Sunday, February 10, 2013

I caught a cold and Rosie refused to work with me!

(Sniff Sniff) Barbara has a cold.

Be quiet Sk8, I'm watching TV. (Barry)

Are you a stranger? I can't talk to strangers. (Barry)
ROOF (Sk8)
Let's go to Mommy's room Sk8. (Barry)

Mommy are you sleeping? (Barry)
No Baby, I'm just resting my eyes. What's wrong? (Barbara)
Strangers are here. (Barry whispers)

What did you say?!?! (Barbara)
Strangers are here. (Barry whispers)
OH! (Barbara)
Hi Everybody, I'm Barbara this is my son Barry and our dog Sk8.
Say Hi to our followers Barry. (Barbara)
They're not strangers?  (Barry whispers)
Nope. (Barbara)

Are you okay Mommy? Barry)
I'm okay I just got up too fast. (Barbara)
Can I have a snack? (Barry)
Sure, just give Mommy a few minutes to talk to our followers. (Barbara)

Whew, As you can see I have a cold and unfortunately
MUSTIWAIT does too.
 She wanted to finish shooting this weeks story but when she went to Rosie's house this is what she found.

The sign says.

Can you believe that darn Rosie?  Sitting in the window watching the door.
The woman acts like she ain't never had a cold before. (Barbara)

Anyway, because we didn't finish this weeks story. Mustiwait asked me to give you a little tour.
This is my bedroom. (Barbara)

This is my dresser. Awww look at my wedding photo.
 I know I should put it away but I cant. I still love him. (Barbara)

This is my bed. Mustiwait made most of the items you see in here.
And yes, she knows they aren't perfect but they are perfect for us. (Barbara)

This is Barry's room.
The first picture in this post gives you a better view of whats in here. (Barbara)
Are you going to show them Spider man Mommy? (Barry)
I can if you want me to. (Barbara)
I want you to. (Barry)

This is Barry's Spider man picture. (Barbara)
COOL!!! (Barry)
He loves Spider man. (Barbara chuckles)

Well that's it everybody.
I've got to get Barry ready for his Daddy,
Then I can go back to bed. Thanks for coming. (Barbara) BYE BYE (Barry) 

I'm not sure if I have a COLD or the FLU I do know that its kicking my butt. Sorry about this weeks story.  I hope to be over whatever I have in the next few days. See you next Monday. 


  1. Something was kicking my butt this week too. Can't wait to see what drama Rosie is going to bring!

    1. Hope your feeling better now. I see Rosie's drama first hand regularly I personally can wait!

  2. Feel better soon. Enjoyed Barbara and Barry, Shaking my head at Rosie! :)

    1. Thanks Veda, I think Barbara and Barry liked being in the spot light we haven't seen a feature about them in a while it was time.

  3. I hope you feel better. : /. This was a good storyline. Especially how it was narrated and considering you are not feeling well. Your rooms always look so nice. I need to make some beds. The dolls in my town never sleep. I bet they would if I created spaces for them to do so. : )

    Take care and feel better.

    1. Thanks Georgia Girl, believe it or not a good portion of the photos shown were for this weeks story. I only need a few more photos at Rosie house to tell her side unfortunately she wasn't having it. I felt pretty creative flipping the script like I did though. I now understand what they mean by a picture is worth a thousand words.

  4. Heló from Spain, i like very much this room. I hope you are better about your could. Nice storyline. Keep in touch

    1. Thanks Marta, I'm taking it easy but hope to be back in the Barbie room Friday night!

  5. Still a great sprinkle in your story telling. Sweet even. Hope you get back on the good foot soon. Maybe Rosie left a box of tissue out back for ya!

    1. Rosie didn't leave me anything....... Trust me she is all about self

  6. Replies
    1. Thank you. Happy Valentines day to you and Welcome to my blog

  7. I love this story ! The first photo with Barbara lying on her bed with all the tissues on the basket maked me laugh a lot.

    1. That was priceless!!!! Welcome to my blog!

  8. I'm playing catch up. I'm glad you have gotten over your bug. Love this narrated story. Barry's little pjs are so cute. So is SK8. Hope Barry didn't catch Barbara's cold.