Sunday, February 3, 2013

In the Nikki of Time

Good afternoon. (Megan)
Thanks for the wake up call. (Aaron)
No problem. (Megan)

Can you ask Bradley to bring the limo around front. (Aaron)
Right away Sir. And before I forget Ms. Dayton called. (Megan)
Please call her back. Forward the call to my private line. (Aaron)
Of course. I'll be back shortly. (Megan)

These figures are banana's! (Aaron)
I know. Every one's really enjoying the new restaurant. (Megan)
Looks like we'll be booked for the next two years. (Aaron)
Were ready! (Simone)

Good afternoon Ladies! (Megan)

Whats wrong? (Aaron)
I don't want to go. (Simone)
You have to go to work and so do I. (Aaron) 

Excuse me Mr. Markz, Ms.Dayton is on line three. (Megan)

I'm sorry Ladies, but I have to take that. (Aaron)
We know your busy. (Angel)
We had a great weekend. (Simone)
Me too. What time does your flight leave? (Aaron)
Our flight leaves at 9. (Angel)
The shoot should be over at 7.  (Simone)
I'm going to pick you up and drive you to the airport.
Megan will call if I can't make it. (Aaron)

OK! (Aaron)
Okay.  (Angel)
I'll see you both later. (Aaron)

Good afternoon Ms. Dayton. (Aaron)

Good Morning Mr. Markz. (Juanita)
I miss you. (Aaron)
I bet. (Juanita)
How's Frostburg? (Aaron)
Cold. (Juanita) 

 A half hour later...........

How we do on time? (Pierre) he is french
Were right on schedule Pierre. Heidi and Nikki should be here in 30 minutes. (Penelope)

Is that better Angel? (Traci)
Much better, thanks Traci. (Angel)
Go put your next outfit on while I work on Simone.  (Traci)

Does that look better Pierre. (Traci)
NO! NO! NO! This is not what Pierre envisioned. (Pierre) is french
Pierre, Let's change the shoes? (Traci)
NO! NO! NO! Pierre likes the shoes he hates the dress, get rid of it.  (Pierre)

Did I get it? (Bridget)
Pierre does not know!  Pierre cannot see in the back of his head! (Pierre) is french
I don't see anything Pierre.  I think Tariq was pulling your leg. (Bridget)
HELLO PIERRE!  (Nikki, Heidi)

Mademoiselle HEIDI, Mademoiselle NIKKI! Pierre has waited all day for you.  (Pierre)

Come, Come, let Pierre show you his spring line. (Pierre)
You can just show me what dress I get to keep. (Heidi)
Oh boy. Here we go. (Nikki)

 Two hours later........

Pierre has been relentless today! (Heidi)
He is the same as any other day. You just don't want to work. (Nikki)
I want to work. I just prefer to do it away from Graces Grove. (Heidi)
Save your complaints. We'll be in New York next week. (Nikki)

Tariq's ready for you Heidi. (Bridget)
Already! I just sat down. (Heidi)
This is the last photo. (Bridget)
It better be. My feet are killing me. (Heidi)
I'll be back to help you in a moment Nikki. (Bridget)
Thanks Bridget. (Nikki)

You've been awfully quiet today. Is everything alright? (Bridget)
Just got a lot on my mind. (Nikki)
Is it a man? (Bridget)
What makes you say that? (Nikki)
Just a guess. (Bridget)

This is the last one. (Bridget)
Then let's do it. (Nikki)

Are you ready? (Tariq)
Just tell me what you want. (Nikki)

Look down and step towards me. Look up and step again.
Drag the coat as you walk. (Tariq)
OK (Nikki)



THAT'S A WRAP!!!!!!!! (Tariq)

Nikki. (Taj-Ma)
What are you doing here? (Nikki)
You were on my mind all day. (Taj-Ma)
Really. Why?? (Nikki)
I think we should talk about taking this to the next level. (Taj-Ma)

I know, I know this story was long. I took a lot of great photos and it was really hard to choose. I should have made a video but I didn't have time. I'd like to thank the ladies and gentlemen who let me use the flicker photos that I posted around Pierre's studio. They were awesome and so are you. Thank you!!!!!!  See you next Monday. 



  1. Hello from Spain, this Story is awesome. I like very much your pics. The outfits of your dolls are very fashion. I love polka dots. Point well taken. I Will be back next monday. Keep in touch

    1. Hey Marta Pierre was wearing that suit wasnt he. Only he could pull off dots.

  2. Aaron, Aaron, Aaron. Love that picture of Juanita. Love Pierre and Nikki is too funny.

    1. I know thats right Vanessa saying anything about aaron wouldbeawaste of time. Juanita looked cute though didnt she. Looks like Nikki done landed herself a full time man.

  3. Nice work, orginal decor. Love the story and pictures. What can I say... Mr. M., Pierre, what is Nikki in the middle of. Nikki is too cute for he sure he wants to go there?

    1. Hey Dienerman Thanks for the praise I love creating these little spaces. I think Nikki and Taj are a cute couple. Who would you prefer to see her with?

  4. You are SO good at this! Love your decor as always.

    What are you going to do with Aaron? He is a real playa playa! Lol! The women seem to be mesmerized by his charm. Um, um, um (shaking my head).

    Love Pierre! Lol!

    Nikki's photoshoot is real nice and I love the backdrop.

    1. Thanks Georgia Girl. Did you ask what I'm going to do with Aaron? I'm going to do what I been doing......NOTHING!!!!!!! LOL I believe that if you say something to him he would only get worse. The shoot did turn out nice Heidi's photos were cute too although I didnt show them. I will save them for another time.

  5. That is the best use of Star Dolls in their originals bodies that I have seen. The look completely natural as clothing models.

    I would say something about Aaron, but I just cannot. He has worn me down. Play on player.