Monday, March 18, 2013

Ain't No River Wide Enough To Keep Me from U

Ms. Markz? (Doctor Harper)
Doctor Harper is Juanita okay?! (Apple)
She broke her ankle and she has a nasty bump on her head. She's very lucky. (Doctor Harper)
Thank goodness!  Can I see her? (Apple)
She's sleeping but you may sit with her. Call for a nurse when she wakes up. (Doctor Harper)
Alright I will... Thank you Doctor Harper. (Apple)

Please wake up. Please wake up. (Apple whispers)
APPLE? (Juanita)
Juanita? (Apple)

Where am I? (Juanita)
Your in the hospital, let me go get the Doctor. (Apple)

Well, your vital signs are normal. How do you feel? (Doctor Harper)
Like I hit my head against a brick wall and someone tried to twist my foot off.  (Juanita)
 I can give you something for that. Are you hungry? (Doctor Harper)
Yes! I'm starved. (Juanita)
Great. Let me take that bandage off and I will order you some food. (Doctor Harper)

Excuse me, I'm looking for Juanita Dayton's room. (Aaron)
And you are? (Nurse Jenny)
I'm her fiance, Aaron Markz. (Aaron)
She's in room 227. (Nurse Jenny)
Thank you. (Aaron)

OH Aaron........ Your finally here. (Apple)
I got here as fast as I could. Are you okay? (Aaron)
I am now. (Apple)

Hey, Sweet heart. (Aaron)
Excuse you, please get out of my face! (Juanita)

What the hell is going on? (Aaron)
I don't know! (Apple)
Apple, who is this man? (Juanita)
If this is a joke, It isn't funny! (Aaron)
Apple? (Juanita)

Is everything okay in here. (Nurse Pam)
No, No it is not.  I need to speak to the doctor.  (Aaron)
Okay lets go to the nurses station and I will page him. (Nurse Pam)
I can't believe she told me to get out of her face.
I got here as fast as I could.
She knows my business is important to me!
What does she want from me?
 I hope this Doctor can shed some light on whats going on.

Calm down your getting worked up.  (Apple)
Calm down? Some man tried to kiss me and I'm suppose to be calm? (Juanita)
He's not some man. He's my brother and your fiance.  (Apple)
I don't care who he is to you. That doesn't give him the right to get in my face. (Juanita)
Juanita, you and Aaron have been an item for years. (Apple)
Apple, you need to come home more often.
Everybody knows I've been dating Tariq since high school. (Juanita)

Aaron Markz? You wanted to see me. (Doctor Harper)
Yes Doctor. I was just with my fiance Juanita and she seems a bit irritated. (Aaron)
Well she did take a hard hit to the head.  (Doctor Harper)
Would that make her hostile? She behaved like I was a total stranger. (Aaron)
She could be suffering from selective amnesia.  (Doctor Harper)

Amnesia? your kidding right? (Aaron)
I'm afraid not. It can happen with severe blows to the head.  (Doctor Harper)
Come on Doc she remembers my sister. (Aaron)
Yes, I know. She was in the room while I examined her. (Doctor Harper)
Then why forget me? (Aaron)
She could be doing it self consciously.  (Doctor Harper)
But why? (Aaron)
Is your relationship healthy?  (Doctor Harper)
It gets stressful sometimes were both busy professionals. (Aaron)
Then I suggest you take her home to get some rest.  (Doctor Harper)

How am I suppose to take her home in this condition? (Aaron)
When do you plan to leave?  (Doctor Harper)
The jet should be ready in about an hour. (Aaron)
I'm prescribing this sedative. It will help her relax.  (Doctor Harper)
Thanks Doc. I think. (Aaron)
Good Luck!  (Doctor Harper)

 A few hours later in Graces Grove Airport Terminal..........

Tara will you please sit down, Your giving me a head ache. (Tariq)
I can't I'm too nervous Aaron's phone call was very strange. (Tara)
That doesn't matter he asked us to be here so we're here. (Tariq)
Aren't you concerned ? (Tara)
No......I'll be right back I need to use the restroom. (Tariq)

 Five minutes later.......

Hey Tara! (Juanita)
Hey girl, you scared us half to death. (Tara)
Have you met Apples brother Aaron? (Juanita)
Excuse me? (Tara)

Juanita......Are you okay? (Tara)
I'm fine, Girl Scouts honor. (Juanita)
Did Tariq come with you? (Aaron)
Yes, he went to the restroom. (Tara)
I need to get her bag. I'll be right back. (Aaron)
Okay. (Tara)

Tariq, I'm glad to see you! (Aaron)
Whats going on? (Tariq)
Juanita may have selective amnesia. (Aaron)
What? (Tariq)
She took a hard bump to the head and doesn't remember me. (Aaron)
Are you serious? (Tariq)
Yes, the doctor seems to think its the stress of our relationship. (Aaron)

Dang really......Well she's home now she will feel better in the morning. (Tariq)
I want to take her to my place but I don't want to upset her. What do you think? (Aaron)
Hmmmm.  I think you should take her home to avoid the drama. (Tariq)
I want to take care of her and I can't do that there. (Aaron)
I know you don't want to hear this, but Juanita may need some space. (Tariq)
Tariq, I can't lose her. (Aaron)
You wont. (Tariq)

Tariq!!!!!! (Juanita)
Hey, Lady Bug! (Tariq)
I missed you so much. (Juanita)
I missed you too, get back in that chair so I can take you home. (Tariq)

What the hell is going on?! (Tara)
Not now Tara please!  I just want to go. (Aaron)
Do you want a ride home? (Tara)
Yes. (Aaron)
Then you better start talking.  Apples brother. (Tara)

Well, Well, Well looks like Mr Markz has been dismissed. I hope he kept a few of those pills for himself. Its going to be a long week. See you all next Monday.


  1. Wow, this could have serious ramifications to the entire karma of your community of Grace Grove. Glad Mr. Markz maintained his cool. Besides he as always "Apples brother". Question is can he accept that may be his new found position in Juanita's life? Way too much drama for tv. Keep up the good work. Enjoyed the creativity.

    1. Thanks Dinerman and you are right this could be a problem for a few folks in Graces Grove. Lets hope Juanita snaps back to reality soon.

  2. Ouch, Aaron took one to the jugular!!!!

    1. Thanks for commenting AG. And OUCH is right. I wonder how Mr. player player will play this one out?

  3. Oh, no, poor Aaron! HAHAHAHA, you know I didn't say that with any sincerity. I'm sure any of his jump offs will comfort him during this trying time.

    I recognize that brick paper! That's is some awesome stuff and you have used it very well!

    1. I knew you would like this Muff. Aaron finally getting the shaft. And yes that paper is awesome. I really enjoyed that Joann paper sale!

  4. Wow!!! Aaron finally got diss!! Like the drama keep up the good work.

    1. Yes Im afraid Aaron was finally dissed. Do you think he can keep his cool while Juanita works things out in her head.

  5. Great episode! I love your scenes.

    I can not wait to see how this will unfold. Poor Aaron....I think I am the only one on the blog that likes Aaron! Lol!

    I didn't know that Juanita and Tariq dated before. This is getting good.

    1. Thanks Georgia Girl, Juanita and Tariq never dated. I believe Juanita's amnesia is portraying what she wishes was reality. Tariq is a good one woman man. Aaron is a good man but he likes to play the field. Let me quote Aaron for just a moment "I have much love and respect for my relationship with Juanita, but I will not limit who I spend my time with as long as she refuses to be my wife".

    2. Yes, Georgia Girl, you are one of the few who likes Aaron. LOL.

  6. I loved this episode from the set design to the dialogue! Looking forward to next week! Love your blog!

    1. Thanks Veda I can't wait for next week either.

  7. So not feeling the least bit sorry for Aaron..LOL. Players want to play and have to suffer the consequences every now and then.

    Can't wait to see what Juanita decides once her memories ad lib in the old announcer style

    Will Juanita ever remember Aaron?..
    Will Aaron ever stop being a player?..
    All those answers and more as our story continues :O)

    1. Well done Dollz4Moi. Your are now "Living My Doll Life" official episode announcer. It is kind of hard to feel bad for Aaron especially since he does whatever he wants.

  8. Great episode. I predict that she will regain her memory but chose to pretend she still has memory loss to keep Aaron being Mr. Nice guy. At least, that's what I would do.