Aaron)
Aaron, She doesn't want you here. (Tara)
Go home and get some rest man. You can come back in the morning. (Tariq) 

I want to be here in case she needs something.  (Aaron)
She wont need anything anytime soon thanks to those pills.
Aaron use your head. (Tariq)
Okay. Okay I will make sure everything is secure and leave within the hour.  (Aaron)

Be smart do not stay here tonight. She WILL call 911. (Tariq)
Come on Tariq, It's his funeral. (Tara)
Thanks for you help.  (Aaron)
Your welcome Apple's brother. (Tara giggles)

 Across town........

Pierre's spring line is HOT! I may need to give my old friend a call.
I would look good in this peach wrap dress. (Janay)

(Tariq kisses Janay on her forehead)
You didn't have wait up. (Tariq)
I couldn't sleep without knowing if Juanita was alright. (Janay)
She broke her ankle and bumped her head. (Tariq)

That sounds painful. What did Aaron need you and Tara for. (Janay)
She also has amnesia. (Tariq)
So she doesn't remember anyone? (Janay)
So far she doesn't remember Aaron. The man is about to lose his mind. (Tariq)

Oh........ poor Aaron. (Janay)
Poor Aaron is right. He wants to help her and she doesn't want anything to do with him. (Tariq)
 Where are they now. (Janay)
Juanita is home sleeping thanks to a sedative and I hope Aaron is on his way home. (Tariq)

I'll be back. (Tariq)
Where are you going? (Janay)
To take a quick shower.  You want to join me? (Tariq)

You smell fine to me. (Janay)
JANAY! You know that's my spot. (Tariq)
What spot? HEE HEE! (Janay giggles)

How do I smell now? (Tariq)
I'm not sure. (Janay)
Woman! (Tariq)

When Aaron arrives home.............

I need a drink.  (Aaron)

Moscato makes everything better.
Well maybe not everything.Where's my phone? (Aaron)

(Call me) If you need someone to talk to
(Call me) Satisfaction guaranteed
(Call me) If you need someone to talk to
(Call me) Call me! (Aaron singing)

(Ring Ring)
Hello. (Mystery Woman)
I need you.  (Aaron)
When? (Mystery Woman)
My place thirty minutes.  (Aaron)
Okay. (Mystery Woman)

Tariq? (Janay)
Yes. (Tariq)
Is everything going to be okay? (Janay)
Everything will be fine. Go to sleep.  (Tariq)

Bradley. (Mystery Woman)
Madame. (Bradley Aaron's limo driver)

Does anyone know anything about chess? It looks like Aaron is about to sacrifice his Queen for a pawn.  See you next Monday.


  1. Your rooms are fantastic! I especially like that first one.

    I hope that Juanita's amnesia doesn't mess up Tariq's relationship.

    Aaron... ugh.

    1. Juanita's living room turned out better then I thought it would and I'm so glad you like it too. Tariq's room was done a long time ago so I will definately give that room a revisit cause my skill have come up since then LOL. I have no comment in reference to the stories progress. I'm a little surprised and confussed right now so what can I say except nothing.

  2. Why Aaron? Why?! That brother needs a reality check. I hope Juanita never remembers him.... but then that could cause issues for Tariq and Janay. Hope not. I have to go brush my teeth again. Aaron just leaves a bad taste in my mouth every time!

    1. Don't waste your time checking Aaron. He has his own reality. Tariq and Janay are survivers but their relationship will be tested........Sorry everyone needs alittle maintenance.

  3. Oh I love it! Drama drama drama!!! Keep it coming!

    1. Im glad you love it. I dont I'm just shaking my head.