Sunday, March 10, 2013

Ain't No Mountain High Enough in Frostburg

Just keep your ski's straight don't let them cross. (Apple Markz)
I don't think I can do this. 
You'll be fine, just take your time and watch where your going. 
 (Apple Markz)

This isn't as bad as I thought.  (Juanita)
I told you it was easy. 
 (Apple Markz)
This is not easy snow boarding is easy. 

Did you hear that?  (Apple Markz)
I didn't hear anything. (Juanita)
I did. 
(Apple Markz)

I don't hear anything..... whats wrong with you? (Juanita)
I don't know something doesn't feel right. 
 (Apple Markz)
Apple...... your scaring me. (Juanita)


Ski faster!!!  (Apple Markz hollers)
I'm trying!!!! (Juanita shouts)
look out!!!  (Apple Markz hollers)

Apple......somebody please help me. (Juanita squeaks)

Juanita can you hear me? Are you OK (Apple Markz)
I don't think so, I hit my head and my leg hurts. (Juanita)
Stay still I'll go get some help. 
 (Apple Markz)

 Meanwhile in Grace's Grove.............

Good Morning. (Megan)
Morning, did you see today's headline? (Aaron)
Nope, I'm too busy working. 

Whats wrong with you?  (Aaron)
Nothing, are you ready to go? 
I don't know am I? 
I'm sorry.....I guess I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. (Megan)
Do you want to talk about it? 
No thanks. I'll see you down stairs. (Megan)

Looks like a good day to make some money. (Aaron)
You say that everyday. 
Do I make money everyday? 
Then lets go do what I do. 

Apple wants to talk to you. (Megan)
Is it important? (Aaron)
She didn't say. (Megan)
Tell her I'll call her back. (Aaron)

 Back in Frostburg...........

Is she going to be OK?  (Apple Markz)
Don't worry Dr Harper is the best. (Nurse Pam)
This is all my fault. She didn't want to ski and I insisted  (Apple Markz)
Why don't you go get a cup of coffee, it will make you feel better. (Nurse Pam)

Cut this pant leg so I can see what I'm working with. (Dr. Brewington Harper)
Yes doctor. (Nurse Pam)

Looks like a mild concussion and a broken ankle.
I want a CT scan and a full set of x-rays. (Dr.
Right away doctor. (Nurse Pam)

 A little later..........

Paul if you don't invest today you'll be out for the year. (Aaron)
That's a lot of money Aaron. (Paul)
 I know its a lot of money. That's how you make more money. (Aaron)
Excuse me. (Megan)
Hold on Paul.  (Aaron)

Whats up? (Aaron)
You have a call on your cell. (Megan)
Who is it? (Aaron)
Apple, she says its important. (Megan)

Hello (Aaron)
Aaron! (Apple)
Whats wrong Apple? (Aaron)
We were skiing, then there was an avalanche... (Apple)
Are you hurt?  (Aaron)
No! I'm fine but... (Apple)
Wait....Did you say we?  (Aaron)
Yes...... Juanita was with me........Aaron she's....... (Apple)
Where are you?!?  (Aaron)
Diehl Hall Hospital. (Apple)
I'm on my way. (Aaron)

Can you guess what I did when I was in Frostburg? YUP I played in the snow. Me, Synquis, Juanita and Apple had a great time too. Apple Markz is Aaron's little sister.  She is the Dolls of the World India doll. Her forehead dot was removed with alcohol and she got a fashionista body. I got the idea to do a hospital scene after watching a My Froggy Stuff you tube video. Check her out if you haven't already she is AWESOME!  I have to go check on Aaron he's really upset. So I'll see you all next Monday.


  1. Hi from spain: I really like the pictures in the snow. Your dolls are fun. I am also looking forward to seeing your post hospital. All clothing and accessories are awesome. The dialogues are very vibrant. Great job. The car is gorgeous. Keep in touch

    1. Hi Marta The snow was great! My husband bought me that limo for xmas in 2008 I just deboxed it. Thanks for checking in.

  2. You stepped it up a huge notch! Action scene, swanky digs - even swankier ride and a hospital! You're just a straight up baller!

  3. Great scenes! Love the skiing, the hospital and the limo. I'm happy to see Aaron has decided to go see Juanita. I wasn't sure he would ever take the call.

    1. Thanks Vanessa I had a great time shooting this story.

  4. Wow Mustiwait, this is good! : ). Aaron seems to get better looking each time I see him. Lol! I figured that Apple (cute name) was one of his relatives. I hope that Juanita will be okay. Is she going to have amnesia? Great story! I agree with Muff, you gave really outdone your self on this one. Everything was great!

    1. Aint he sharp! Not sure what's going to happen to Juanita we will have to see what the doctor says. Thanks for checking in.

  5. Another spectacular episode. Dialogue and photos were done in a very energetic and compelling story. The dolls were presented in nice clothing representative of the decorum of the photographic scenery encompassing the landscape. Enough said. GREAT JOB1

    1. Thanks Dienerman Its my wish to get better and better. It should be too hard after all I'm doing what I love