Sunday, January 27, 2013

Nikki's Honey Do List

TAJ, I hope your decent cause were coming in! (Nikki)
Speak for yourself.  TAJ you don't have to be decent on my behalf!  (Heidi)
Can you please behave yourself while were here? (Nikki)
Oh alright party poop-per. (Heidi)    

Good Morning Ladies. (Taj-Ma)
Morning. (Nikki)
Good Morning Taj. (Heidi)
Can I help? (Taj-Ma)
No, I've got it.
Someone else was suppose to be helping but it didn't work out. (Nikki)

Now lets see, I picked up your dry cleaning, went to the post office.
Got you something to eat, coffee and the morning paper. (Nikki)

Excuse me...... I believe I picked up the morning paper. (Heidi)
You picked it up off the curb! (Nikki)
I still picked it up. You couldn't. (Heidi)

And Heidi picked up the morning paper. Was that everything on my loser TO DO list? (Nikki)
Nope. You forgot the most important thing. (Taj-Ma)
And what was that? (Nikki)
My kiss. (Taj-Ma)

Get a room!!!!!!  (Heidi)
SHUT UP!!!! (Nikki)

Did  you say you got that paper out front? (Taj-Ma)
Yes. (Heidi)
Make sure its still here when you leave. (Taj-Ma)
If you insist. (Heidi)

Check you out. Looking all domesticated and what not. (Heidi)
Don't start nothing Heidi. (Nikki)
I'm not.  I got up to give you the paper. (Heidi)

Did you  have a party and forgot to invite me? (Heidi)
No we didn't have a party you clown. (Nikki)
Then who was playing twister? (Heidi)
We were. (Nikki giggles)
Twister isn't fun with just two people! (Heidi)
If you say so. (Nikki)

Nikki you don't have to clean up. I can do it later. (Taj-Ma)
I don't mind, go eat before your food gets cold. (Nikki)

Hubba, Hubba. (Heidi)
Stop it. (Nikki)
Tell him to stop it, he's the one walking pass me looking like a Hershey Kiss. (Heidi)
Get your purse, were leaving. (Nikki)

I'm about to head out. (Nikki)
Already....... Did you eat? (Taj-Ma)
Yes we ate.  We have a photo shoot in about 40 minutes. (Nikki)

Thanks for running those errands. (Taj-Ma)
I lost and the loser had to run the winners errands right? (Nikki)
You want to play again? (Taj-Ma)
My place or yours? (Nikki)

 Ten minutes later...............

Were you waiting long? (Taj-Ma)
Nope. (Agent Sculley)
Good, Can you get my gun and shield out the oven. I'll grab my jacket. (Taj-Ma)
Sure Captain. (Agent Sculley)

Why was your gun and shield in the oven? (Agent Sculley)
Nikki walked in on me when I was about to lock them up last night. (Taj-Ma)
How do you know she didn't look in there? (Agent Sculley
She didn't. She can't cook. (Taj-Ma)
Wouldn't it be easier to tell her your an agent? (Agent Sculley)
Nope, I would've told her 5 years ago.  (Taj-Ma)

Nikki and Taj-Ma sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G. Looks like Nikki has found the one. Does Taj-Ma feel the same way? This episode was loosely based on a chat I had with SPOILED12172000. Hope it featured what you had in mind and thanks for the inspiration. See you all next week. 


  1. I LOVE the colors. Nice decor. Interestingly, my brother has a blue room painted this color. Yours look so fresh and clean.

    I love the Twister game. Playing couple Twister is fun. ; ). So Taj-Ma is keeping secrets....I was hoping that he and Nikki would make it. Maybe he will decide to trust her and confess.

    Great storytelling!

    1. That blue was popping wasn't it? Don't laugh but the wall layout came to me while I was napping. We love Twister here too! We just make sure we put ours away before anyone see's it. ;) Taj will tell Nikki whatever she wants to know but she has to ask him first.

  2. Taj-Ma's apartmen is nice. The lay out was great and to see the twister game laid out on the floor was great.

    Please get Heidi, a date real soon. it might calm her down.

    Love your stories.

    1. You don't really want Heidi to have a date do you? Be careful with your answer.

  3. You always bring it with the stories, but you are stepping up your dio creativity in these last posts. Making furniture and your wall designs - all so excellent!

    1. Thanks Muff. I'm glad my fiddling around in the doll room is paying off. My walls and or furniture aren't perfect but they are perfect for me.

  4. Hello from SpAin, i love your furniture. You are very creative. Your store is very interesting. I love your scenes. Keep in touch