Sunday, February 17, 2013

A little TLC could go a long way.

Hi Barry. (Barbara)
Hi. (Barry Sr.)
I was just about to call you. (Barbara)

Why whats wrong? (Barry Sr.)
Hi Daddy! (Barry Jr.)
Hey Sport! (Barry Sr.)
I have a cold and I think I gave it to Barry. (Barbara)

Why didn't you tell me you were sick? (Barry Sr.)
I'll be alright I just need some rest. (Barbara)
Barbara, I could have kept Barry for you.  (Barry Sr.)
Well its too late now, come on up I want take his temperature and call the doctor. (Barbara)

What did the thermometer say? (Barry Sr.)
It said 102. (Barbara)
Is that bad? (Barry Sr.)
Yes and no. Can you put some clean pajamas on him while I call the doctor? (Barbara)
Sure, come on sport lets get you dressed. (Barry Sr.)

Alright one pair of undies down. One pair of pajamas to go. (Barry Sr.)
Do the little piggy's Daddy? (Barry Jr.)
OK this little piggy went to the market. (Barry Sr.) Hee Hee! (Barry Jr.)
And this little piggy stayed home. (Barry Sr.)

Hello Dr Brown this is Barbara Little. (Barbara)
Hi Barbara, Whats going on with my little man. (Dr. Brown)
I just took  his temperature and its 102. (Barbara)
Is he still alert and playful? (Dr. Brown)
Yes. (Barbara)
Are you sick you sound stuffy? (Dr. Brown)
Yes I am but Barry was fine until about twenty minutes ago. (Barbara)
There is something going around so just keep an eye on him and give him plenty of fluids.
If his temperature rises take him to the emergency room. (Dr. Brown)
OK Dr Brown thank you. (Barbara)

What did she say? (Barry Sr.)
She said there's something going around. (Barbara)
What does that mean? (Barry Sr.)
Keep an eye on him and give him plenty of fluids.
If his temperature gets any higher I should take him to the emergency room. (Barbara)

Your being awfully calm about this. (Barry Sr.)
Barry, this isn't his first cold. (Barbara)
Its the first one I've been around for. (Barry Sr.)
Look I'm sorry you came all the way over here for nothing. (Barbara)
Barbara, Don't send me away I want to help. (Barry Sr.)
Can I have some more juice Mommy? (Barry Jr.)
OK, your son would like some juice. (Barbara)

And what would you like? (Barry Sr.)
I don't need anything. (Barbara)
Let me help you. Please. (Barry Sr.)
OK, I'd like a cup of tea. (Barbara)
I'll be right back. (Barry Sr.)

Well as you probably guessed I'm still not 100 percent but I'm getting there. Thanks for all the Get Well Wishes they are working cause my naps are getting shorter. See you next Monday.


  1. That's good that you are feeling better. I hope you continue to get better and better each day.

    Very nice story. I like Barry and Barbara together. He seems to be doing the right things, so just maybe she will give him another chance.

    Oh by the way, I love your rooms. Did you repaint the washer and dryer?

  2. I always like seeing these two together. I bet if they all snuggled everyone would be feeling better in no time!

    You feel better too!

  3. Hello from Spain, nice Story. I like this couple. The boy is very cute. The kitchen is very real. I like your furniture. Keep in touch

  4. Well I guess I spoke to soon. Looks like she did give Barry her cold. Hope they are both feeling better.