Sunday, November 25, 2012

Is it 2:00 yet?

Pierre said your not doing the shoot on Friday. What's up with that? (Nikki)
I already made plans. (Heidi)
What plans can be more important then working. (Nikki)
The ones that I have. (Heidi)
See Erin she's still not answering the question. (Nikki)

Why are you always questioning me?  (Heidi)
I'm always questioning you because your always getting into trouble. (Nikki)
Your not Big Momma, Nikki. Can you tell her she's not Big Momma, Erin. (Heidi)
Don't put me in the middle of this love hate relationship you two have. (Erin)
Let me see your phone Erin. (Nikki)
Why? (Erin)
So I can call Big Momma. (Nikki)


OK, OK, I've decided to take a trip. (Heidi)
With who and where? (Nikki)
I'm going skiing, alone. (Heidi)
Child please, You get lost leaving the dressing room at your photo shoots.
Alone does not work for you or did you forget how we became friends. (Nikki)
O-M-G ha ha ha (Erin laughs)
That's not funny. Those hallways all look alike. (Heidi)


I'm about to head out. Will you be OK until Gabby comes in? (Justin)
Don't worry I got this. (Troy)
I guess I'll see you tomorrow then.(Justin)
See you later boss. (Troy)

Mean while down the street.................

Hello, What can I get for you? (Shelly)
I'm here to pick up a pie for Rosie Sporting. I believe she called the order in.(Lindsey)
Oh yes, give me a minute and I will put it in a box. (Shelly)
Thanks. (Lindsey)

Can I get some Ice cream Mommy? (Justine)
No you can not, Do you remember being up half the night with a tummy ache? (Tara)
I'm feeling better now. (Justine)
I'm glad you are, And to insure you stay that way, no Ice cream. (Tara)

Look Mommy, there's Ms. Lindsey! (Justine)
Where! (Tara)
Over there, Can I say Hi? (Justine)
We sure can.  (Tara)


Hello Justine! Is this your Mommy? (Lindsey)
Yes Ms. Lindsey, Yes this is my Mommy! (Justine)
Hello Lindsey. (Tara)

Hello Mrs. Sporting. Its nice to final meet you. (Lindsey)
Really and why is that? (Tara)
 Justine talks about you all the time. I want to commend you for being a great parent. (Lindsey)
Oh so you were commending Justin when you gave him tickets to the game. (Tara)
Oh, Well I ah ah ah........ (Lindsey)
Were the tickets for the both of us or did you forget to leave my gift. (Tara)
I ah ah ........ (Lindsey)
Excuse me, your pie is ready. (Shelly)


I gave him the tickets as a peace offering. I didn't mean to cause any trouble. (Lindsey)
I doubt that, but for the record I have everything Justin Sporting needs.
So please keep your TICKETS and LOVE to yourself. (Tara)
Alright Mrs Sporting I will try to remember that. Is there anything else. (Lindsey)
That all depends on you and Rosie now doesn't it? (Tara smiles)

Bye Ms. Lindsey. (Justine)
Bye Justine see you at school. Mrs Sporting. (Lindsey)
Lindsey. (Tara)

Across town at the studio.........

I got the pizza. (Justin)
Hey Justin! (Juanita, Janay)
Thanks Man. (Tariq)

Are you staying for the meeting? (Tariq)
I am if its alright with you? (Justin)
I'm cool with that, Its about time you two saw each other. (Tariq)
Yea, that's what I as thinking. (Justin)

Hi everybody. (Barbara)
Hey Barbara, Hey Barry. (Janay, Juanita)
Hi. (Barry)

Hey you guys! (Barbara)
Hi Barbara. (Justin)
Where's Barry? (Tariq)
He had to work. (Barbara) 
That's right he's one of Grace Groves finest now. (Tariq)
He sure is and he loves it. (Barbara)
Here comes the cake.(Tara)
DADDY! (Justine)
Hey Pumpkin. (Justin)
Are we still going to the movies today Daddy. (Justine)
If its alright with Mommy. (Justin)
Are you going to be home when I go to bed tonight. (Justine whispers)
I don't know why? (Justin whispers)
Cause I had a tummy ache last night and Mommy didn't make it better like you do. (Justine whispers)

You didn't tell me he was going to be here. (Tara)
No I didn't. Is it a problem. (Tariq)
No It's fine. (Tara)
Good, now play nice. (Tariq)
I always do.  (Tara)
No you don't, but that's his problem. (Tariq)

Hey Beautiful. (Justin)
Hi.......... Are you still taking Justine to the movies. (Tara)
Yes, do you want to go. (Justin)
No thanks, I got house work to do (Tara)
I can help you with that........ if you want. (Justin)
No thanks, I can do it. (Tara)


I ran into Lindsey today. (Tara)
I'm sorry, I swear if I could make her disappear, I would. (Justin)
I know, I just keep telling myself its only a test. (Tara)
Can I hold your hand for a minute? (Justin)


I miss you. (Justin)
Its only been three days Justin. (Tara)
That's three days too many. I need you. (Justin)
I need you too. But I need to work some stuff out. (Tara)
Let me help, I love you. (Justin)
I  love you too. (Tara)
Tell me how to make this better. I want to come home. (Justin)    


 SORRY I'M LATE. (Danielle shouts)

See you all next Monday and I hope your Turkey was the Butter Bomb.


  1. Another great episode!! I am rooting for Justin and Tara. I love your attention to detail in your dioramas...very nice props.

    P.S. I was surprised that Tara did not smack Lindsey when she said "for the record I have everything Justin Sporting needs.". Lol!

    1. I wanted Tara to smack her but she didnt want to catch a case. LOL

  2. Hello from Spain: I like the cafeteria. The dialogues are very real. Great job ... excitement and tension in this plot. Keep in touch

  3. I'm rooting for Justin and Tara also, but Justin did need time to reflect on his mistakes so he won't make those same mistakes again! Great episode!

    1. Veda, I love them together too and I believe they will be fine in a little bit

  4. My goodness is Heidi still dealing with Aaron and his trove of women? She must like that danger.

    I think that Tara and Justin are going to be A-OK. Tara may have to have a knock down with Rosie but she's up for it.

    1. I dont know what Heidi is doing the girl is a mess and I dont know who is going to knock Rosie down I'll just be glad when it happens.

  5. Another interesting episode,enjoyed reading it,and going through the pics scene by scene!!:D