Sunday, February 24, 2013

Time to Visit my Mother part 1

I cannot believe Sebastian is here.
I hope he doesn't see or talk to Justin before I do. (Rosie)

I think I should go in first. (Justin)
OK (Sebastian)
If she appears calm I will pull you in. (Justin)
OK (Sebastian)

DING DONG (Justin rings door bell)

Well its about time! (Rosie)

Hi Mom. (Justin)
Hi Justin, Have a seat I need to talk to you. (Rosie)
Hold that thought. (Justin)
Justin we really need to......... (Rosie)

Is this what you want to talk about. (Justin)
Sebastian! (Rosie)
Hi Rosa Lynn. (Sebastian)
(Rosie falls back onto the couch)

Mom are you OK? (Justin)
He's not really here! He's not in my house.
He's not really here! He's not in my house. (Rosie chants)
MOM snap out of it! (Justin)
Oh my god he's really here! (Rosie)

Mom where are you going? (Justin)
I'm thirsty. Aren't you thirsty? (Rosie)
No I'm not thirsty. (Justin)
Yes you are.  Let me go get you something to drink. (Rosie)

Lindsey where are you? (Rosie)
I'm in the tub. (Lindsey mumbles)
Lindsey are you in here? (Rosie)

HELLO, I said I'm in the tub!  (Lindsey)
I can see that. (Rosie)
Can a girl get a little privacy then?  (Lindsey)
You don't have anything I haven't already seen. (Rosie)

Rosie! (Lindsey)
I'm sorry but I need you to come down stairs. (Rosie)
Why?  (Lindsey)
Justin's here. (Rosie)

So, you told me to stay away from him for awhile.  (Lindsey)
I'm not asking you to flirt with him. I  want you to keep us from talking. (Rosie)
Rosie, I would love to help.  But I have a date tonight.  (Lindsey)
With who? (Rosie)
Ty-Juan I told you about it last week.  (Lindsey)

I need you here tonight call and cancel. (Rosie)
What am I suppose to tell him?  (Lindsey)
I don't know, tell him you got Poison Oak he can relate to that. (Rosie)

I cannot believe she just violated my personal space like that!
I really need to think about getting my own place.  (Lindsey)

Your Mom's been gone an awful long time Son.  (Sebastian)
Yea I know. (Justin)
Do you think shes alright? (Sebastian)
If she doesn't come back soon I'll go look for her. (Justin)

Excuse me, Justin your Mom said  you wanted something to drink. (Lindsey)
Hello Lindsey. (Justin)
Can you move the checkers so I can sit this tray down.  (Lindsey)
Sure. (Justin)

Hello, I'm Lindsey Kitchen and you are?  (Lindsey)
Sebastian, Sebastian Justin Sporting. (Sebastian)

I'm finally out of bed and back to work. Barbara and both Barry's did an awesome job covering for me didn't they? Synquis birthday is next Saturday so I'm headed to Frostburg for the weekend. See you next Monday!!!!!! 


  1. Rosie is a trip! Lol I'm glad to have her back. She always brings soo much drama. And I have to admit I love it!!

  2. I'm glad you're all better!

    Let the drama begin! Rosie is up to her old ways again. I am very curious as to why they are there. Is Rosie still in love with Sebastian?

    Have fun with Synquis!

    1. Thank you, It felt like it took forever but im finally feeling normal. I think Rosie still has it for Sebastian I cant wait to see what happens. I will have fun I miss her and cant wait to see her.

  3. Lindsey in the bathtub with the cottonballs was too cute! I hope she is dating for real and not just killing time waiting for Justin.

    1. I'm glad you liked my bubbles muff I knew as clumsey as I am I couldnt use real water and bubbles.

  4. Rosie is looking cute in her outfit. I can't wait to see what's going on with her and Sebastian. Have a wonderful visit with your daughter.

    1. Dressing her is a job but she keeps turning up cute. And thank you I cant wait to see her!

  5. Wow I see Rosie has a way of pulling folk into her drama. And the nerve of her to impose her wants and need upon Lindsey. I surely hope Mr Sporting has a little something for her arrogance. Nice decor as usual.